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at night. There is frost on the way. Thank you very much. Goodbye from


me. And This is East Midlands Today with


Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies. Tonight: A collapsed undercarriage


brings East Midlands Airport to a halt.


It left a cargo plane blocking the runway and some angry passengers


stranded. We have been stood on a queue first three overs. They have


not told us anything, we don't know if we're going to fly today, if we


will get one tomorrow. And how frantic neighbours tried to


alert a family trapped inside a blazing home.


And breast`feeding mums take direct action against Sports Direct. All we


want to do is to be able to feed our babies without lyrics, it is our


legal rights. And a mother 's devotion to her son.


Marion is named the UK's top carer. Good evening and welcome to


Tuesday's East Midlands Today. 40 flights have been cancelled and


6,000 passengers affected after a cargo plane became stranded on the


runway at East Midlands Airport. Its landing gear snapped early this


morning leaving the aircraft unable to move. No other planes have been


able to land or take`off as engineers have worked to move it.


Our reporter Mike O'Sullivan is at the airport for us now. Mike, what's


been happening today? Good evening. It has been a day of disruption here


at East Midlands Airport. Passengers made last`minute changes to their


plans, there has also been released, but nobody was injured when that


cargo plane incident happened. Two crew members on board, they did not


have any injuries at all. Here the night, there is hope that the


airport may actually reopen around 8:30pm.


This dramatic image posted on Twitter shows the landing gear that


parted from the stricken cargo plane. The Boeing 737 400 freighter


lay stranded on the runway at East Midlands Airport after landing from


Paris at around 2:30am. The orders of the plane says it is understood


part of the landing gear appears to have failed on the left`hand side


after it slowed down. It has meant huge disruption for passengers.


Buses laid on to other airports by operators. Initially we thought we


were going off earlier than this, we thought we would be away by about


7am. But there has been a delay. We just have to wait and see what


happens. The staff have been very informative. We have now got a bus


to Manchester, we're flying out of Manchester at 150 AM. No buses


through these passengers. They have got to reboot or apply for a refund


online. We got a text to say it was cancelled. We have got here, we have


been stood on a queue for nearly three years. They have not told us


anything, we don't know if we're getting a flight today or tomorrow.


Late this afternoon lifting gear was brought in to move the plane, which


was carrying parcels and operated by an Irish company. Air accident


investigators have started an enquiry.


Let's get the very latest on the airport situation from the managing


director. When will the airport reopened? Hopefully within the next


couple of hours. We have made good progress over the course of the


afternoon. We hope we will be able to talk the plane off the runway in


the next couple of hours. You have got passengers queueing up behind


you. Is that a good sign? That is a good sign, and hopefully later on


this evening those patient passengers will be able to carry on


with their trouble. Why has this taken so long? The incident happened


this morning at 2:30am. It takes time to complete the investigation.


We have to make plans in order to remove the plane from the runway.


What is your advice to passengers? Keep in touch with their airlines


and that would be my best piece of information. Apparently the plane


was well maintained. Today they said they were sorry for the


inconvenience caused to the passengers here.


Let's hope things improve sharply. Thank you.


A murder trial jury has heard how neighbours desperately tried to


raise the alarm as fire engulfed a family's home in Leicester.


The blaze, which it's alleged was a mistaken arson attack, claimed the


lives of a mother and her three children. Sarah Teale has been at


Nottingham Crown Court. The murder trial jury was painted a


picture of the distressing scene in Leicester as fire engulfed the


family home. Dozens of residents had rushed into the street, screaming


and shouting, throwing stones at the windows of the terraced house to


raise the alarm. A statement was read out from one of the neighbours


who described the flames as being fierce. He said so much so that the


front door had melted, the flames were so strong now one could get


inside. He described the scene as upsetting, all of the neighbours


hoping that the family would come out. But it all remained quiet. Fire


dog handler Dave told the jury accelerant was discovered by the


front door. It calls a flash fire of intense heat, reaching a temperature


of 660 Celsius. Fire crews battled through the blaze inside, but


nothing could be done to save the mother and her three children. A


statement was read from her husband and father. He said his family were


happy, his wife very active in the community, his daughter wanted to be


a primary school teacher. 17`year`old son, he was very clever


and gifted and computers. His 15`year`old son was in his final


year of GCSEs and loved playing football with his friends. He said


words cannot begin to express the pain I am suffering since I lost my


beautiful family. I feel all alone in the world. Eight defendants,


seven men and one youth, all deny murder charges. The trial continues.


