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rain. A


This is East Midlands Today. I'm Anne Davies and tonight we're live


here in the market town of Bingham, part of the constituency that


following last night's resignation of Patrick Mercer, no longer has an


MP. So who's in the running? Not, it seems, the controversial leader of


UKIP, Nigel Farage. I am not from the East Midlands and I have no


connections with the East Midlands. I would look like a carpetbagger.


In other news, Halal meat products are taken off the school menu in


Leicester. City Council tests revealed a lamb kebabs contained 50%


beef. And the world's first surgery that gave Ben they heartbeat.


From what it was before to a normal heartbeat.


And we will be looking at the designs of a former Nottingham


students now known as the Queen of boho chic.


Good evening and welcome to Wednesday's programme. I am in the


sleepy and rather quiet market town of Bingham, a town that was voted


last year as the best place in the whole of the country to bring up a


family. Of course it is also in the Newark Parliamentary constituency,


that had Patrick Mercer as its MP until 24 hours ago. So who will be


next? There were rumours that the controversial leader of UKIP Nigel


Farage could be heading this way to fight out a spectacular by`election


but he said no. Why? We will be hearing reaction from the


constituency about the plans for the by`election. But first our political


editor is in Westminster and he looks back on a remarkable 24 hours


in politics. College Green, Westminster, and as soon as Patrick


Mercer announced this... When I have got something wrong, you have to


confess and get on with it. All the attention shifted to hear, 100 miles


away and Nigel Farage. Would he throw his UKIP hat into the ring and


become a candidate in the Newark by`election? This morning he snuffed


out the speculation. I am not going to stand in this by`election. I want


to focus on winning the European elections in the next three weeks.


Also I don't have any links with the East Midlands. I would look like an


opportunist and that would not work. That prompted one Patrick Mercer's


constituency neighbours, Ken Clarke, to weigh in. Whatever else he is, he


is not an idiot, so he has sensibly decided not to put himself up as the


candidate in Newark. I think he would be rather badly thrashed if he


stood there. There are sensible people in the villages and towns of


Newark who know perfectly well that he has not got very much to say.


Patrick Mercer resigned after confirmation that he would be


suspended from the House of Commons for six months for breaking


Parliamentary lobbying rules. He had been filmed by undercover reporters


agreeing to lobby for a client in exchange for cash. That is not


allowed. The irony in all this? The official report and its findings


into Patrick Mercer's conduct is not actually published until tomorrow.


But he already knew its conclusions. 24 hours can be a long time in


politics. It can indeed. You can see that Bingham is twinned with Bavaria


and it was only brought into the new constituency recently. In the last


13 years, Patrick Mercer brought up a large and good majority for the


Conservatives. Possibly it was that that put off Nigel the Raj deciding


he could overhaul it. Maybe he underestimated the level of support


in the constituency. Quentin Rayner reports.


Nigel Farage's opponents accuse him of throwing in the towel by not


standing. But it will be tough for UKIP to win in Newark and overturn


the 16,000 majority of that always `` the Tories. They would need a


swing of 75% and the highest they have ever achieved in a by`election


is 19%. But UKIP does have the support here. We want them here.


Everybody I know will be voting for UKIP. I will vote for UKIP because


of immigration in this town. We are overrun. Its popularity is really


good throughout the country, isn't it? He would be good for Newark. I


am attracted to some of the stuff he says and kind of repelled by some of


the other stuff. People of Newark, it is the overwhelming thinking of a


lot of people in England now, to be against the massive immigration that


we have had. That has clinched it. How much of a political barometer


will be imminent by`election be? I think it could be very important,


mainly because I don't think UKIP can win it but they could


potentially take enough votes away from the Conservative Party and let


Labour in through the middle. That could put pressure on David Cameron


to move further to a Eurosceptic position. The Newark market is


always busy but the politicians will also be setting out their stall over


the next few weeks. As we know, Patrick Mercer was a


popular MP for more than a decade but his time in the comments came to


an end last night in the cash for questions scandal. Navtej Johal


reports on the highs and lows of his political career. Patrick Mercer


hoped to write his name in history as a politician with purpose but the


rise and fall of this former military man has instead become a


cautionary tale. The Oxford educated son of the former Bishop of Exeter


served for 25 years as an army officer, including postings to


Northern Ireland and Bosnia. He also worked as the defence correspondent


on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. In 2001 he was elected to Newark,


