28/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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hear views on immigration. That's all from us. Now


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight, a father has paid a moving tribute to his son who died


in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Flight Lieuten`nt


Rakesh Chauhan, from Leicestershire, was one of five servicemen killed


when their Lynx came down at the weekend. The 29`year`old worked in


the RAF's Intelligence Branch. And today, in an exclusive television


interview, his father Kishor Chauhan spoke to us from the family home in


Cropston. Rakesh was passionate very in what he did, anything he wanted,


he did. He wanted to do the best of his ability and wanted it done in a


particular way. He was meticulous. He was also very very livelx and he


was a natural leader of men. He was very straightforward. He always had


this passion to be in the ahr force. He has aways been in the cadets or


at university he was in the Air Corps and when he left univdrsity he


joined the air force. Of cotrse when somebody goes on a tour you always


are apprehensive for their safety but we felt that he was safd and the


first tour was the most difficult one though none of them werd easy.


The first was very difficult but by the third trip we were kind of


reconciled to the fact he would be safe. Unfortunately, this tragic


accident happened. We are not sure of the details yet, all I know is


the helicopter came down ne`r Kandahar Airport and we don't know


what the cause was. Only last Saturday, my wife talked to him on


Skype and saw his face after three months and she was...


..Very pleased to see him and that is the last we spoke to him. We had


so many dreams for him. We had this life planned out. I think hd had his


life planned out. And unfortunately things didn't turn out the way we


had wanted or planned. Rakesh was passionate about his work btt he was


passionate about the countrx. He was very proud of being British and he


was very proud to have done something for his country and now he


has paid the ultimate price. The jury in a murder trial left the


courtroom today to see for themselves the spot where a mother


and her three children died in a devastating house fire. A g`ng of


eight men are accused of thd alleged botched arson attack which claimed


the family's lives last September. Sarah Teale has been at the scene in


Leicester. The murder trial was taken `way from


the formality of Nottingham Crown's Number One Court to visit the scene


of the crime today. The jurx, the judge and the legal teams h`ve been


brought here to Wood Hill in Leicester to see for themselves some


of the key areas in this trhal and the house itself where Shehnila


Taufiq and her children died. Eight defendants are on trial acctsed of


deliberately setting fire to the terraced property in a revenge


attack on the wrong house. The jury, who we can't identify, were watched


by the judge, Justice John Griffith`Williams, and the


prosecution barrister Richard Latham QC. The jury spent several linutes


looking at the flowers placdd on the doorstep of the boarded up house and


heard how petrol was poured through the letterbox and ignited. The jury


have been told the defendants drove past the house here on Wood Hill in


two cars with their headlights off, vehicles parked up at the bottom of


the road before eight defendants walked back up the hill and set fire


to the house. The jury was shown a house two doors down, the alleged


intended target for the arson attack. The prosecution say this was


where the mother of one of the men lived who the gang believed was


involved in an attack on thdir friend, 20`year`old football coach


Antoin Akpom. The jury were taken to Kent Street where he had bedn


fatally stabbed just seven hours before the fire last September. The


eight defendants, seven men and a youth, all deny four separate counts


of murder. The trial contintes. The parents of a Leicestershire man


who died hours after being sent home from hospital are hoping a new


inquest which resumed today will finally reveal the truth. John


Moore`Robinson died eight ydars ago from a ruptured spleen after coming


off his mountain bike at Cannock Chase. The 20`year`old ended up at


Stafford Hospital. Today's hnquest heard the A department, which has


been at the centre of a hugd scandal, was understaffed when he


went there. His parents say they just want answers. We want `ll the


evidence to be heard and an honest and truthful conclusion to come out


of this. For the last eight years, we have lived his death and will


always grieve his death. He loved life, he was a fitness fanatic. He


was a gentle giant, he loved his work, loved life.


Mining communities can now `pply for a share of a ?1million fund for


projects operating near forler coalfields. The Coalfields


Regeneration Trust is distrhbuting grants of up to ?10,000 to community


organisations and social enterprises. The grants programme


was set up in 2011 to develop grass roots activities that have `


positive impact on coalfields communities. That's your news. So,


it's goodbye from me but with your weather now, here's Anna Chtrch


We have had weather now, here's Anna Chtrch


We have decent weather, warl sunshine at least and there will be


more developing through tomorrow but we will have to start off whth mist


and Merck. We have clear skhes at the moment, we will see low cloud


drifting in to the early hotrs of the morning and mist and fog forming


by the end of the night. We stay dry tonight and it will not be cold with


temperatures down to seven or eight Celsius. Tomorrow morning, ` murky


start, low cloud and mist, ht will clear quite quickly, the cloud will


be chopped up so decent spells of sunshine coming through, a small


chance of a shower but you will be unlucky a few catch one. Fedling


pleasant in the sunshine with temperatures up to 16 or 17


Celsius. The outlook, turning more and settled for the middle part of


the week, dry and bright by Thursday and then it will turn much


cooler as we go into the bank holiday weekend.


Hello, I am going to throw some numbers at you first of all. 22


Celsius was the temperature recorded at Aviemore making it the warmest


day of the year so far. At the other end of the country, this cloud has


produced a lot of heavy and thundery downpours. A lot of rain falling in


one hour at Hurn airport. There are some showers around the Bristol


Channel. There will be so increasing amounts of mist, fog and low cloud.


Tomorrow starts grade, Misty and murky in most places. We will see


the Sun breaking through in Cumbria and the North. You might get the odd


shower in western Northern Ireland in the afternoon but with more


sunshine across the country tomorrow, it should be warmer than


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