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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A father's pride in his son, who's died on active duty.


Rakesh Chauhan was one of five servicemen killed in a helicopter


crash in Afghanistan. Also tonight: a murder trial jury is


brought to the scene where and her three children died in a fire.


And the able engineers helping to change the way we travel. What we do


as engineers is convert raw materials into something like this,


which is infinitely more valuable and creates genuine wealth of the


country. And touchline euphoria. Goals that


could have sealed Notts County's greatest game.


Welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight, a father has paid a moving


tribute to his son who's died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.


Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan, from Leicestershire, was one of five


servicemen killed when their Lynx came down at the weekend. The


29`year`old worked in the RAF's Intelligence Branch.


And today, in an exclusive television interview, his father,


Kishor Chauhan spoke to us from the family home in Cropston. Victoria


Hicks has compiled this report. Rakesh was very passionate in what


he did. Everything he did, he would want to do it to the best of his


ability, he would want it done in a particular way, he was very


meticulous. He was very lively and he was a natural leader of men. He


was very straightforward. He always had this passion to be in the air


force. Either in the cadets or in University, and when he left


university he joined the air force. When he was on a tour overseas, you


are always concerned for their safety. But we felt that he was


safe. The first one was the most difficult tour. But by the third


trip we were reconciled to the fact that he was going to be safe. And


unfortunately this tragic accident happened. We are not sure of the


details yet. All I know is that the helicopter came down near Kandahar


airport, we do not know what the cause was. Only last Saturday my


wife talk to him on Skype, saw his face after three months. We were


very pleased to see him, and that is the last we spoke to him for we had


so many dreams for him. He had his life planned, and unfortunately, it


did not turn out the way we had wanted and the way he had planned.


Rakesh was very passionate about his work, he was very passionate about


the country. He was proud of being British, and he was very proud to


have done something for his country. He has now paid the


ultimate price. The father of Rakesh Chauhan.


Still to come: Light at the end of the tunnel for Derby's trouble`hit


Al`Madinah Free School. Inspectors say the teaching of


primary pupils is improving but there's to be no reprieve for the


secondary school. Details later. The jury in a murder trial left the


courtroom today to see for themselves the spot where a mother


and her three children died in a devastating house fire.


A gang of eight men are accused of the alleged botched arson attack


which claimed the family's lives last September. Sarah Teale has been


at the scene in Leicester. The murder trial was taken away from


the formality of Nottingham Crown Court to visit the scene of the


crime today. The jury, and the legal teams have been brought here to see


for themselves some of the key areas in this trial, and the house itself.


Where the family and her children died. Eight defendants are on trial,


accused of deliberately setting fire to the property in a revenge attack


on the wrong house. The jury, who we cannot identify, were watched by the


judge, and the prosecution barrister. The jury spent several


minutes looking at the floor is placed on the doorstep of the


boarded`up house, they had heard last week oh petrol had been poured


through the letterbox and ignited. The jury had been told that the


defendants drove past the house here in two cars with the headlights off.


The vehicles parked up around the corner at the bottom of the road for


eight defendants walked back up the hill and set fire to the house. The


jury was shown a house two doors from the house. The alleged intended


target for the arson attack. This was where the mother of one of the


men lived, who the gang believed was involved in an attack on their


friend. The jury were taken to Kent Street, where he had been fatally


stabbed seven hours before the fire last September. The defendants,


seven men and one youth, all deny four separate counts of murder. The


trial continues. Police have confirmed a man died


after fire broke out at a modern retirement village in


Nottinghamshire over the weekend. Around two dozen people were moved


from their homes at Larkhill in Clifton. The fire, at a bungalow


within the complex, was quickly brought under control. The blaze is


not being treated as suspicious but investigations are continuing to


discover the cause. David Cameron is facing a backbench


rebellion in tonight's vote on the High Speed Two rail link. The route


between London and Leeds would run through parts of the East Midlands


with a station built at Toton. Earlier today, campaigners opposed


to the project protested outside Parliament. At least 30 Tory MPs,


including Andrew Bridgen who represents North West


Leicestershire, are expected to vote against or abstain during the bill's


second reading. The parents of a Leicestershire man


who died shortly after being allowed home from Stafford Hospital say they


hope to learn the truth at a new inquest into his death.


