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firepower in military exercises. That is all from the


This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, the researchers who may


have found the key to unlocking a vaccine for breast cancer.


They could break ground in the most aggressive forms of the disease. The


key is to personalise the treatment to each individual patient for


breast cancer. Also, our `` a father tells the court that the death of a


man by Abdul on his land plagues his mind every day.


Plus, the website helping people find out more information about the


fallen from World War I. And we meet our Eurovision contender


from Leicestershire. It is all a bit of a bowler. I am not taking it all


in. First tonight, experts have


described it as putting together one of the world's most complicated


jigsaws. There's still a lot we don't know about breast cancer.


Another piece of that jigsaw has been discovered here in the East


Midlands. Yes, it is the culmination of five years' work involving


Nottingham's two universities and local hospitals. Our Health


Correspondent has more. This could open the door to new


treatments, maybe even one day a vaccine. For the first time, the


role of a specific gene has been uncovered. This is part of a bigger


jigsaw. This gene predict the prognosis for the patient. This gene


is associated with how fast breast cancer cells grow. 2000 breast


tumour samples were analysed. The gene affects 10% of all breast


cancers. It is involved in an aggressive form of the disease. But


it tends to be more responsive to chemotherapy than some others. This


painstaking work has taken five years. It has involved two


universities in Nottingham. Paying for the research involves an army of


fundraisers. This woman supported the charity. Her breast cancer is


incurable. We need more personalised care for individuals so they are not


under stress. Each individual will get their own type of treatment. The


evidence seems to suggest there are many types of breast cancer. That is


one of the challenge of fighting against the disease.


This cancer specialist sees the latest findings as promising. He has


already seen cancer survival rates double over ten years. We have now


reached a plateau. The key is to personalise the individual treatment


for breast cancer. Experts are now looking at ways of taking this


forward. This has been a big piece of work.


How would you sum up its significance? This is about looking


into different types of cancer to try to improve survival rates.


Breast cancer is the second biggest cancer killer amongst women.


A farmer has told a court he thinks every single day about a man who was


killed in a field by his cattle. Paul Waterfall from Nottinghamshire


is accused of causing the death of a walker through manslaughter by gross


negligence. 63`year`old Roger Freeman died after being attacked


four years ago on a public footpath in a field owned by Mr Waterfall.


Today, 39`year`old Paul Waterfall gave his own account of the events


at his farm. One evening in 2010, he was alerted that someone had been


hurt by his cattle. This couple had been walking on a public footpath


across the field when they were allegedly attacked by a bull.


Despite the cattle charging in a panic around the field, he ran to


the body but could see that Mr Freeman was dead. The woman was


injured but survived. The farmer told the court that he and his


family are ever so upset at what happened. We think of her every day.


Our house looks out onto the field. We are constantly reminded of what


happened. The court also heard Paul Waterfall's account of two previous


incidents also involving the same bull. He is accused of manslaughter


by gross negligence because the prosecution claim that he knew the


bill had attacked electricity engineers on his land twice in the


six weeks before this death but had done nothing about it. However, Paul


Waterfall told the court today that it was never made clear to him that


the bulll had attacked the engineers, nor did he receive any


complaint from the electricity company. When the second attack


happened, even not on the farm at the time, nor did he learn of it


until long after this death. Paul Waterfall agreed that witnesses


including the widow described being attacked by a ball with horns. But


the animal which was put down the night of the death had no horns. The


defence believed this could be a case of mistaken identity. Paul


Waterfall denies the charges against him. The trial continues next week.


People sleeping rough in Nottinghamshire are ten times more


likely to suffer from tuberculosis and twice as likely to end up in


A Those are just some of the findings of a study by two


charities. The report has found what it says are shocking levels of poor


health and an imbalance with the rest of the population.


The two homeless charities which dropped the report say it is one of


the biggest local studies of its kind. 350 interviews were carried


out across Nottinghamshire. Keith is now in a Framework hostle after more


than two years living on the streets which left him with pneumonia and


brittle bones. If you're really properly, you have to go to


hospital. There is no doctor will have you because you are of no fixed


abode. I went from 11 stone down to five and a half. Because you're not


eating properly. You don't know where your next meal will come from.


You are always cold. It is not nice. Findings were presented to an


invited audience. They were told that of the 74% that reported mental


health symptoms, only 31% had a diagnosis. Homeless people are ten


times more likely to contract TB. More than a quarter had to use A


over the last six months because of the difficulty in registering with a


GP. It was surprisingly number of physical problems. 65% had at least


one physical problems. The average number of physical problems was 3.2.


The report calls for the needs of the homeless to be included when


health care services are commissioned. The commissioners need


to take note of the different voices, the different needs. And not


think that all people are the same. People have different needs. They


need to do some research and find out more and take that into account.


But with Framework fitting a cut of almost ?3 million in its county


council grant, the charity says it will be tough just maintaining its


existing services. A seven`month old died from head


injuries. His father was jailed for manslaughter. Before the death, an


emergency protection order was turned down in court.


