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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


Five years of work and five years of fundraising, but tonight celebration


for research teams and their supporters trying to discovdr more


about breast cancer. They ddscribe it as putting together one of the


world's most complicated jigsaws. Today another piece was put in


place. This could open the door to new


treatments, maybe even one day a vaccine. For the first time, the


role of a gene, it's called Hage, has been uncovered. This gene is


part of a bigger jigsaw. Thhs gene predicts the prognosis for `


patient. This gene is assochated with how fast breast cancer cells


grow. 2,000 breast tumour s`mples from Nottingham City Hospit`l were


analysed. The gene affects 00% of all breast cancers. It is involved


in an aggressive form of thd disease. But it tends to be more


responsive to chemotherapy than some others. This painstaking work has


taken five years. It has involved two universities in Nottingham.


Paying for the research involves an army of fundraisers. Jill stpported


the charity. Her breast cancer is incurable. We need more personalised


care for ladies so they are not under so much stress. Each


individual will get their own certain type of treatment. This


cancer specialist sees the latest findings as promising. He h`s


already seen cancer survival rates double over ten years. We h`ve now


reached a plateau. The key hs to personalise the treatment for each


individual with breast cancdr. Experts are now looking at ways of


taking this forward. Detectives investigating thd


disappearance of Bogdan Nawrocki in Nottingham have tonight charged a


man with murder. 22`year`old Bogdan was last seen in Radford in January.


A 27`year`old man from Sneinton will appear before magistrates in the


city tomorrow. Another man, arrested on suspicion of murder, has been


bailed pending further enquhries. A man whose lies forced a Ldicester


pub to shut has been spared jail. Joshua Bonehill`Pain from Ydovil in


Somerset claimed that the Globe had banned British armed forces. The


story wasn't true, but quickly spread on social media. Soon, both


staff and the premises were being threatened.


Hired security for extra protection. In August last year, staff `t this


pub in Leicester began to bd abused, even given death threats ovdr the


phone. At first they were confused, but then they found they were the


victim of an internet hoax. A story on this website called the Daily


Bale claimed the Globe pub had barred members of the British Armed


Forces for fear of offending members of the Islamic community. It was all


lies, made up by this man, Joshua Bonehill`Pain. Describing hhmself as


a rising star of the British far right, he arrived at court today in


a Union Flag style tie, aftdr pleading guilty to making the hoax.


In court today, magistrates heard that the pub had to hire security


staff, it had to send some staff home for their own safety, `nd then


eventually had to temporarily close. Some of the phone calls thex were


getting were threatening to fire`bomb the pub, and thre`tening


to send round groups of people to beat up the staff. The backlash


meant lost customers, lost loney and a damaged reputation. Speakhng at


the time, the manager here said there was a genuine fear th`t staff


could be targeted. We had to get our staff home at night in taxis and


generally keep customers aw`re of what was going on, through notices


to inform them it was nonsense. In court today, Bonehill`Pain, now 21,


was given 180 hours of unpahd work. He will spend two years on


probation. Any similar offences in that time could see him put behind


bars. Rough sleepers are twice as likely


to visit A and E and ten tiles more likely to suffer from TB th`n the


rest of us ` that's just sole of the findings of a new survey by


charities in Nottinghamshird. Our chief news reporter has been reading


the study. The two homeless charities which


drew up the report say it is one of the biggest local studies of its


kind. 350 interviews were c`rried out across Nottinghamshire. Keith is


now in a Framework hostel after more than two years living on thd streets


which left him with pneumonha and brittle bones. If you're re`lly


poorly, you have to go to hospital. There is no doctor will havd you


because you are of no fixed abode. I went from 11 stone down to five and


a half. Because you are not eating properly. You don't know whdre your


next meal will come from. You are always cold. It is not very nice.


The findings were presented to an invited audience. They were told


that of the 74% who reported mental health symptoms, only 31% h`d a


diagnosis. Homeless people `re ten times more likely to contract TB.


More than a quarter had to tse A over the last six months because of


the difficulty in registering with a GP. The report calls for thd needs


of the homeless to be included when health care services are


commissioned. The commissioners need to take note of the different


voices, the different needs. And not think that all people are the same.


People have different needs. But with Framework fitting a cut of


almost ?3 million in its cotnty council grant, the charity says it


will be tough just maintainhng its existing services.


I'll have more for you across the weekend, but for now it's goodbye


from me. And with your weekdnd weather, here's Anna.


council grant, the charity says it The rain arrived earlier today. We


are expecting more this weekend There will also be some find and dry


weather and a little spring sunshine. The rain will gradually


move northwards over the next few hours. Perhaps heavy for a time


before clearing. We could sde some fog forming, particularly over


higher ground. It will be mhld. The rain will move north and east


through the morning. Then it will be dry for a time with sunny spells. In


the afternoon, some heavy showers are possible. Here is the ottlook


for the next few days. with an outlook. We will have the


outlook for the rest of the country. Goodbye.


Good evening. A bit of a disappointing day. A lot of cloud


around and we saw showery outbreaks of rain. Courtesy of this


continental plume which arrived during the early hours and continues


to drift further north. Into the weekend, this area of low pressure


will influence our weather. It is already arriving bringing gusts of


wind is to the Isles of Scilly and the south-west. Further north, and


easterly feed are dragging more cloud, misty conditions and poor


visibility with light rain. Overnight lows of eight to 10


degrees. A band of persistent rain through Northern Ireland moving out


of Wales and into the North of England and the south-east means a


great, miserable start to Saturday. But a clearance with sunny spells


coming through. All the time that area of low pressure to the


south-west will keep feeding in plenty of showers here and strong


winds as well. I miserable afternoon in prospect. Head


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