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Moyes has been sacked after a season of blue results. He spent just ten


months This is East Midlands Today with


Maurice Flynn and me, Anne Davies. Tonight: David Cameron visits the


region talking jobs, business and the region's economy. Why the Prime


Minister has come to visit this huge motorway construction site in


Leicestershire. The animal rescuer facing neglect. Also, youngsters are


dicing with death on the regions tracks. The railway is hazardous.


Not places for children to play. They are risking their lives. And a


theatre that whores always been ahead of the curve but find out why


this venue will have a musical using sophisticated special effects.


Good evening and welcome to the programme. First tonight, the Prime


Minister has told East Midlands Today that new businesses are


replacing jobs under threat in this region's traditional industries.


David Cameron was in Leicestershire to see how our taxes are being spent


improving the motorway network. Let's cross to Catthorpe near


Lutterworth ` where our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball


has been following the visit. I started by asking asked PM why this


infrastructure project so important. This will be a huge new motorway


interchange linking to our busiest motorways, the M1 and the M6. This


is a project costing ?200 million. Today, the prime list came to see


how the money is being spent. He was accompanied by the Chancellor and


after looking at the plans they headed out to meet workers here. The


men and women who have been employed on this vast site. Afterwards, I


asked David Cameron why the scheme is so important for the region. It


is important to see for myself this important infrastructure project. We


need our roads to be working well, we need people to get around the


country, schemes like this improve road safety and everybody knows


where they meet there have been a lot of traffic, many accidents and


this will make things better. And this is about economic success


stories but in the East Midlands it has been a tough time. The last


cigarette factories closing down, and a mine is closing down. What you


say to those people? We need to grow the economy to


create new jobs and we are. There are over 1.5 million more people in


work today than four years ago. 72,000 more people in work in this


region. You see some industries facing difficult times but new


businesses and new jobs and investment are coming including


here. Many of the new jobs are part`time jobs, zero hours


contracts. That isn't what I want but if you look at the employment


figures, the biggest level of growth in permanent employment and


full`time jobs. In the East Midlands you see a fall in the number


claiming unemployment benefits, 5000 fewer unemployed than the last


election and a lot of new private`sector jobs and new


businesses starting up. 400,000 businesses nationwide, more than one


I became Prime Minister. We are seeing growth but what matters is


making sure the growth is filed across the country, not just in


London and transport has a huge role to play which is white motorway


scheme is matter and railways matter. I want the country to


benefit from this growth. It is no coincidence the Prime Minister and


Chancellor came to `` chose to come here because there is a European


election coming up next month. If the result doesn't go David


Cameron's way, he might need more than hard hats and goggles to


protect him from the political fallout.


Thank you. Next tonight ` the owner of an animal rescue centre has


appeared in court to face more than 30 neglect charges. One of the


allegations relates to the death of a pig which made the news after it


was rescued from being kept in a house. Mike O'Sullivan reports, from


Stafford Magistrates' Court. The former veterinary nurse who


denies 31 charges of neglect at our animal rescue sanctuary. Lindsay


Newall from Burton on Trent is facing the RSPCA allegations at


Stafford Magistrates' Court. She ran sanctuary in Etwall getting local


and national media coverage when she took in Babe the pig which had been


evicted after living with its owner a council house in Derby. The court


heard the pig was in good condition when she arrived at the sanctuary.


Concerns were raised about the welfare of animals by this


volunteer, and police and RSPCA raided the centre in November 2012.


The court heard the pig died as this man a trading standards officer


filmed the animal in a ramshackle pen. The RSPCA prosecutor said it


showed the pig was seriously undernourished, quite simply it died


because it was not properly fed. The court heard sanctuary looked after


too many animals, including ponies, sheep, goats and rabbits. There was


no evidence Lindsay Newall arrange for veterinary treatment. The case


is expected to last for five days. You are watching East Midlands


today. Lots to come still between now and seven o'clock, including a


catch`up on the busy Easter weekend of sport. And how these pretty


little fellas are helping to preserve their entire species `


right here in the East Midlands. Next tonight, the latest pictures of


youngsters risking their lives trespassing on train lines over


Easter. This year, Network Rail and British Transport Police


re`introduced safety trains to target trespassers, thieves and


vandals. So has it had an impact, if children are still playing with


their lives on the tracks? Jo Healey reports.