recapturing it from Labour. After just two years he was promoted to


the front bench by Iain Duncan Smith as shadow minister for homeland


security. He was then dropped by David Cameron before the election


following controversial remarks he made about ethnic minorities in


armed forces. As Newark MP, Patrick Mercer campaigned on behalf of


Newark hospital and maintained a strong interest in the armed forces


locally. Last night, the published author decided to close the chapter


on his time as an MP. With a year before the next


election, the sudden resignation of Patrick Mercer has caught some


parties off guard. The Liberal Democrats have not chosen a


candidate. UKIP said they would pick theirs next week. Lead and the


Tories do have candidates. We could not contact the Conservative Party


contact today. Labour did talk to us. They said they were not relying


on UKIP taking votes of the Tories to win the seat. If you talk to


people here, the hospital is a massive issue. People want a


positive future for hospital and that is what I will be campaigning


on. It is the Labour Party who will stand up for the NHS. Ambulance


times increase. Delays in Accident Emergency and an Nick Clegg and


David Cameron, but UKIP policy about that. `` under Nick Clegg. The real


question is when is the likely date of the by`election? John is in


Westminster. What is your gas? This is a clue. The Treasury announced


today that Patrick Mercer had been appointed steward and bailiff of the


Chiltern Hundreds, which is the historic device by which a sitting


MP can resign. It also clears the debt for the Parliamentary


by`election. `` clears the decks. My guess is a Thursday towards the end


of June, possibly before Parliament rises for the long summer break. But


I would not put any money on it. Very wise, very wise! Thank you.


That is just about it from all of us in Bingham. I guess it is a question


of watch this space. But now it is back to the studio.


Still to come: The blood scare affecting students in Derby.


Hundreds have been told they're at risk of infection after a health


worker reused syringes. We'll also meet a teenager who owes


his life to advances in keyhole surgery.


And Anna's got the weather outlook. Yes, with the bank holiday weekend


creeping up on us, the big question is whether it will be dry and fine.


I will have the answer shortly. Halal meat has been taken off the


menu at all of Leicester's schools after another food scare. Tests


showed a halal lamb kebab contained more than 50 percent beef. Last year


it was discovered halal lamb burgers contained pork DNA. Mike O'Sullivan


reports. Dinner time at this Leicester


primary school but now halal meat is off the menu at all schools in the


city. Tests carried out by the City Council showed that her la Lamb


kebabs work containing more than 50% beef, this second halal scare in a


year. Parents are upset. I have lost my trust in all the people providing


halal to schools. It will be disappointing if they can't bring it


back in the near future. That would be better for kids. It is one of


nine primary schools known to have served up the suspect kebabs and as


a result the City Council has withdrawn halal meat from the menu


at every school in the city. It is certainly concerning an equally


disappointing. This is the second incident that has occurred with


halal meat meals in Leicester's schools in the last year. Punjab


Kitchen that supplied the meals is based in South Shields. They say


they are entirely innocent because they did not manufacture the kebabs.


They have contacted their own supplier, who are in turn working


with trading standards officers in Yorkshire. In this individual case,


I know there is sometimes a dispute about what can be in a kebabs and


whether it should be lamb or beef. In this case, if it was labelled as


lamb and it was not, that is very serious. I can understand the


decision the local authority have taken in this case. The council says


further investigation is needed. Last year in a separate affair,


halal lamb burgers were said to contain pork DNA. The council is


considering taking legal action in that matter.


Prosecutors are considering evidence against a former Leicester MP as


part of an inquiry into historic child abuse. Lord Janner hasn't been


arrested but officers from Leicestershire Police are taking


advice from the Crown Prosecution Service on moving the investigation


forward. Officers raided his London home four months ago. Greville


Janner was a Labour MP for 27 years in Leicester North West and then


Leicester West. Flights have returned to normal at


East Midlands Airport today after a cargo plane was left stranded on the


runway. The aircraft was finally moved last night and is currently in


a hangar on site. It became stranded early yesterday morning after its


landing gear failed. Dozens of flights were cancelled, affecting


thousands of passengers. A telephone helpline has been


inundated with calls from worried students after they were told they'd


been put at risk of infection. A health care worker's been suspended


after it emerged they'd reused syringes for blood tests and


vaccinations. From Derby, Simon Hare reports.


Totally inappropriate and unacceptable. The medical director


for NHS England in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire explains the dangers


of reusing syringes and not just needles. There is a potential of


body fluid from the patient that you have just vaccinated in the very far


end of that syringe. Then you are injecting it into the next person.