More than ?1 million was taken off criminals by Derbyshire Police in


the last year under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The act gives police and


other agencies the power to take criminals to court to recover the


money made by committing crimes, such as drug dealing or selling


stolen property. Latest figures show that almost ?20,000 a week in cash


and other assets have been removed from offenders in the last 12


months. Next tonight, a warning that new


businesses wanting to come to areas of high unemployment are being put


off because old industrial sites are being used for houses instead.


Nottingham North MP Graham Allen says creating new jobs in


disadvantaged areas needs to take priority over new housing. He made


his comments today at a conference aimed at getting people off welfare.


Let's find out more from our Political Editor.


Here's a puzzle. How do you attract new manufacturers and businesses to


an area of high unemployment, and where finding jobs used to be easy,


when former industrial land, is being eaten up for new housing?


That's the worry of this area's MP, Labour's Graham Allen. He says 98%


of land in his Nottingham North constituency is now taken up with


housing. That's high. So where are the sites for new businesses and the


job opportunities they bring with only 2% of land available? It


worries him and those looking for work. Nice people, good housing...


Jill Scott was born and brought up here. He believes the community


deserves better. She has ambitions for her daughters and an area of


Nottingham which has struggled. There are some problems with


domestic violence. That goes from generation to generation and


sometimes. Some people don't have the access to good role models. It


can be tough. Nottingham has clusters of outer estates which have


become a byword for disadvantaged. Lack of jobs, low educational


attainment and low esteem. We feel isolated. We need to find a way of


reducing the cycle of unemployment and increasing aspirations. Breaking


dependence on welfare and creating a culture of job is what Graham Allen


is trying to achieve your. And to get the main party leaders to sign


up to it to. There are many places which have been hard`hit by the end


of manufacturing. If we can get the vision necessary and built in skills


and jobs, we will have lessons to teach the rest of England and the


UK. The talk is the easy bit. Shaping policy for all parties to


sign up to is the battle ahead. In June, the Business Secretary


Vince Cable and the Cities Minister Greg Clark will be among senior


politicians that'll be coming here. The hope? That they can reach


cross`party consensus on giving future generations on similar


estates to this much better job and life opportunities, and break the


dependency for some on welfare. A man whose lies forced a pub to


shut has been given a community order. Joshua Bonehill`Pain from


Yeovil in Somerset made up an internet hoax about The Globe in


Leicester. The 21`year`old claimed it had banned British armed forces.


The story wasn't true, but it quickly spread on social media. The


pub had to close temporarily after receiving threats that it would be


fire bombed and staff beaten up. The largest mobile ride in Europe


has been installed in Derby's market place. The Star Flyer stands 68


metres tall and takes 24 passengers up a tower, then spins them round at


30 mph. Special lighting at night means that it will also be seen for


miles around when it is in full flight.


Thousands of East Midlands war dead have no place on any memorial.


That's the belief of the man behind a big virtual memorial for World War


One casualties. The Nottinghamshire Great War Roll of Honour went live


last summer. It's already helping to improve our understanding of the


conflict's impact on the county. This man was a lamb scored when he


was killed. His name didn't appear on any memorial. Now his great`niece


is helping to ensure his sacrifice is remembered. I worked on the


memorial in Kimberley and I could not understand why he wasn't here.


Then I heard about this council project. I thought that was my


chance so that he would not be forgotten. Nottinghamshire Great War


Roll of Honour went live last summer. It holds 17,000 records


relating to World War I casualties. The second phase of the project


allows the public to upload their own knowledge of family involvement


in the war to the resource. There are many more great work casualties


than previously thought from Nottingham. It has always been


assumed in 11,000 people from Nottingham lost their life during


the great War. Since this phase went live and we have had time to do the


arithmetic, it has become clear that that figure could be 13,000. His


name might not appear on the memorial in his home town, but the


ultimate sacrifice that Herbert Smith and others made is finally


being recognised. It is great. Wonderful feeling. To think that he


is there and other people can see him. He will always be there. Now


the sport. With the Championship title in the


bag, you could forgive Leicester City for putting their feet up. Not


a chance. The Foxes go to Huddersfield tomorrow still wanting


to break the 100 points barrier. Hoping to help them achieve it is


long serving midfielder Andy King. Our reporter has been finding out


what this season has meant to him. Andy King as a goal machine. Season


after season, he has been hitting the net. No other midfielder in the


history of the club has scored more. He truly is Leicester City royalty.


After coming through the Academy, Andy King has spent seven years as a


professional with the club. No one is more delighted about their title


successful stop it was a brilliant night. We have come close on several


occasions, but to finally get over the line all by ourselves was


brilliant for us and the fans. Andy King has had to be patient this


season for his chance to make it into the starting 11. I am delighted


that people like Andy King will get a crack at playing in the top


league. Premier League football is coming here next season. They have


already secured the title. But Andy King says there is still more to


play for in the final two games. We want to get as many points as we


can, hopefully over 100. We want to end the season on a positive note.