Children trust passing near the Robin Hood line at Easter unaware


how incredibly dangerous it can be. The railway is hazardous. Not places


children should be playing on or hanging around on. They are risking


their lives. This is about safety trains


patrolling lines in the East Midlands. And by British Transport


Police officers and Network Rail. Searching for trespassers and


vandals. They started running in time for the Easter break in so far


they are making a difference. Last year, during Easter there were 41


incidents, this year, so far there have been 33. They say the


improvement is slight and there is little room for complacency.


We are striving to reduce trespassing and vandalism and the


aim is to get it down to know incidents of trust pass and


vandalism on the railway. Some trains travel at 120 miles an


hour, weighing 400 tonnes. It would take the driver and mile and a


quarter before he could stop so if you are a child on the line, you


would not stand a chance. This is the sort of thing the safety


trains look out for and they are desperate to stop it. As the


pictures from the Easter weekend show, some youngsters still need to


heed the warnings. A Nottinghamshire conman has been jailed for three and


a half years for defrauding elderly and vulnerable people, for a second


time. 39`year`old John Cooney from Radcliffe`on`Trent admitted taking


over ten thousand pounds from at least ten victims aged from 69 to


99. He mis`sold sofas, stair lifts and mobility scooters. In 2012,


Cooney was sentenced to six months in prison, also for mis`selling


mobility aids. Work has started to pedestrianise


part of a busy Leicestershire town centre after years of planning. The


Market Place, in Loughborough, will be joined with busy shopping streets


as part of a nineteen million pound scheme. Once the road is


pedestrianised, all traffic, including buses, will use the newly


constructed inner relief road. A project which began in Leicester


supporting children in care is celebrating its expansion into


Scotland. The Letterbox Club sends parcels to children every month for


six months. Inside are books, games and stationery. It's managed by


Booktrust, in partnership with the University of Leicester. The project


which first started with 20 children in the city, now delivers to more


than seven thousand nationwide. You are watching East Midlands


today. The next phase in a major redevelopment of roads in Leicester


is starting this week ` the joining of the Golden Mile with the rest of


the city. After the Belgrave flyover was demolished, traders say they're


now looking forward to the end of all the work. Officials have also


told us that the remaining roundabout may become an open space


for use during public events, as Simon Ward reports.


After the disappearance of the Belgrave flyover, the changes to the


road layout and access for walkers and cyclists can begin. As the works


continue, nearby traders have stayed open. Business slowed down because


of the traffic but it's been going good since Sainsbury's closed. It


has attracted much more people to use the local shops. Local concern


about extra traffic seems to have eased. Businesses are looking


forward to the works being completed. I think it looks pretty


good. It is more open. People can see the shop. Before the flyover


covered the shop. Now it is quite open. There will be a pedestrian


crossing so people can walk across the roundabout. And there will be


trees planted but the council is considering how that is done because


this could become a relatively open green space. We will take stock to


make sure we are doing what we want. We want to plant the trees in the


right place. We want to get the best use out of the island. It will be a


lot of work and we encourage people and commuters to consider using


alternative routes while the work goes on. It could be this space is


used for public events, especially when the surrounding roads are


closed. It is due to be finished in October, in time for Diwali


celebrations. They seem to have done it quickly.


Now as a natural habitat, Britain is special. We've got one of the


longest growing seasons in the world and a weather pattern ` as much as


it can be frustrating ` that means we can pretty much grow anything. In


fact, to protect plants from all over the world, you may have heard


of National Plant Collections. Well, the East Midlands boasts a huge


number of them. And in the first of a series across the year, I've been


to see one of them. These are auricula, two dozen


natural collections in the East Midlands with almost a dozen in


Nottinghamshire alone. They are grown and curated by Bob Taylor and


foul. These look almost too perfect, they look painted. They are


artificial. It is hard to say what I see. I was


reading a gardening magazine one day and this auricula was pictured on


the page, a large picture. And it let out of the page at me. It was a


love affair. I have felt like that ever since.


You started with six. Yes, now I have hundreds of


thousands. The distinctive feature of some


strains is the striking white seed. They look natural but original


varieties grew wild the outs without and were brought here in the 16th


century. They are displayed in theatres, cases or steps of wooden


shelves with an overhanging roof to protect them. To hold a national


collection you need 75% of all of the varieties listed in the Plant


Finder and then three of each one. This collection has 750 different


varieties making it one of the largest in the country if not the


world. We are conserving a collection of


names, a collection of varieties, not necessarily everyone being of


the quality that an exhibitor would want. The vowel is in the process of


adding another 30 to the collection, she need three from each specimen to


gain recognition. Auricula do not come true from seed.