Janet and Frank Robinson fought for years to get the original inquest


verdict into the death of their son John quashed.


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons is at the new hearing being held in


Leicester. Rob, what have John's parents been hearing today? Today,


we heard a picture about the pressures of Accident and Emergency


at Stafford. This was back in 2006, right in the middle of the hospital


scandal that we have heard so much about. But the coroner said she


would not be focusing on the various reports about the poor care that had


been carried out. She would be instead focusing on the facts of


this particular case. One of the big questions, why was this young man


allowed home, back to Leicestershire, with problems but he


later died from a few hours later? It is eight years since that day,


and the full facts of the case proved difficult for some of the


witnesses the recalled today. John Robinson loved the outdoors. The


20`year`old was miles from his home in Leicestershire on his mountain


bike when he came off. Stafford Hospital was nearest. Today's


inquest heard the A unit was understaffed. There was poor


record`keeping in his notes, making it hard to know exactly what


happened. John's parents, who fought for the new second hearing, at the


latest inquest, will give more answers. We want more evidence and


an honest and truthful conclusion. John's first inquest lasted barely


90 minutes, and the coroner called two witnesses. At that time, we were


unaware of the surroundings around John's death. One of John's friends,


seen here with the red backpack, said he saw staff rushed off their


feet at Stafford Hospital. He had to go and find them. John's appearance


CV or it to her son `` the parents say they or it to their son. He was


known as the big friendly giant. He liked to go and enjoy himself. But


he worked really hard. Staffing at Stafford Hospital's A has improved


dramatically, the hearing was told, following the scandal there.


Today we heard from the nurse in charge back from that day in 2006,


Tracy White. She said that she recognised the injuries were


possibly life`threatening, but she had not put in the notes very much,


and asked why regular observations were not going to be done to the


patient, the coroner suggested, might it be they were not asked for?


We will be hearing from more staff nurses come doctors from Stafford


Hospital during this case, which is expected to last most of this week.


Thank you. Police are appealing for help in


piecing together the last moments of a cyclist found unconscious in a


ditch in Ilkeston. The 49`year`old man was taken to the Queen's Medical


Centre where he died. Officers don't yet know the cause of death but


aren't treating it as suspicious. They want to hear from anyone who


may have seen a cyclist at the junction of No Man's Lane and Potato


Pit Lane in Dale Abbey yesterday morning.


Mining communities can now apply for a share of a ?1 million fund for


projects operating near former coalfields. The Coalfields


Regeneration Trust is distributing grants of up to ?10,000 to community


organisations and social enterprises. The grants programme


was set up in 2011 to develop grass roots activities that have a


positive impact on coalfields communities.


The troubled Al`Madinah free school in Derby is making "reasonable


progress" towards getting out of special measures, according to a new


inspector's report. Teaching of primary pupils is said


to be improving but the secondary school can't be rescued and will


close this summer. Here's Mike O'Sullivan.


Back to school on Monday morning, and back to better news for the


troubled Al`Madinah Free School in Derby. Ofsted now says it is making


reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures. They


have made changes, let's see how it goes this term. Will you take your


kids out of school? No. She will definitely not be coming here. It is


the biggest mistake I have ever done letting her come here. I struggle


with that, that is what she has done at the end of this year. I am not


happy with that. Had a tough year, but onwards and upwards, definitely.


