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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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to you. There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel. I'm


back with With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. An Italian judge will begin considering


tomorrow whether an investigation into the death of a young


Nottinghamshire mother should be reopened. Claire Martin's family say


they cannot accept a verdict of suicide for their daughter ` who


died two years ago from multiple stab wounds to the neck. Carol Hinds


reports. More than two years on from the


death of their daughter Claire, her parents from Sutton in Ashfield


still have many unanswered questions about how she died. I would like to


know the official time of death that my daughter died, the time that she


was first discovered. The time that the paramedics were actually called.


Who identified my daughter? Why we weren't involved or told until


3:30pm the following day? She was found in March 2012 with 24 stab


wounds to her neck at the home near Naples that she shared with her


partner and her son. A local magistrate declared her death


suicide and closed the case. Tomorrow, a judge in Italy will


decide whether to reopen the investigation. We hope that the


judge actually reads the paper. It is quite a lengthy document. And


then agrees to the case not being closed. For every question, there


are two, maybe three different answers and there should only be


one. One answer to each question. This weekend, they took a break from


the paperwork to hold their first fundraiser. It was a night of comedy


and music. Two of Claire 's favourite pastimes.


You'll hear more from the Martins, and their story, on BBC Radio


Nottingham's Breakfast tomorrow morning.


Police have described as "cowardly" two men who attacked a pregnant


shop`worker with a baseball bat. The woman, who's 36 weeks pregnant, was


working at the Johal General Store on Park Street in Kirkby in Ashfield


on Friday night when it happened. She told us she was hit in the


stomach, while trying to block their bat with her arms. The men fled with


nothing. She's unharmed, but shaken. Around 30 people have been moved


from their homes, after a fire on a modern retirement village in


Nottinghamshire. It broke out within the Lark Hill complex in Clifton


this afternoon. More than four hundred people live on the site


within its flats and bungalows. It was quickly brought under control.


There'll be no changes to school holiday patterns in Leicestershire.


It's after 86% of people who responded to a County Council survey


voted to keep the status quo. From September 2015, all state schools in


England will be able to decide their own term dates.


Football and a good weekend for three of our teams. Leicester, Derby


and Notts County all securing wins. Kirsty Edwards rounds up the action.


Not content with the title, Leicester City want to break the 100


point barrier and they're almost there after Gary Taylor Fletcher saw


them take the lead at Huddersfield. The job was finished off by captain


Wes Morgan. Derby County have secured third place despite falling


behind to Watford. Jeff Hendrick got them back on level terms. They then


edged ahead, this time through Craig Forsyth. Watford had had a man sent


off and scored an equaliser before Jeff Hendrick had his second of the


day. A cracking strike too. And Chris Martin ensured a fifth


straight win for the Rams. No chance of Nottingham Forest joining Derby


in the play`offs, there were already 2`0 down when Greg Halford headed


in. Any chances were dashed when Yara gave away a penalty.


Bournemouth scored it and added another later on to see Forest go


down 4`1. Notts County are in with a great chance of escaping relegation.


Alan Sheehan with their opener against Swindon. The visitors had


two men sent off late on for an off the ball incident and the resulting


fracas. When the Swindon goalkeeper went up front corner, Nott


capitalised on an empty net with Calum MacGregor's goal making sure


of a vital three points. I'm really proud of them. Nothing is achieved


yet. I have been in too many last day dramas to feel that everything


is done and dusted by now. It definitely isn't. It will go down to


the very last day. A disappointing day for Mansfield Town. A 3`1 defeat


to Torquay. Notts County ladies beat Portsmouth


Ladies two nil in the sixth round of the Women's FA Cup, seeing them


through to the semifinal. And in the women's Premier League, Forest


Ladies drew one all at Sheffield. In the weekend's basketball, Leicester


Riders are through to the semi final of the play`offs. They beat Cheshire


by 77 points to 56 in the second leg of the quarterfinal. So they won by


33 points on aggregate. Let's check the weather now, Mel has your


forecast. Good evening, some places have


remained dry and bright with one or two showers around, but they will


fade as the night goes on. Increasing cloud. Some shells would


be heavy this evening before they clear. One or two dotted around


before the early hours of the morning. In most places dry with


increasing cloud. Not a cold night with low`temperature is of a turn


nine Celsius. Grade to start on Monday, that allows them for some


bright and sunny spells. 12 showers in southern parts but a bridge is


not too bad and the wind will be quite light.


We're back later this evening at 22:15.


Good evening. After an unsettled weekend, the same culprit will be


staying with us through the early part of the new week. No pressure is


set to continue producing a fair number of showers across England and


Wales. Still some hefty ones to come through this evening, particularly


across the Midlands, South Wales and south-west England. Rain will spread


from the south-west of Scotland into Northern Ireland by dawn. A mild


enough night. Monday, after a gloomy start for many of us, the cloud and


Risley rain across Northern Ireland. A reasonably dry start


across England and Wales but come the afternoon, that low-pressure


centre is still close by and it looks like it will start generating


some pretty hefty thundery showers. A few for south Wales, certainly


across southern England and into East Anglia. Some areas will miss


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