So the parent might not look anything like it. It sometimes leads


to new creations. I named this after my late mother


because she collected blue and white china and when I look at it, I think


of her. And what a lovely tribute. It is, such shame she never knew


about it. I have to say, Val did slightly


convert me to the way of the 'auricula'! But you can make up your


own mind. I thought they were lovely. If you


want to see the collection yourself, it's at Gotham's Field House Nursery


and open to view by appointment. Check the Nottinghamshire


collections on the plant heritage website for the contacts.


You can put in any county and find the ones where you are.


We will be looking at hydrangeas two. I need to learn how to


pronounce those correctly. Colin's here in a moment with the sport, and


soon Kaye with the weather. And something that could cause havoc for


a forecaster ` the waterfall that doesn't make anyone wet! We said


Colin would be here in a moment and that moment is here. A very big


nights potentially for us tonight. Tonight in the Championship it's all


about the numbers on the board. The maths of this table have become very


simple indeed if you're a Leicester City fan. A win tonight in Bolton


and the Foxes will be seven points clear with six to play for. They


will become very deserving Champions. Leicester fans have been


treated to some high quality stuff this season. The players dominating


matches and even ` on Saturday ` bringing a smile to the face of


their boss. They will be there in the their thousands at the Reebok


tonight hoping for confirmation that their achievement is total. I think


it would be great for the players themselves to finish off the job


mathematically ourselves and I am really pleased with how the players


have approached the season, never mind the situation we are in now. We


have done ourselves justice. We are there tonight with the fans and the


players. And if ` when ` the title is confirmed we will be bringing you


reaction tomorrow night right here on East Midlands Today. Our good


wishes go with them. Leicester have been a treat to watch and to be


around this season. Now, what about the play`off contest. With Derby


already there, attention turns to Nottingham Forest. Almost out of it


last week back`to`back Easter wins have taken them seventh. Just a


point away now thanks to a striker who's forced his way into the


starting line`up. Jeremy Nicholas reports. After the ups and downs of


the season, the first 15 minutes at Elland Road were like watching


Brazil for Forest fans. Matt Derbyshire bagged them both with the


first after 91 seconds. It was only Derbyshire's sixth start but he is


on a goal`scoring run now ` his second, four in three games. Brazil


says he has a positive mental attitude and scares the life out of


the opposition with his runs into space behind the back four.


Goalkeeper Dorus de Vries picked up a knock to join Karl Darlow on the


injury list leaving Forest with third choice keeper Dimitar Evtimov


to keep the opposition at bay. Games against the seasiders Bournemouth


and Brighton still to come. Foreset fans keeping an eye on the Reading


squad tonight but at the moment the play`off hopes are still alive, two


wins in the last two games could set up a semifinal, probably against


Derby. Reading could leapfrog forest. One


thing to note ` Forest's final game of the season is against rivals


Brighton. That could yet prove to be a heart stopper for the City Ground


faithful. If that wasn't enough drama, look at what would happen if


Forest did make it ` a semifinal against Derby. The Rams are in form


and looking good heading into the play`offs despite watching Burnley


seal that last automatic promotion spot yesterday. But after


yesterday's win at the iPro, the boss wants them to have more of a


killer instinct. He shoots from distance! 25 yards!


The left side of the box. Reverse pass. Russell looks up and shoots.


Oh, Johnny Russell. He shoots some scores. That is


sloppy. Sloppy from Derby. No security about anything in football.


I thought I was secure after 67 minutes but we concede, miss a


penalty, open goals, chances. So, we talk about this team being too nice


and getting a ruthless streak but they didn't have that today.


Dexter Blackstock has been charged over gambling. Blackstock has been


accused of multiple breaches of an FA rule concerning betting by


players on matches. He has until Monday to respond to the charge. The


striker had been on loan at Leeds but is currently out injured. Notts


County boosted their chances of survival with a win at home to


Crawley. But Mansfield Town's playoff hopes ended with a home


defeat to Cheltenham. After losing at Bristol City on Good Friday,


Notts earned all three points with a hard fought win over rawley.


