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missing. That's all from the BBC News at Six - so


A teenage girl?s dream is changing the lives of hundreds of African


children. The orphanage she built with the help of family and friends


and supporters. This is our home and we love it.


The orphan boys being fostered into the community. And how AIDS is


creating a generation of lost children. Coming up. A motor racing


legend as the new formula E takes root at Donington Park.


This is an orphanage home to 35 girls aged from 21 to seven. That is


Mercy who looks after everybody but the whole thing was started five


years ago by Alice. Euro`macro there was so many orphans and girls at


risk so we have gone from strength to strength. It is a platform for


change giving the girls a second chance in life and most important


thing is it giving them an education and then they are given the choice


and the freedom for development. These girls only came four days ago.


They have never had anything of their own before and were never


given the toys they did not know what to do with them. They do now.


We are proud because she gave us everything we need. The girls are so


happy to stay here and they forget they are orphans. What difference


doesn't make to be here for their future?


They know they have a bright future. They go to school and they know they


will finish school and they... It is likely many of the girls would


never have left this area. Thanks to a new joy in their lives, they are


using their singing skills to make big changes. It isn't just the girls


that are being helped. Is that you? There are just as many boys orphaned


as well. We felt we wanted to do something for them. The government


won't allow orphanages to be mixed sex so we decided the best thing to


do was to give them safe keeping and get them adopted or fostered by


elderly widows in the community. This is one of the backyards were


eight boys have been fostered by a widow. Say hello. Don't they look


gorgeous? It is fantastic, they get family life and there are brought up


in the ring community. Martha gets a small income because she is very


very poor. All of the children we have met are the lucky ones because


AIDS is sweeping through this beautiful contact `` consonant


leaving in its wake a generation of lost children. `` consonant. Lots of


the parents of the children coming through now have died of AIDS and


the children are left to be looked after by the grandmothers who are


frail, old, no in come themselves and they are trying to take in six


or eight children at a time. We had to consider whether we took the


girls with HIV. There was no option. If we didn't, they would have died.


They had an opportunity to get treatment and now the fit and


healthy. AIDS impact on life here in every way, it is a drain on the


labour force and government expenditure. Its greatest impact is


on the children. If they're not born with it, that parents would have


died from it leaving a generation to fend for themselves, earlier than


they ought to. Those who are negative should remain negative and


those positive should be assisted with drugs but the main aim is those


negative to remain negative. That is down to education.


Yes. It is all about education. Alice


joins me now. It is so important. Yes, education is the key to change


and we have powered through that. We are running a volunteer foundation.


Facilitating greater change in the education system where we are


building to educate thousands of children. We have had continuous


amazing support from Leicester. We have spent some time with them,


amazing guys. They have come out here and in ten days they have built


practically a school. It is their story tomorrow so don't forget to


join us for that. There are beautiful voices behind me, the


girls from the school `` orphanage, the song is their desire to be


educated. See you tomorrow. For now, from Africa. Bye`bye.


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Bombardier celebrates one hundred and seventy five years


of train making in Derby and looks to the future.


We are chugging away into the weekend. Warm sunshine on the way.


Find out how hot it will get later with me.


Campaigners have been targeting the high street store Next


Union members are calling for the retailer to pay


In March the company, based in Enderby in Leicestershire,


It was a peaceful protest this morning but there was a big


message. Pay workers are living wage, that is the amount someone


needs to cover the cost of living. It has been put at ?7 65 an hour


outside London. People want quality jobs, they want to have a decent


quality of life and they are making huge profits, over 700 million this


year so why can't they pay a decent wage and provide decent housing bust


up low pay, low hours, it impacts on the communities. Where the shops


are, the stores, these have a major impact on the communities that live


there. Campaigners brought shares in next so they could attend?s AGM. We


want next to become a living wage employer. There are 700 living wage


in ploys in this country. Eight of them are on the FTSE 100 index. Next


is a retailer and there aren't any retailers. Next employee apprentices


on ?4 80 per hour, people in full`time work on ?6 50. It is a


long way from enough to get by. It is a struggle for many families.


