26/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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it has belonged to Ryan Giggs. Much more on the BBC News channel


With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A man's


appeared before magistrates charged with the murder of Bogdan N`wrocki


The 22`year`old has been missing since January when he was l`st seen


in the Radford area of Notthngham. Police charged a 27`year`old from


Sneinton with murder last nhght Mr Nawrocki's body hasn't been found.


For the first time in the rdgion, reservists from three of thd armed


forces will be training togdther in one location. Earlier today a


rededication parade was held as their newly revamped headqu`rters


near Nottingham was officially opened. Carol Hinds has mord.


A special parade to mark a lajor military milestone for the region.


Nottinghamshire's only Royal Navy and Royal Marines reserve units are


now based with Army reservists in Nottingham. The parade is a re


dedication parade marking otr formal entry into this site, the chaplain


conducting the religious side, HRH Michael of Kent taking the salute


and other significant civic dignitaries from the area. Ht has


cost ?1 million and taken nhne months to renovate the base. The


opportunities you get are you would not normally get yourself on


civilian street so it is re`lly all about the people and what you can


learn and give back to the country. The MoD is making changes to the


Armed Forces but is also investing in the future. We have moved to our


new site here and we are recruiting hoping to double in size ovdr five


years. Up to 75 jobs could go at a printing


firm in Leicester. Artisan Press, in Beaumont Leys, produces glossy


catalogues and magazines for clients such as John Lewis and Marks and


Spencer. The company's blamdd tough trading conditions. Managers are


talking to workers and unions about redundancies.


Meanwhile in Derby up to 200 jobs could be created. Six million pounds


is being invested at the city's Rail Technical Centre. It's to encourage


new companies to the business park, near Bombardier. More than two


million pounds of that total is coming from the city's regional


growth fund. A group of health students from the


region are on their way to Hndia tonight, for what their tutors


believe will be a life`changing experience. The group from New


College Nottingham will be working in a hospital there. Emily @nderson


reports. A normal day in the lab for the


students but soon they will be embarking on an altogether different


experience thousands of milds away. Out there they won't have the things


we have in hospital, not as much equipment. Working with different


people from different backgrounds and looking at what is spechfic over


there that is coming in to the UK. For two weeks, this will be home for


the students, learning everxthing from hospice care to mental health


provision in India. They will have ethics and morals challenged about


how health care is provided, we will laugh together and cry together but


importantly the skills that we will all gain while out that will make us


much better practitioners in the future. It has taken months of


fundraising and a lot of hard work but experiencing life in India could


change their lives forever. And Nottingham Forest's plaxoff


hopes are over after their four`one loss at Bournemouth. Derby ` already


with their play`off spot secure ` beat Watford 4`2 and Leicester City


continue their incredible sdason with a 2`0 win at Huddersfidld. In


League One, relegation survhval for Notts County comes down to their


last game of the season aftdr their 2`0 win over Swindon. And in League


Two, a 3`1 defeat for Mansfheld And one result in the rugby ` Nottingham


were soundly beaten at London Welsh 64 ` 12. Let's check the we`ther now


` Mel has our forecast. The few showers that made it today will fade


into tonight and it will be largely dry but the return of low cloud and


missed. One or two showers dotted around but it will dry out `s the


night goes on. The mist and low cloud works its way in, a dtll


start. Temperatures not dropping away too far with lows of around


eight Celsius. A murky start, taking a while for the missed to lhft an


break. We start to see showdrs creeping back in. They could be


lively with the risk of hail and thunder. Remaining unsettled next


week. The Beat's on`air already on your


local BBC Radio. They've just launched the musical jungle. It s


not a worm ` but I can tell you it has four legs. Back with more for


you same time tomorrow ` 6:40pm Good evening. An area of low


pressure has wrapped itself around the British Isles for this weekend.


There have been a number of showers today, particularly in the


south-west, and there is more to come overnight. You can see this


swirl of cloud, the centre of it in the south-west of England. Close to


the centre of that there will be some strong winds in the south-west


of England and some heavy showers as well. There will be some big waves


along the south coast as well. The rain will affect eastern Scotland


and the North East of England with


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