Spencer came close in the first half before Notts won a free kick. Alan


Sheehan took it and Spencer headed it home. After that, Crawley went


close a few times with keeper Bartosz Bialkowski keeping the


Magpies in the game. Notts still in the relegation zone, a point behind


Colchester, Tranmere and Crewe with two games left. Mansfield Town's


manager Paul Cox wasn't happy saying the Stags lacked hunger and desire


as they went down to two goals at home to Cheltenham. Defeat ends


Mansfield's faint play`off hopes and could signal a clear out of players


out of contract. An Aviva Premiership semifinal is


still in Leicester Tigers' own hands despite the disappointment of a


narrow defeat to Harlequins on Friday. It was a pulsating encounter


at the Stoop with Jamie Gibson scoring a try that put Tigers two


points ahead with both sides pushing for a win. It was converted by Toby


Flood giving Tigers a twenty`sixteen lead. But in an exciting finish the


home team triumphed with Mike Brown going over. Tigers are fourth with


two games left away at Sale and then Saracens at Welford Road which is


already sold out. In cricket, two second division


games dodging the rain. Both will struggle for a clear result but led


by a Stephen Moore century Derbyshire have done well at home to


Hampshire and Leicestershire have kept Kent under pressure at


Canterbury too. Derbyshire marking the life of Keith


over the weekend. Audiences here in the East Midlands


will be the first in the world to see a brand new musical being


described as a landmark for on`stage special effects.


Yes, Leicester's Curve Theatre will host the world premiere of the Water


Babies. Navtej Johal has been checking out some of the theatrical


magic that will bring it to life on stage.


It is an all singing, swimming and dancing musical that has got the


theatre world very excited. But it isn't just the performers making the


headlines. The water babies is being talked about is a huge leap in


special effects. This waterfall feature is one of the stars of the


show. In every performance there will be 4000 litres of water used in


the performance. And British acting royalty Richard E Grant stars. But


not as you would expect. He appears as a hologram, it doesn't


make sense but he is a 3`D projection that appears in the set


and appears to be there. He will be performing in the show.


It is a production that means more to this cast member than most. She


grew up in Leicestershire and made her professional stage debut at the


curve theatre. My mum has come three times and I


have friends and family coming. It'll be nice to be here and they


are down the road. In London, it is difficult for them to come to see


me. The world premiere is another big coup for the curve theatre.


It also hosted the first showing of finding Neverland two years ago.


This theatre is better equipped technically the most London. We are


lucky they made this data with every technical gadget you could ever


have. The technical rehearsal was one of the last chances to bring the


elements of the show together. The cast, crew and theatre hope it will


be a show worthy of a song and dance.


Yes, there is an audience out there, it could go horribly wrong but I


will stick to what I know, get on stage and if all else fails I will


smile. It won't go horribly wrong.


If you are interested, it opens on Thursday and runs for quite awhile.


I have tickets ready. They have more chance of getting wet


on their way to the theatre than inside. Yes, a wishy washy messy


picture over the next couple of days, high pressure across the UK at


the moment. More organised bands of rain but in general the brain will


be quite showery making it quite difficult to pin down any details.


The showers will be hit and miss, we won't all see them but a few catch


them you will know about it. They will be heavy. Hale and thunder.


Equally, decent spells in between and feeling quite warm at the moment


with temperatures in the mid`teens. We are seeing heavy showers around


today, they are easing down so a dry night, most of the showers fading


away. Dry, some clear spells with cloud around and turning misty and


murky as well. A quite mild night. Tomorrow morning, a dry start, quite


a great start, a lot of cloud around. The cloud will be chopped up


into the afternoon, decent spells of sunshine coming through but the


showers `` the sunshine will spark of a few showers. Some of them could


be on the heavy side, hale and thunder across eastern parts. Some


of us escape altogether staying dry. Behind me, one of the organised


bands of rain pushing in tomorrow evening. Some heavy rain tomorrow,


pushing in eastwards through the night, heavy downpours to come but


it clears out of the way so a dry start on Thursday, sunshine coming


through again and the chance of showers in the afternoon. Organised


rain sounds scary like an army. I would like to avoid the flabby


front. You are back tonight. Goodbye.


Some people don't think real change in Europe is possible.


Some people don't think real change is necessary.


Some people don't think it's worth fighting for.


But we want to make Europe work for Britain,


and give you the final say with an in-out referendum in 2017.


have made Britain's economy stronger and more competitive.


a record number of people in work. And we're predicted to be


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We're working through our long-term economic plan at home


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