Ofsted inspector the school in March, saying that: Although there


is some praise for the primary school based here, the report says


that progress made by the secondary school is far too slow. The


secondary school will be shut down this summer, something ordered by


the government earlier this year. The school is now being guided by an


outside educational trust. I am doing what I am doing just as much


for the parents as for the pupils. Following this Ofsted monitoring


report, can have a much higher degree of certainty that their


children are going be increasingly well taught and be successful at


this school. The school has two years to come out of special


measures. Still to come this evening: A look


at the weather for the week ahead. We have got typical spring weather


on the way this week, starting with a promise, a bit of a soggy middle,


ending it with a bit of a blow. All the details later on in the


programme. No soggy medals in the sport. Here


is Colin. Absolutely. I knew that was coming.


Coming up, you'd have to be made of stone not to love Notts County's


celebrations as they pursue the great escape. We were there on


Saturday and that's coming up. But plenty going on in the Championship,


including the end of Forest's play`off hopes.


It was the one significant issue still standing, and of Nottingham


Forest had won at Bournemouth, they would still be in with a play`off


showed. But they were poor and punished. Calls either side of


half`time put them two behind. Another opportunity was missed to


level things. And the burying of this penalty kick finished it off.


The final goal was sold in the wind. That was the best we played since I


have been in charge. On the day, they were too good for us. Stuart


Pearce will take over the side next season.


Now, Leicester and Derby. The fate of both is decided. One promoted,


one in the play`offs. But the Foxes want to break the 100 point barrier.


And Derby want to set a club record for their best`ever season.


Fiennes Taylor Fletcher in the box. It's in the back of the net. A goal


of champion winning quality. Into the box, the header. He scores. The


inspirational Leicester City captain. They are well on their way


to 100 points. They are playing further places next year, if you


like. Still on goal, has he scored? He has. Up goes the head, headed


away, he shoots and scores. Controls it brilliantly. Here is Forsyth.


Into the back post, men arriving, headed in. A shot from distance,


what a strike! The fans were terrific again today. Everybody


appreciates what the players are doing. On the turn, at the coroner,


in the net! It's been a strong season for us in


the Championship, and as evidence, our three teams make up over half of


the PFA's Team of the Year announced last night. Well done to Kaspar


Schmeichel, Wes Morgan, Danny Drinkwater, Craig Bryson, Will


Hughes and Andy Reid. And some other news, Leicester City veteran Kevin


Phillips has announced his retirement. Quite a finish to a


career for the former England man. Not so long ago Notts County looked


down and out in League One. But now with just one game to go they've got


more than a fighting chance of staying up. A win over Swindon saw


them go two points clear of the relegation zone. Kirsty Edwards was


there to see the drama unfold. Lose this, we are gone. Three


points, it is a must. These players do not need to be told what is at


stake. They know the next 90 minutes are going to be huge. A lot of love


for manager, he was looking for heroes in his side, and they did not


let him down. Nine minutes in and a great goal from the captain. They


did not have things their own way all the time. Swindon had their


chances. Nervy times. Those nerves were not helped when chances came


and went for Notts County. As full`time approached, there was real


drama, and off the ball incident leading to pushing and shoving.


Amongst it all, two Swindon players were sent off. As the end were in


sight, Swindon went through broker. The goalkeeper went up for a free


kick, playing right into Notts County's hands. Very surreal because


we in holding on for so long. `` we had been holding on for so long. And


it went in, you could see the funds coming on and everything. It was


really good. Huge celebrations for a huge result. Notts County may just


be on their way to the great escape. Really proud of them. Nothing is


achieved yet. I have seen too many last day dramas to feel everything


is done and dusted by now. It definitely is not. It will go to the


very last day. If we do stay up, it will mean, probably, more or less


everything to them. If we achieve what is possible, that is good


enough. I love seeing that much passion on the touchline. One bit of


bad news for Notts. A pretty key part of them Notts County's back for


a Mac. And a mention for the Magpies' new


women's side. They're through to the semi`finals of the FA Cup after a


2`0 win over Portsmouth. As for Mansfield Town, boss Paul Cox


was unimpressed with his players as they crumbled to bottom club


Torquay. The visitors may have won but still suffered the pain of


relegation. Cox's players were reduced to ten men and got a goal


but still suffered the pain of a right royal rollicking from the


manager. In basketball, the Leicester Riders'


women's team were crowned champions while the the men went through to


the play`off semi`finals but in distressing circumstances. Cheshire


player Victor Moses suffered a really nasty broken ankle with seven


minutes left of the quarter final. With Leicester comfortably ahead,


they ended the game there and then. In motor racing, well done to


Derbyshire`based Alex Lowes. He was second in the World Superbikes Race


Two in Assen. The first time on the world podium. Sylvain Guintoli


remains second in the Championship overall.