It is very clear that there was a risky set of circumstances arising


from the actions of this particular health worker and that we would need


to take action straightaway. More than 600 students at the University


of Derby, past and present, had been seen by the worker. They have been


contacted and been urged to tested for infections like hepatitis and


HIV. A helpline has been set up at the University. It has been very


brisk. A lot of students are contacted us already and that is


ready helpful, just what we want. Professional experts are on hand to


give the advice required. It is not what you expect to happen when you


are on a nursing course having vaccinations so that you can go into


practice yourself. You don't expect it. It is extremely worrying. That


particular student told me that today she was going for a blood test


to determine if she has picked up any kind of infection, and a similar


anxious wait is faced by hundreds of others.


Now on a happier note, news of a pioneering surgical procedure that


saved the life of a teenager from East Leake. Ben O'Neill was born


with four serious heart defects. But a team at Leicester's Glenfield


Hospital used complex keyhole surgery to cure his condition. Helen


Astle reports. Like most 14`year`olds, Ben enjoys


playing with his brother, but Ben, who was born with serious heart


defects, is now able to play without getting breathless thanks to


pioneering surgery at the Glenfield Hospital. Straightaway I noticed my


heartbeat had changed from what it was before, which was like a


washing, into a normal heartbeat, boom boom. After that, I noticed


sport became easier. Ben underwent five hours of keyhole surgery, the


fourth operation on his heart. Lady has done this before. Enlarging a


tube between the heart and the lungs, when there is a coronary


artery behind it. To give you some idea of the complexity, we had about


30 people in the room and we were coordinating the procedure. It gives


Ben a normal life expectancy, which he did not have before the operation


in March, so he can now live a full and long life and do all the things


that he dreams of and that we dream of him doing. For us, it just takes


away 14 and a half years of worry, because we knew the day he was born


that he had a problem and that has now gone. Ben will need to have the


valve replaced in ten years' time but for now, at last, he is enjoying


an active life. Great news for Ben and his family.


Still to come: In sport, the players featuring on Derby County's wish


list. We've been talking to Rams chief executive Sam Rush.


And who ate all the pies? For once, not me but the 108 judges here at


the British Pie Awards of Melton Mowbray.


From Hollywood stars to Broadway shows the fashion designer Marian


Clayden sprang to fame in America in the 70s. Described as the Queen of


boho chic, her career spans decades. But it all began in Nottingham, and


now there's a special exhibition of her creations, as Geeta Pendse


reports. Capturing the bohemian spirit of the


late 60s and 70s, the British designer Marian Clayden's works were


in vogue after she produced textiles for the Broadway musical Hair. She


went on to become a sought`after design in America. But some of her


early inspirations came as a student at Nottingham School of Art in the


1950s. It is now part of Nottingham Trent University and that is why


they have gathered 60 of their works to celebrate her journey from


student to innovator of boho chic. Marian's rollers that she is the


person really in a very singular way who was so instrumental in creating


the hippy style and the sophisticated tie`dye, doing the


shows for here, but then to have that ability, that facility with the


dying, and made it more and more sophisticated. A textile designs


evolved as during the 80s and 90s, have fits were worn by Hollywood


stars ranging from Elizabeth Taylor to Whitney Houston. `` her outfits.


You would hear someone saying she is wearing Marian Clayden! They are so


generous to women, so beautiful and the fabric is just so sensuous.


There is no scrimping. Beautiful, weighty, draping, flowing fabric.