In other news, hundreds of students at the University of Derby are being


told they could be put at risk of the HIV virus. A health care worker


was suspended for reusing syringe. An investigation is now under way.


NHS England has told more than 600 students that they could be infected


with blood`borne viruses like hepatitis B or HIV, but that the


risk is extremely low. Next tonight: A demonstration in


support of breast feeding. More than 50 women marched into a city centre


shop today to breast feed their babies en masse.


Campaigners targeted Sports Direct in Nottingham after a customer there


was told by an assistant to stop feeding her baby. Our Health


Correspondent Rob Sissons reports. At Sports Direct, some direct


action. Dozens of women, one reason for marching in, to stick up for


their right to breast`feed when they want. We are sometimes called


exhibitionists purely on the fact that we get our breasts out. You


really can't see anything if you actually look. People have likened


it to you and eating in public. Really? Many of the women say


attitudes need to change. On page three, a woman feeding her baby. If


Jordan came down, all of the latter would be there and say it was OK.


The women is in their breast`feeding, it is wrong. Where


is the right in that? It is essential that we feed our babies


constantly and confidently wherever we are. We do not want confrontation


when you have got your baby with you. I woman was told to leave the


store from breast`feeding. She told BBC Radio Nottingham that she walked


out into the rain embarrassed, upset and shocked. As people were going


past me I thought, oh my God, what do they think? They think I am a


criminal walking out of the shop. Sports Direct said it did not want


to talk publicly about the case today. Shoppers had plenty to say.


If it is in a corner, when it is not so public, I think. But not to be in


the middle and start breast`feeding. You can cover yourself up and still


breast`feed. The campaigners have had their day in the sun and the


line late, how long before someone is told to stop feeding somewhere


else? Sports Direct have not said anything


yet, but they have written to the lady in question and sent her


flowers? That's right, they have not talk to the media but they have


written to the lady from their HQ. They say they regret the treatment


she received, they carried out an investigation and go on to say they


are reviewing their policies to make sure such incidents do not happen in


the future. They have apologised. What this shows is the power of


social media. It is a message to other retailers that if they do the


same thing they could end up with a similar protest on their doorstep.


Thank you. You are watching East Midlands Today.


A care provider has been fined ?100,000 following the death of a


patient after an unauthorised technique was used to restrain him.


38`year`old Derek Lovegrove had severe mental health problems and


suffered a heart attack in 2006. He was being cared for at Cedar Vale in


East Bridgford. He died after a support worker lay on top of him.


Castlebeck Care Ltd which ran the hospital has since gone into


administration. I feel really happy about the guilty verdict. I have


been waiting that `` waiting for that for ages. People in care need


to be looked after properly, and they need the right training, and if


you do not want to do that job, do not do it. There are serious


failings within the management of the company. Those feelings have


been going on for some time. The company ignored or did not act on


advice that might have helped prevent the death.


A father and his two sons have been sent to prison for their part in


running a highly sophisticated counterfeiting business in


Leicester. Kuldip Singh, wearing the burgundy coat, was sentenced to 23


months. His brother Sarbjit Singh beside him and their father


Shinderpal Singh behind were sentenced to 11 months each after


pleading guilty to trade marks offences. The business had been


operating from premises on Galby Street in Spinney Hills,


counterfeiting more than 27 high street brands on a large`scale. From


the evidence we have seized, we estimate around ?170,000 that we can


improve. But we do not know the full extent of what was going on. Quite


often in this case there were no accounts submitted, that is based on


the documents we seized. It's been the Conservatives' turn


today to kick`start their campaign in the East Midlands for the


European elections. The Conservatives had two out of the


region's five MEPs at the last election, but now face a strong


challenge from UKIP. Here's our Political Editor John Hess.


If only chasing balloons was as much fun as chasing after voters.


