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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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tomorrow. That's


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A two`year`old girl who's had cancer since she was 11 months old ` is


back home in Nottingham after life`saving treatment in America. We


last told you about Bethany Topley in February before her family flew


out. Now, Tom Brown's been catching up with their progress. A


well`deserved Easter treat as two`year`old Bethany enjoys life


back home after 12 weeks of specialist radiotherapy in America.


She was due to have 30 sessions but responded so well, she finished


after 23. That was brilliant news to find out that we could come home


early and see the family because they were really missing the


grandparents and great grandparents. Just to know the treatment was


working was brilliant news. We're very proud of she coped with it. She


is braver than I could be. We last saw Bethany in February, a few days


before she had left. She had stayed in the UK, it could have left


needing facial reconstruction and blind in one eye, but after being


funded by the NHS, she was able to have the pioneering treatment


abroad. We're so grateful for the NHS for us to have that chance, an


extra chance of life as such. She's as good as new? Yes. How does that


make you feel? Happy! The annual Easter day service at


Leicester Cathedral was broadcast to around a million people this year.


After months of planning and a long day of rehearsals yesterday, the


multicultural service was broadcast live on BBC One this morning. New


Christians were baptised and confirmed, before 500 worshippers


filled the Cathedral for the service. I think lots of people


worked extremely hard, preparing the music, rehearsing the whole service,


putting the whole thing together and making sure it all came together in


one hour exactly, so we could go from here to Rome and to the Pope is


in the world. So Lester was the warm up act for the Pope, and that was


very special. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was really, really


inspirational. I think it reflected some of the variety of the cultures


within Leicester. We have seen some of the rehearsals, it was all very


professional, lovely, nice service. Look out for more on this on our


Facebook page. To sport, and it's been a good


Easter for our Championship footballers with wins for all three


sides. Angela Rafferty starts her round up of the bank holiday games


with Derby County's Good Friday action.


Derby County have done it. Their pace in the `` place in the


play`offs is guaranteed. They didn't have the best start. But nerves


settled, and they took the lead, George Thorne with his first for the


club. Chris Martin made it 2`0, victory was no more than they


deserved. Six months ago, we wouldn't have dreamt of being in


this position but now we are there, we have to plan for it. Leicester


City are on the brink of bagging the title thanked to do this,


record`breaking 28th win of the season. All they can do is carry on


winning in style. It's nice to be able to produce a season in which we


can actually say that we have fulfilled our potential. Forest's


win over Birmingham, their first in 13. They are within three points of


the play`offs. A blow for Notts County, who went behind a battled


back. Sloppy defending cost them dear. Back in the relegation zone.


Mansfield were hoping for five wins in a row but Accrington had other


ideas. A great start but an equaliser leaves their play`off


hopes hanging by a thread. Nottinghamshire's Lee Westwood has


won golf's Malaysian Open. Westwood finished at eighteen under for the


tournament, seven clear of those in second. It's his 41st tour victory.


Let's check the weather now for the rest of the Easter weekend.


Happy Easter. Look out for some rain the next few hours. Some heavy


pollsters will track their way through parts of Leicestershire and


into Derbyshire as well. It is largely dry in the early hours of


bank on a day Monday, we're in for a very mild night. `` bank holiday


Monday. A bit of a cloudy start but as we go into the afternoon, expect


to see some brightness and maybe some blue sky and sunshine, we


should stay free of showers and what is going to be a very mild and maybe


even warm day. Hello. Well, it was another lovely


sunny day across the north of the UK. What a difference over the


south. The rain set in for the course of the afternoon. There's


more of that to come. It has been getting heavy across southern


England. A narrow band for London, for the south Midlands, to south


Wales and the south west. Lots of water on the roads. Overnight it


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