To have won the league and achieved promotion is great, but we want to


finish in style. Whatever happens in the next couple of games, Andy King


can be very proud of his journey. I would not have changed anything. To


have had the setbacks makes this even nicer. I will never forget this


season. So Leicester City aren't relaxing.


And neither are Derby County. They will have home advantage in the


second leg of their play`off semi final, that's guaranteed. But


there's no sense at all that they can ease up for the last two games.


They're in form, and they want to stay in form.


When you consider the start of the season, their current position is


nothing short of remarkable. There is no hint here that they are taking


their foot off the pedal. I hope they don't start doing that because


we will be in trouble. You can't switch it on and off in any sport.


Derby have no less than eight potential opponents for their


play`off semifinal. They are not expressing a preference. It doesn't


matter who you are playing, it will be tough in the play`offs. Everybody


wants to be promoted. It will be hard. They say the fans will play a


massive part in what is to come. The crowd will be so important. We have


to get it over the line on Saturday. We will be at home in the second


leg, no matter where we finished. The clear plan is to maintain their


intensity. Are five games between Derby County and another trophy in


the Cabinet. So to Nottingham Forest, who we


featured last night. As we said there, still in with a chance of


making the play`offs after back to back wins but do need other results


to go their way. They face Bournemouth tomorrow and caretaker


manager Gary Brazil believes team changes have made the difference.


We have put our heads above the parapet and means of all decisions.


It is important we don't get carried away. We want to make sure we do the


same thing on Saturday. I expect the players to give everything for this


football club. It is a privilege to play for them.


As for Notts County, it is going to be a nail`biting weekend as they


take their battle to avoid relegation right down to the wire.


It is so tight at the bottom of League One and a real challenge to


focus on their own performance. The permutations are there. At the


moment, we are in good form. We have the backing of the fans. We are in a


good place. And Mansfield Town take on Torquay.


Full match coverage of course from all those games on your BBC local


radio station. In snooker's World Championship,


Mark Selby needs four more frames to see off second round opponent Ali


Carter. Selby had taken a nine five lead but Carter won two frames at


the end of the morning session to stay in touch. They resume in a few


minutes. It is live on BBC Two. In basketball, good luck to


Leicester Riders who have a two`legged play`off quarter final


this weekend. They are away at Cheshire Phoenix tomorrow night and


then home on Sunday afternoon. The home game is at Loughborough


University. Riders, remember, defending their play`off crown.


Nottinghamshire's director of cricket has been named as England


selector. The sport has been very busy!


With just over two weeks to go till the Eurovision Song Contest, it is a


busy time for one Leicestershire singer, who just happens to be


representing the UK. Molly Smitten`Downes will perform in


Copenhagen in front of millions of people worldwide. Our arts reporter


went to meet the 27`year`old ahead of her last official gig before the


big night. I have been tired of this thinking.


I have tried it out by drinking. The newly unveiled video for the UK's


Eurovision Song Contest entry, written and performed by Molly


Smitten`Downes. Amongst the many special moments so far has been


reaction back home in Leicestershire. My parents were over


the moon. And my 92`year`old grandmother. She was not bothered


about the national TV or anything like that, but when they announced


it at the Bingle, she was so happy. `` bingo. Molly has been writing and


singing for years. It was after being chosen by the BBC introducing


radio show that she was picked for four Eurovision. It has been no


quarrel when. My feet have not hit the ground. I am not taking it all


in. The last time we won and Eurovision was 1997, Katrina and the


waves. Do you feel the pressure? In a way, that makes it easier! But I


am in it to win. At the same time, I feel like I am winning already. In


January, nobody had heard of me. Now, 180 million people will hear a


song that I have written. She has a string of high`profile interviews


before heading out to Copenhagen. She will be desperate to avoid the


dreaded nil points. She plans to make the most of every moment.


She is lovely. I just hope she does well. It is a fantastic tune.


There is some decent sunshine this weekend, but also plenty of rain.


Let's talk about yesterday. If you look behind me, you will see this


final cloud. `` funnel cloud. There could be the potential for some more


with unstable air tonight. A good deal of fine, dry and sunny weather.


We have had outbreaks of rain with us as we have gone through the


afternoon. It will continue to be an unsettled evening. There will be the


potential for some thunder. For a time, it will be dry through the


night. Perhaps allowing some fog to form. It will be mild. From the


south`west, we see the next area of rain. This will be with us on


Saturday morning. It should be cleared by lunchtime. Behind it, it


is dry and fine for a time. Then we start to see some sharp showers


developing. Saturday will be breezy with a south`westerly wind. Fewer


unpleasant in the sunshine. Are high temperature of 14 degrees.


Low`pressure is causing the unsettled conditions at the moment.


That will continue to give us sunshine and showers, potentially


the odd thunderstorm. Also some long, sunny spells to be had on


Sunday. Not bad over the weekend. Low`pressure buffers for the new


week. It could be warmer as we go into Tuesday. My advice to you for


the weekend is to have your umbrella handy and try to avoid those April


showers. Send as your photographs of the weather.


We will see you for the late news. Goodbye.


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