This is an opportunity to see what they can do. No one from the company


wanted to speak to me but they tell me the living wage is imprecise it


varies from person`to`person. They also say they get 30 applicants for


every store job they advertise. If the wages were not high enough,


people simply not apply. The former Nottingham Forest player,


Marlon King has been jailed for 18 He pleaded guilty to the charge


in March after a crash which left King had been driving his Porsche


on the A46 at Winthorpe The judge at Nottingham Crown Court


also banned him from driving Reported assaults on staff


at Leicester's hospitals have soared by six hundred percent


in the last four years. Figures from NHS Protect show


assaults at Leicester Royal Infirmary, the General and Glenfield


Hospital have risen from thirty between 2009 and 2010 to one hundred


and eighty between 2012 and 13. The figures exclude assaults where


medical reasons, such Police have completed the search


of a house in the Meadows area of Nottingham as they continue to hunt


for the body of Bogdan Nawrocki. The 22 year old who was from Poland,


was last seen in January. Officers say they've found


nothing from this latest search. One man has been charged with murder


and three others remain One of the men on trial


for murdering a family of four in an arson attack was accused


in court today of lying Kemo Porter had told the jury he'd


had nothing to do with the fire. But under cross examination today it


was suggested that wasn't the case. Sarah Teale has been


following developments at He's one of eight accused


of fire`bombing the house on Wood Hill in Leicester in which Shehnila


Taufiq and her three children died. Today he was cross examined by all


of the 7 other defence barristers. Yesterday the jury heard Porter


blaming the arson attack on his co`accused 22 year old


Tristan Richards. He said none of the others present


that night knew that But one of the barristers said to


him, ?What you won't accept is that you together with Tristan Richards


set fire to number 56.? Sarah so why had they all been


in this area at all? Well the intention it's claimed was


to seek revenge for the stabbing of their friend Antoin Akpom earlier


in the evening. Porter told the jury all eight of


them had gone to Wood Hill with the intention of throwing bricks at the


family home of a man they believed Instead he says Richards set fire to


the Taufiq house, two doors down. He says after the event they were


all shocked at what had happened. He says they described Richards


as a madman for what he'd done. An operation to reduce drugs and


violent crime in Nottingham city centre is to continue indefinitely.


Sniffer dogs were initially used over Christmas and Easter. Police


say there were significant falls in criminal behaviour during that time.


The dogs will target specific areas The supermarket giant Morrisons has


pulled out of plans to build a store on the former


Derbyshire Royal Infirmary site. Derby's Hospital Trust says


the historic buildings have been vandalised since


the site closed five years ago. It's now applying for more than


three million pounds of funding so People on a housing estate


in Leicester fear illegally dumped rubbish is posing


a serious health hazard. What's worse ` they say the piles


of refuse being fly`tipped in At first glance this looks like just


another landfill site but here, the rubbish has been dumped illegally


on a patch of private land in People living


on the estate say clothes, household goods and bits of old furniture have


been lying here for weeks, I don't like the dumping everywhere.


it is sorted out quickly.


Leicester City Council says clearing it up isn't so straightforward.


That's because the land is owned by a private landlord `


and it's their responsibility to look after the site.


We need to ascertain details and get evidence correct with the landlords


and the landowners to make sure things have not been put there with


the owners permission. When we have contact we can work with them to get


look at preventative measures.


It could take up to 28 days before the council takes further


Until then, residents are left to enjoy


Bombardier says jobs in Derby are secure for


The company made the pledge as it celebrated 175 years


VIP guests were given a tour of the factory as steam trains were


The glory days of a by gone era inspired the future


Bombardier marked 175 years of the city's rail heritage by bringing


But they also released this video of the new aventra train that's


being designed for the ?1bn Crossrail contract in London.


It's the lightest and cheapest to operate


It allows us to replace the previous model which was our staple. It'll


the staple of future. They were celebrating Derby's


train`making skills back in 1931 Bombardier are completing a contract


and another for overground trains in the capital by late next year. The


contract with Southern trains finishes early in 2015.