And finally, the cricket. In Division One, it was wicked scholar


at Trent Bridge. Leicester got to 500 with a remarkable century. And


Derbyshire held together, just about, in their match at


Worcestershire. Still two games to go.


Thanks, Colin. Now, you may not have heard of Chris


Young, but his work is having a massive influence on the fortunes of


one of our biggest companies, and the lives of thousands of people


across the country. Chris is the man who developed the


most efficient passenger engine in the world, the Trent XWB, made by


Rolls`Royce in Derby. This engine will earn Britain


billions of pounds in the future. It's also brought international fame


to Mr Young, as James Roberson reports.


Running up for its first test flight last year, this air bus powered by


Trent XWB engines. It was a proud moment for Chris Young, the


fulfilment of a lifetime of connections. My uncle worked at


Rolls`Royce and other engines, and that got me into thinking about


engineering and wanting to work for Rolls`Royce for quite an early age.


In 1997, Chris joined Rolls`Royce and roars meteoric Lee. He was


handed the project of the Trent XWB engine. This is what he told us


about it two years ago. It is sustaining around 2000 jobs within


Rolls`Royce. We have a 20 billion order booked for this engine. There


are 42 customers worldwide for this enormous machine. This is the


biggest fan we have done. You can fit a Concorde view is allowed


through the centre of the casing on this. At maximum power on take`off,


it is pulling in 1.3 tonnes of air every second. The blades are turning


at 1200 miles an hour, and they are pulling in air at 550 mph, throwing


it out the back at nearly 1000. Chris has one an award for the Trent


XWB, the fastest selling large civil engine ever. It feels like my baby,


but it feels like the baby of many people in the business. It is a team


sport, doing an engine like this. Many thousands have worked on it.


But it is the engine's financial impact that is equally impressive.


What we do is convert raw materials into something like this, which is


infinitely more valuable and creates real genuine wealth for the country.


That is impressive, isn't it? Superb.


Let's hope the weather will be fantastic.


It has been pretty decent over the past couple of days. Warm sunshine


around, and more of that to come tomorrow. We are in between weather


fronts, but we are staying there for tomorrow. The winds will remain


light, which means we will get mist and fog forming the night. A bit of


a murky start, but once that clears more sunshine to be had tomorrow


afternoon. The sunshine has been hazy today, but it has been pleasant


enough. We could see these showers in the southern parts, but they will


not last too long and will be fading away later on tonight. It is dry


tonight, the cloud will be rolling back in, and we will see mist and


fog forming. We're looking at temperatures down to seven or eight


Celsius, a minimum. A bit of mist and fog first thing tomorrow


morning, that will clear quite quickly, the cloud will break up as


well. Pleasant spells of sunshine into the afternoon. Chances of


showers in the afternoon, you will be very unlucky if you catch one of


those. Light winds, not feeling bad and the sunshine, temperatures up to


17 Celsius. Our luck runs out on Wednesday, we are being attacked on


all fronts on Wednesday. We will start off dry, sunshine through the


morning perhaps, but heavy showers kicking off into the afternoon.


Still warm, temperatures getting up to around 16 Celsius. Further


showery rain on Thursday, but by Friday and into the bank all the


weekend, pressure builds again. Settling down towards the end of the


week, dry and bright weather, but gardeners take note, it is getting


cold once again and the could be frosty nights once again.


I put my garden table out. I was premature.


We will be back with the latest news.


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