27/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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for a united church. And that's all from me.


If With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A judge


in Italy will tomorrow hear a request to reopen the investigation


into the death of a young Nottinghamshire mother. Clahre


Martin died two years ago in Naples. It was declared a suicide, dven


though she died from multiple stab wounds to the neck. Carol Hhnds has


been to meet her parents. More than two years on from the


death of their daughter, her parents still have many unanswered puestions


about how she died. I'd likd to know the official time of day. The time


that she was first discoverdd, the time that the paramedics were


actually called, to identifx my daughter. Why we were not involved.


Until 3:15pm the following day. She was found in March 20 12th with 24


stab wounds to her neck. A local magistrate the clear her de`th a


suicide and closed the case. Tomorrow a judge in Italy whll


decide whether to reopen thd investigation. Whether he whll


actually read the paper, and agreed to the case not being closed. For


every question, there are two or three different answers and there


should only be one. One answer to each question. This weekend the


couple took a break from thd paperwork to hold their first


fundraiser, in night of comddy and music, to Claire Martin's f`vourite


pastimes. There's more on this on BBC Radio


Nottingham Breakfast tomorrow morning.


It's now been confirmed a m`n died in the fire earlier at a retirement


village in Nottinghamshire. It broke out in a bungalow within thd Lark


Hill complex in Clifton this afternoon. Around thirty people had


to be moved from their homes while it was brought under control. A


joint fire and police investigation into the cause is underway tonight.


Police have described as cowardly two men who attacked a pregnant


shop`worker with a baseball bat The woman, who's 36 weeks pregn`nt, was


working at the Johal General Store in Kirkby in Ashfield on Frhday


night when it happened. She told us she was hit in the stomach, while


trying to block their bat whth her arms. She's unharmed, but shaken.


The men escaped with nothing. School holidays in Leicestershire


will no be changing. It's after 86% of people who responded to ` county


council survey voted to keep the status quo. From September next


year, all state schools in Dngland will be able to set their own term


dates. To sport, and Sutton in Ashfield


swimmer Ollie Hynd has taken another gold at the Berlin Open


Championships this weekend. He came first in today's 100 metres


backstroke and first in yesterday's 400 metres free style. Both of which


follow hot on the heels of him setting a world record in the 2 0


metres, and qualifying for selection for the Commonwealth Games darlier


this week. And in today's women's football


Notts County ladies are through to the semifinal of the Women's FA Cup


after beating Portsmouth Ladies 2`0. And it was a goalless draw for


Forest Ladies at Sheffield hn the womens Premier League.


In the weekend's basketball, Leicester Riders are through to the


semi final of the play`offs after beating Cheshire 77`56 in today s


second leg of the quarterfinal. So they won by 33 points on aggregate.


In the semis they'll face Ndwcastle Eagles. The first leg of whhch is at


Loughborough on Thursday. And Leicestershire's Sylvain


Guintoli drops to second in the World Super Bikes championship after


a dramatic end to today's r`cing in the Netherlands. He'd won the first


race in Assen when the second was red flagged. It was finally reduced


to fewer laps, before he cr`shed. Finally finishing ninth.


Forget Assen's weather, let's see what's happening here. Mel has your


forecast. Good evening, the few showers we


have had today are fading and for most places it will be a dynamic but


cloudy. We will see the mist than follow rule backend. Most places


remained dry but certainly not called with laws of around nine


Celsius. A bit of a police start to Monday morning. The clouds should be


breaking with further dry and bright spells with the UNESCO some lively


showers towards the afternoon. Temperatures not bad at arotnd 5


Celsius. An unsettled start for More from the team here, tomorrow morning


6.25, in BBC Breakfast. Temperatures not bad at arotnd 5


Celsius. An unsettled start for The week and timing cooler. Good night.


Good evening. After an unsettled weekend, the weather prospects don't


show any sign of quickening down as we go into the early part of the


week ahead. There'll be hefty showers around, particularly to the


south of the British Isles. Later in the week, a shock to the system -


colder ash from the north. -- air from the north. Winds light tore the


south. Many of the showers lightning. Cloud and rain out of the


south-west of Scotland into Northern Ireland by dawn. Lows of between


eight to ten Celsius. Monday morning, probably a grey affair for


many at first. Mist and murk in the North Sea


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