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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Halal And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. The East Midlands is set for a major political battle this


summer with a parliamentary by` election in the Nottinghamshire


constituency of Newark. It follows the resignation of the local MP,


Patrick Mercer, who's admitted taking cash for questions. It had


been thought the UKIP leader Nigel Farage would stand, but he has


decided not to. So, what does it all mean for the constituency? Our


reporter Quentin Rayner has been finding out.


Nigel Farage's opponents accuse him of throwing in the towel by not


standing. But it will be tough for UKIP to win in Newark. To overturn


the Tories's majority, UKIP needs a swing away from the Conservatives of


25%, the highest they have ever achieved in a by`election is 19%.


UKIP certainly has support here. We wanted him here. Everybody in this


town I know would have voted for UKIP. I will vote for UKIP because


of immigration in this town. We are overrun. His popularity is really


good throughout the country. I am sort of attractive to some of the


stuff he says and repelled by some of the other stuff. The overwhelming


thinking of a lot of people in England are against massive


immigration we have had. That is what has killed it. How much of a


political Gromit will be by`election be? I think it will be important. ``


political barometer. It could let Labour in via the middle. There


could be pressure on David Cameron to move further to be Eurosceptic


position. The market is always a busy place but the politicians will


also be setting out their stall over the next few weeks.


Well, that's the view in Newark. But what's the thinking in Westminster?


Earlier I spoke to our political editor John Hess who told us the


latest. The date of the Newark by`election is unclear this evening.


Patrick Mercer had been appointed whereby a city MP can stand out and


it clears the way for the parliamentary by`election. My guess


it will be held towards the end of June on a Thursday, possibly before


Parliament rises for the summer break. One candidate who will not be


standing now is the leader of UKIP Nigel Farage. 24 hours ago, he was


hinting he would be interested. But today he snubbed out the speculation


by saying he did not know the East Midlands well enough to consider


standing. It prompted Ken Clarke to way and by saying Nigel Farage would


be committing political suicide by standing because the voters of


Newark would have given Nigel Farage a bad thrashing at the polls. The


irony is that tomorrow the Commons standards committee will publish its


report on conclusions into the cash for questions allegations against


Patrick Mercer. In other news tonight, halal meat


has been taken off the menu at all of Leicester's schools after another


food scare. Tests showed a halal lamb kebab contained more than 50%


beef. Last year it was discovered halal lamb burgers contained pork


DNA. Mike O'Sullivan reports. Dinner time at this primary School


in Leicester. Now halal meat is off the menu at all schools in the city.


Tests carried out by the council showed how else Lamb kebabs were


found to contain more than 50% beef `` halal meat Lamb kebabs. I have


lost my trust. It would be disappointing if they do not bring


it back in the near future. If they can bring it back, it would be


better. This is one of nine schools known to have served up the suspect


kebabs. The city council has withdrawn halal meat from the menu


at every city school. It is very concerning and it is equally


disappointed. This is the second incident that has occurred with


halal meat meals in Leicester City schools in the past year. Punjab


kitchen, the company supplying the product to be schools and


Leicester, is based in South Shields. They say they are entirely


innocent as they did not manufacture the kebabs. They have contacted


their own supplier who in turn is said to be working with trading


standards officers in Yorkshire. In this case, I know there is a dispute


about what should be in a kebabs, whether it should be Lamb or B. If


it was labelled as Lamb and it was not, that is very serious. `` beef.


The council says further investigation is needed.


A telephone helpline has been inundated with calls after fears


that hundreds of students may have been contaminated with infected


blood. It follows the discovery that a worker at a university health


clinic was re`using syringe barrels for taking blood tests and


vaccinations. More than 600 students at the University of Derby may have


been infected with diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.


Prosecutors are considering evidence against a former Leicester MP as


part of an inquiry into historic child abuse. Lord Janner hasn't been


arrested, but officers from Leicestershire Police are taking


advice from the Crown Prosecution Service on moving the investigation


forward. Officers raided the peer's London home four months ago.


Greville Janner was a Labour MP for 27 years in Leicester North West and


then Leicester West. That's your news, so it's goodbye from me. But


with your weather, here's Anna Church.


You would have had to have been very unlucky to be caught out in the


showers this evening. The Shari theme continues tomorrow. At the


moment, we have clear skies around. There may be missed particularly


across the Peak District. Largely dry for most of the night. `` there


may be mist. It is mild. A cloudy and damp start with the light patchy


rain at times in the morning. A good deal of dry weather before we start


to see the showers becoming more widespread in the afternoon. There


may be a few particularly intense showers towards the end of the


afternoon. Bright and sunny intervals. Feeling pleasant in the


sunshine. I will leave you now with your outlook for the next few days.


Followed by the National forecast. as well. The outlook, it shows you


it will get cooler as we had through the weekend but brighter, although


gardeners beware, night-time frosts. It was a day of contrasts across the


UK today, rain coming in from the West but in the south-east, like


winds and sunshine, up to 20 degrees. Contrast that with six


degrees in the East of Scotland. In between we've seen some


thunderstorms and more general showers coming in to the western


side of the UK. Northern Ireland, Wales and the south-west. The best


chance of staying dry is across Lincolnshire and East Anglia. A lot


of cloud around generally overnight, some patches of mist and


maybe a few patches of fog as well. The lowest


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