10/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, a new report claims the closure of two pits, including


Nottinghamshire's Thoresby Colliery, will cost the taxpayer up to ?75


million. UK Coal wants to shut Thoresby in 18


months' time, to avoid bankruptcy. More than 500 people would lose


their jobs. But the TUC says the Government ought to take a


longer`term view, after refusing a bail`out for the firm.


It'll be terrible news for the miners, their families, their


communities, but Her Majesty's Treasury will lose ?75 million in


lost income tax, national insurance, there will be we reckon about ?1


billion of damage to the local economy because of supply chain


impacts ` frankly there is no economic case for closure. It would


be completely the wrong thing to do. The RSPB is offering a reward for


information leading to a conviction, over the death of a goshawk.


The 11`year`old female was found with two broken legs on the


Chatsworth Estate. The charity believe she was caught in an illegal


spring trap. They say goshawks have been repeatedly targeted in the


northern Peak District, and are now on the brink of disappearing from


the area completely. Onto sport, and the final day of the


league season in rugby union's Premiership.


With their place in the end`of`season play`offs already


confirmed, Leicester Tigers beat Saracens 31`27.


Derby County are getting ready for their biggest game of the season so


far. They take on Brighton tomorrow in


the home leg of their play`off semifinal. The winners of the tie


will head to Wembley. Derby go into the game with a 2`1 advantage from


the first leg. We'll approach it like we have done


for pretty much every game this season, especially at home, we've


got a very good home form heading into it, and I think that'll stand


us in good stead because we'll have near on 30,000 cheering us on, and


hopefully they can will us to a victory.


Now, if you didn't know, there's a huge singing contest this weekend.


No, not Eurovision ` though more on that in a moment.


No, this is about the Sweet Adeline International Contest in Nottingham.


Derbyshire's Dale Diva decided to perform on the tram on the way to


it. They're among more than 1,500 women taking part, for a chance to


represent the UK Netherlands at the World Championships in America


next year. What did you make of their singing?


It was good. Did you expect to see that on a tram? No, not really.


What did you make of the singing? Fabulous! Brightened everybody up.


Everybody was smiling. It was good. Very good. Did you expect to see


that on a tram ever? No, never ` and it brightened the journey up. It


were wonderful. Now to that other song contest `


Eurovision! Less than two hours now until it kicks off in Copenhagen.


Close friends and family of Leicestershire's Molly


Smitten`Downes are with her in Denmark. They're supporting the


Rothley singer who is representing the UK. She's performing last


tonight, singing a song she wrote herself.


THEY CHEER. I'm so pleased for her. She's worked


so hard over the years to get somewhere, and now it looks like


she's taking full advantage of it. Terrific. It's been amazing support.


It's just been a real buzz around Leicester.


And also live ` and already on air tonight from Copenhagen ` is The


Beat, the very show that helped discover Molly; that's on your local


BBC radio station already. Beat, the very show that helped


discover Molly; that's on your It started at 6:00, so see if you can


watch one and listen to the other for a great insight from behind the


scenes. A little closer to home, it's been a


proper spring day full of sunshine and showers. Let's check your


weather now for the rest of the weekend. Sara has our forecast.


and showers. Let's check Good evening. Well, the showers


finally arrived and they are certainly going to stay with us as


well through Sunday. It will be quite a cool day tomorrow, and in


between those showers though we're still likely to see a little bit of


sunshine. Now, they're continuing throughout the evening and


overnight, one or two heavy ones still remaining into the early


hours, and still a blustery night with that west`south`westerly wind


and night`time temperature of nine Celsius. Throughout tomorrow morning


though, the wind remains quite strong and gusty, the showers


continue to filter in as well. The odd heavy one's still likely into


the afternoon, with a chance of some thunder, but the temperatures


reaching a maximum of 14 Celsius tomorrow. It is going to be a little


bit cooler, certainly feeling fresh outside, but high pressure is


building in to finish of the week. Simon Ward will have your updates


tomorrow; the first of those at 18:50.


Good evening. We have seen plenty of showers scattered across the country


today. There will be drier and brighter spells in between. Low


pressure is sitting across the country, with some tightly packed


isobars to the south. That indicates some strong winds. They will


continue throughout the night, going up to gale force at times. The main


focus of the wettest weather across parts of West Wales is this rain. It


will not be a particularly cold start to Sunday. Showers, not


everywhere, some of us will see drier weather weather window of


sunshine around, but be prepared for those showers if you're stepping out


in the morning. Throughout the day on Sunday, a bit of an improvement


across parts of south-west England


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