Especially in Nottingham's Market Square. Undaunted, the Conservatives


attempted to bring a touch of election razzle`dazzle. The


region's only Conservative MP unveiled a new election poster. But


the number to remember is five, how many MEPs the East Midlands will be


sending back to Brussels and Strasbourg to represent us in the


European Parliament. The East Midlands returned to Mac


Conservative MEPs in the last election, and Roger Helmer hopes to


do the same this time around but as a UKIP candidate. UKIP is very much


overshadowing the Tory campaign. Also on the Conservatives' list of


candidates, Rupert Matthews. He could have been NME P two years ago,


as Roger Helmer's successor. Conservative Central office block ``


blocked it, and Roger Helmer defected to UKIP. That has cast a


long political shadow. UKIP have a lot of promises but they are empty


promises. They have no plans of the future, your vote will be wasted


with them. If you bought with the Conservative Party, change will


happen. The Conservatives are feeling the squeeze. They may need


more balloons to lift their vote. And there are nine parties


altogether standing in the East Midlands for the European


Parliamentary elections. Polling day is Thursday, May 22nd.


John joins us from the newsroom now, not to talk about Europe but to talk


about one of our MPs, Patrick Mercer, who's just been suspended


from the House of Commons. John, what is the background to this? This


is about cash for questions. Patrick Mercer agreed to ask Parliamentary


questions on behalf of the government of Fiji. It was filmed by


undercover reporters. It broke Parliamentary rules. The


Parliamentary committee for standards met this morning and used


its full powers to suspend Patrick Mercer from the House of Commons.


Tonight, his parliamentary reputation is in tatters. The


question is whether he will quit the Commons and force our Parliamentary


by`election in Europe, the very last thing David Cameron will want. I can


also tell you that Patrick Mercer is expected to make a statement at


Westminster in the next half hour. Stand by for that.


Thanks very much indeed. Still to come: A mother's unstinting


devotion is recognised. At 85, Marion's been named the UK's


top unpaid carer for looking after her son who doctors said would never


survive. On the way, new England cricket selector Mick Newell. But


some quick bits of sports news first, starting with Leicester


striker Kevin Phillips. The veteran announced his retirement yesterday


and has now confirmed he'll be joining Leicester City's coaching


staff next season ` in the Premier League, of course. Notts County are


hoping to complete the great escape and stay in League One. They will


take a big following to Oldham for the final game in the season. Today,


they sold out the initial 3,000 tickets. Another 1,000 go on sale


tomorrow. And Leicester snooker star Mark Selby is back in World


Championship quarterfinal action in a few minutes. He leads Alan McManus


four`three. Cycling now, and we're used to seeing the likes of Victoria


Pendleton winning medals on the track. But when it comes to road


racing, the women have so far had to play second fiddle to the men. Next


week in Leicestershire we'll see proof that's changing. The first


ever women's tour of Britain is being held with Hinckley taking


centre stage. Kirsty Edwards reports. The Tour de France and its


equivalents have long been at the prevail of men. Maybe not for much


longer. Next week's Tour of Britain will be the first ever professional


women's stage race in this country. And the second stage will be


starting on the roads, right here in Hinckley. Olympic champion Dani King


is competing in the race. She was drumming up support for it at the


Cycling road show in Hinckley today. It is going to be really exciting. I


would urge people to come out and watch because it is going to be a


really good event. A lot of elite women cyclists, Marianne Voss, who


won the Olympic Road Race and Lizzie Armistead who won a silver medal


will be there. You'll get no better field than this. Today's road show


was not just about racing though, Leicestershire's own BMX star Kieran


Phillips was there to show what else he can do. Cycling now is huge. I


would like to show kids that there are different types of cycling and


what I like best is tricks, so I could so show them some tricks! What


about the girls? Would you like to see girls involved in BMX?


