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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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second round. Thank you for


With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A two`year`old girl who has endured cancer since she was 11 months old


is back home in the East Midlands after life`saving treatment in the


US. We first met Bethany Topley just before she flew out with her family


in Feburary, now Tom Brown's been back to see how it all went.


A well`deserved Easter treat as two`year`old Bethany enjoys life


back home in Stapleford aftdr ten weeks of specialist radiothdrapy in


America. She was due to havd 30 sessions of the treatment btt


responded so well to it she finished after 23.


That was brilliant news to find out that we could come home early and


see the family because both Bethany and her brother were missing their


grandparents and great grand parents. Just to know the treatment


is working is brilliant news. You must be very proud. Very proud of


how she coped. She is braver than what I can be. What I am. Wd last


saw Bethany in February, just a few days before she left. If shd had


stayed in the UK for the trdatment, it could have left her needhng


facial reconstruction and blind in one eye. But after being funded by


the NHS, she was able to have the pioneering treatment abroad. We are


so grateful for the NHS givhng, to have that chance.


She's as good as new? Yes. How does that make you feel? Happy. She's


better again. Paul and Leslie are now looking to


the future, getting Bethany into nursery and helping her livd a happy


life. The Easter Celebrations at Leicester


Cathedral took centre stage this weekend as the service was broadcast


to a national audience. Aftdr months of planning, the multicultural


service was transmitted livd on BBC one this morning. Victoria Hicks


reports. A service to reflect multictltural


Leicester. Today, the cathedral had a larger than normal audience for


its Easter Day service with one million viewers watching it on BBC


One. You get a bit nervous with that kind


of audience. But what we were doing in the cathedral is what we do in


the cathedral every Easter Day, celebrate the resurrection. But we


wanted to do it really well so that those at home would have a really


good experience of sharing with us. After the baptism and confirmation


of new Christians, about 500 worshippers filled the cathddral to


hear the Dean's sermon... ..and hear the choir and orchestra.


I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was really, really inspirational


to have all the different communities taking part in this It


is about a celebration of togetherness, the wonders of being a


Christian. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it.


And tomorrow the BBC will fhnish recording two Songs of Praise


programmes from the cathedr`l to be broadcast later this year.


In sport, Nottinghamshire's Lee Westwood took the title at golf s


Malaysian Open. Westwood finished seven clear of those in second at 18


under for the tournament. It's his 41st tour victory.


It doesn't get much tougher than the conditions yesterday. I really


struggled. I think everybodx struggled. It's the hottest I've


every known a golf course. Today was a little bit cooler. When it's


cooler, it's really hot. But I managed to handle it.


Not as warm here as Malaysi`. Let's see how Bank Holiday Monday is


looking weather wise now, Charlie has our forecast.


looking weather wise now, Charlie Good evening. We're in for ` fairly


damp night tonight as we make our way through into the early hours of


bank holiday Monday. There `re a few showers that are just going to skim


their way through the East Lidlands. It is going to be a very mild night


because we have got lots of cloud around, trapping the heat in.


Temperatures 7`10 degrees Cdlsius. For bank holiday Monday, a cloudy


start. In the afternoon, we should see some brightness for a thme,


maybe some blue sky and somd sunshine. A few showers possible,


temperatures on the warm side, 7 and 18 degrees. For the next few


days, low pressure all around us, sucking rain towards us. Kedp the


umbrella handy. Angelina will have your upd`tes in


BBC Breakfast tomorrow, with Geeta here for your evening updatds. For


now from me and the weekend team, good night.


two showers. April showers for much of the rest of the week, spells of


two showers. April showers for much sunshine and staying mild. That


two showers. April showers for much it. We are back tomorrow morning.


From us all on the late team, a very it. We are back tomorrow morning.


Hello again. One day left of the extended weekend. Let's see


Hello again. One day left of the have lined up. Through


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