Marian now lives in California and is unable to travel because of ill


health. Mary says that the chance to share her work with students in


Nottingham is a dream come true. Time now for sport and a lady who


was not born in the 60s and barely remembers the 1970s. Just a twinkle


in my mother's I? First, Sam Rush has told us he would like his club


to sign up Andre Wisdom, Patrick Bamford and George Thorne in the


summer, or players of their calibre. We have been speaking to him. To


chart the rise of the Rams, we took the men who run the club to the


highest point in Derbyshire. In the last 15 months, Sam Rush and


John Vickers have restructured Derby on and off the field. They have gone


from 14th to third and they are in the play`offs. The ascent has been


so quick. I know that we cannot think of a comparison. I cannot


think of many scenarios equal to Derby. That is nice, really. And


when you consider there has only been one signing, that Steve has


only asked for one signing. Steve has done it his own way. There have


been good quality players but just one signing, that is a phenomenal


story. It is. What about signing players like George Thorne and Andre


Wisdom. Can Derby do that in the summer? We would like to. Whether it


is them or players off their calibre, we will look at acquiring


players that are on a level with the players that we see already. Man


tour is one of the most rheumatic viewpoints in the Peak District, so


Pertwee and Derby climbed to the top? `` so can the we climb? I am


hugely excited and I cannot wait for the coming weeks. We're nearly at


the top. How would it feel if Derby reached the top and get to the


Premier League? Absolutely huge for the football club, the city of


Derby, and the County of Derbyshire. So much was always right about Derby


and it is a club that means so much to the city. Fantastic facilities,


great crowds, great fan base. We have 25,000 this year, which is a


fantastic number. If you are celebrating at the end of May, will


you come back up here with us in better weather? We will check the


weather forecast beforehand! I think we have only just tried out!


Onto Nottingham Forest who have handed young midfielder Ben Osborne


a big new deal. The 19 year old's agreed a five`year contract having


only made his first team debut at the end of March.


Staying with football but in the non`league. Alfreton Town have just


had their best season ever but today it was revealed they have been put


up for sale. The club have had a remarkable journey over recent years


from the Northern Counties East League to the Conference. This


season they narrowly missed out on the play`offs. But they've struggled


with low attendances and Chairman Wayne Bradley says they need a fresh


injection of finances to progress. In cricket, two matches finishing


the County championship today. Heavy defeat the Derbyshire with


Worcestershire beating them by an innings and 64 runs. A tense finish


at the Leicestershire match but in the end they had to settle for a


draw against Glamorgan. And well done to the Jester from


Leicester Mark Selby. He's made it through to the semi`finals of the


World Snooker Championship. That is all the sport. Thank you.


Now, it's been around for at least 700 years and it's still as popular


as ever. What am I talking about? The humble pie! In fact we Brits eat


?1 billion worth of pies every year, and today the very best of them from


all over the UK were being judged at the British Pie Awards where else


but in Melton Mowbray? We sent James Roberson to sniff out some winners.


Pennies? No, pies from heaven. A sea of them inside the parish church in


Melton Mowbray, arguably the spiritual home of British pies. And


what a choice. Fruit pies, pasties, chicken, and pork pies of course.


We'd ?1 billion worth of pies in Britain and they are stable and we


eat more than any other country and we have celebrated that at these


awards. 800 pies are being judged by 100 judges. This TV judge was


tasting the fit for a hero category to celebrate the World War I


centenary. The pigeon from World War I saved hundreds of lives. They


looked at what ingredients they could get hold of well`being in the


field. We have beefburger in young, sweet onion and goats cheese as


well. Hundreds of years ago, the poor used to eat intestines, or


humbles, hence the expression humble pie. Is it mundane? There is nothing


mundane about it because the pie is at the heart of British cooking


history. I love it. And the winners are not the makers but the pies


themselves. In the fine tradition of regional


news, he brought some back. The first`ever convenience food because


you could hold the pork pie on one hand while riding your horse. We


have not got a horse, obviously! You have one minute 30 and four pieces


there. Make sure you remove the evidence afterwards! You might need


comfort food on Friday because things are set to get cold, but by


Monday you will be eating ice cream again. Thank you for this photograph


by Colin of the bumblebee. More hay fever sufferers, I suspect. We have


some showers around this evening, sometimes heavily in nature. They


will clear away over the next few hours and then it is dry overnight


with some clear skies. Some mist and fog forming in the Peak District.


Some showers developing towards dawn, pushing in from the West. A


mild night with low temperatures of 10 degrees. Tomorrow morning is dry


but some showers as we go through into the afternoon. As we head into


the late afternoon, the showers become widespread and there is a


risk of them becoming heavy at times. Something to watch out for


during the rush hour on Thursday. Temperatures not doing too bad


tomorrow with a high of 14 degrees. All change on Friday. A cold front


moves South with some rain. That will introduce colder are behind


it, so feeling quite chilly on Friday. Also it brings the return of


frost. Bedding plants beware. Friday into Saturday, the chance of a frost


but largely dry with sunny spells for the rest of the bank holiday


weekend. Thank you. As you can see, I have been restrained because I am


counting the calories. I count thousands every day! I will be back


with the late news and I hope you can join us


Some people don't think real change in Europe is possible.


Some people don't think real change is necessary.


Some people don't think it's worth fighting for.


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