Definitely. I mean, I think some girls might be put off by BMX, but


then, if you've watched the Olympics, the BMX racing there


included a big girls' group, world`class titleholders, so the


girls are up there with the boys. It is great to see it and it has pushed


cycling forward as a whole. It can only be a good thing. Back to the


road racing quickly, and you can see Dani and a host of other leading


names racing through Hinckley and other parts of Leicestershire a week


on Thursday. Now, this evening's special guest. Welcome to Mick


Newell, Director of Cricket at Nottinghamshire ` leading them to


two county championships and a one`day trophy`candidate for the


England coach's job and now an England selector. Welcome to the


programme Mick. Let's get today's cricket out of the way first. Defeat


in two and a half days. A "below average" pitch. A top order


collapse. Not a great couple of days? I'm very disappointed. We lost


our first game of the season last week. Things have to get better soon


for others. You've brought in a star turn in Peter Siddle. You have some


great players. What are your ambitions for Notts this season? We


always say the County Championship is our number one trophy. We have


had a woman of success in division one. I would like to see us go back


into the top half this year. Let's move onto England. You went for the


coach's job on the back of your county record. They chose Peter


Moores. How do you feel now about that? Obviously, I was disappointed.


If you apply for a job you want to get it. You make plans and imagine


us of doing it. I think he is more than welcome to a second chance


though. How much influence have you got? I will find out this week. I


will attend my first meeting on Thursday. It will be an interesting


experience for me and we will get an idea of the sort of team we will


pick in the future. I wonder if you can influence in favour of some of


the players we think have missed out. James Taylor here for example `


will you promote our boys? What I have to do is be objective. It is


important I go there with an open mind. Around the county scene my job


is to recommend players to Peter and the other selectors and hope we come


up with And what about your future ` another shot at the top job one day?


The best scene. It has a limited amount of time. Thank you Mick ` but


look away now as I round up today's cricket. Why macro And there is


confirmation of Notts' defeat at home to Warwickshire on a lively


wicket. Lots of runs at Grace Road, with Leicestershire building a


healthy lead there. And Derbyshire have struggled to contain


Worcestershire today. Moeen Ali doing a lot of the damage. Thank you


Mick. Good luck. It's estimated that one in ten of us here in the UK help


to look after a sick or dependent relative. It's often a job that goes


unrecognised ` but no longer. No, because one woman from Derbyshire


has just been crowned as the best unpaid carer in the country. Simon


Hare has been to meet her and the son doctors said would never


survive. As a mother of ten, Marion Hill has spent much of her life


looking after others. But her son Andrew, who is severely disabled,


has taken a lot of care. She was told he was unlikely to live past


eight years old. But he has just turned 50. I have that closeness


with Andrew. I always say if anything happens to me, I think that


is when Andrew will go down. And now lives at Morton Grange nursing home.


His mother visits almost every day. She helps look after him and others


in the home. This is devotion that saw her this weekend win a national


carers award. When they shouted my name I was overcome. She is an


inspirational woman. It is because of this woman and her true devotion


to her son that he is here today. Very humble about it. She does not


want the recognition. But I think she's enjoying it now. There are a


lot of carers in this country. God bless them all. Because they are


good. But officially, Marion is the best. Very modest. Now it is time


for the weather. This is a beautiful shot of some bluebells taken from


Shipley Hall yesterday. Keep the pictures coming in.


The bluebells have been coming out earlier this year thanks to the warm


weather we have been enjoying. April is actually turning out to be a lot


dry and warmer than average. Although May is looking as though it


may start on a chilly note. Some warm sunshine around today that


cloud has been increasing over the past couple of hours or so. We are


staying mostly dry throughout tonight but the cloud will thicken


up and lower once again and we shall see some mist and fog forming toward


the end of the night. The look at the temperatures again, very mild.


Nine or 10 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, another murky start, some


mist and fog around first thing. Like today, that shouldn't lift and


slowly and surely we will see the cloud breaking up in the afternoon.


Pleasant spells of sunshine, again, there is the chance of showers in


the afternoon though. But he will be looking to catch them. In the


sunshine, feeling pleasantly warm, light wings will get tempered is up


to 16 or 17 Celsius. Into Thursday, weather fronts, been on us. So


Thursday may be a wet today. Outbreaks of rain pushing in as we


head into the afternoon. Not much sunshine on Thursday either. Feeling


a little cooler, 13 or 14 degrees. For the bank holiday weekend and


into the weekend, pressure is starting to build and that means a


lot of dry and bright weather heading our way for the bank holiday


weekend. But things are getting a little colder, and gardeners take


note, so night`time frosts. We are expecting some developments in the


Patrick Mercer case. Goodbye. We welcome immigration,


we want immigration. # Time for hope and action


to set our people free


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