We have a great workforce, they showed Crossrail they can beat other


bidders. It is right we have a bidding process but Bombardier can


win and has one. The eventual goes into service in three years time.


Could tomorrow be the warmest day of the year so far? We will have the


weather forecast. And an open top bus ride not for sports team but for


an aeroengine. Time for the sport now. Colin has


been at Donington Park. They unveiled the cards for a


multi`million pound racing series which will run across the world


without using a drop of petrol. This, they say, is the future of


motorsport and it is based here at Donington Park. This may look like a


Formula one car but it is all electric. The new formula E is based


here in buildings sprang out of the ground in 15 weeks. They are testing


on the tracks. It was launched and the numbers who came say this is a


big deal indeed. It was almost a kind of madness, so many people to


see the arrival of this cutting edge technology. An electric racing is


coming, it is attracting big names and investment. Leonardo DiCaprio is


one and everyone involved is lavishing praise. This is really


important. With this heritage and it is a great message and symbol. We


are in Donington Park, we know what that means and we can look at the


future of motor racing. The reason for the praise is the transformation


to hatred to you for all teams. Donington Park is the heartbeat in


what they hope will be the next big thing. It is a huge team effort on


behalf of all of the staff at Donington. The constructors and


designers. It is lovely. This is the start of something new. Millions


investing `` has been invested. Next, the racing. That is in city


centres across the world starting in Beijing in September. It has to be


the future of motorsport. With the noise issue and pollution issue it


has to be the way to go. These seeds we are planting today will be part


of the future. As if the sheer numbers were not a number `` enough,


look at one of the investors in the team. Four times world champion now


involved in formula E. What brings you here?


In fact it is a long story because I was looking at the development of


this from five years ago. I wanted to leave something new. We are all


stressed because we don't know what is going to give. It is not just


racing. It will be racing from the first year with the cars but also a


big technical developer and for the future. It is interesting.


Donington Park is hugely exciting, people think of 1993 and that race.


Do you remember that? I will always remember this place,


for sure. It was the first time we had an agreement with the weather


forecasters and we were all the time at the opposite of what we should do


and... I finished on the Po Jim and it was not too bad. It was really a


nightmare. The anniversary is poignant, and


also the winner died. Memories everywhere. When you are


part of this history and especially later on, every time you go to a


track or you meet somebody you have some souvenir, it is why formula E


is something completely new. We want to be part of it. We have the


passion and the technology and it is interesting.


15 weeks to build this. I would like to build my new house


in 15 weeks like this! I could not believe they were able to do it. And


also in the right way. We can invite people and show the technology.


A positive pleasure. Thank you and welcome to Donington Park. A proper


splash here at Donington Park. How exciting. Staying with moving


vehicles. If we mentioned open top bus tours, you would think


footballers and Leicester city victory parade. And the Rams


possibly in a few weeks but today crowds in Derby were cheering a bus


containing a team from Rolls`Royce. And the first of thousands of


engines, engines to help secure the firms future. Setting off from its


production area and Rolls`Royce?s huge works in Derby, the star of the


show. The first production of the engine on its way to the Airbus


plane factory in France. It has taken eight years for plans to


produce this, the fastest selling civil large jet engine ever. It is


such an important engine for Rolls`Royce, 1600 have been sold or


body with thousands more planned. The design team are on the open top


bus. This is number one of 4000 engines


we will produce. It will be a great success for Rolls`Royce and for the


local economy and the world economy. The bus which took Torvill and Dean


around Nottingham 30 years ago added to the excitement.


It has been a pleasure, one of the better days.


Amazing, an incredible journey. Fantastic.


To see the engine has been such a buzz. And to see all of these


people, overwhelming. Hopefully, you saw the Spitfire


coming up and down, that if the heritage of the company. We build


the worlds best gas turbines and this is the first one that is going


to be delivered down to add bus. With the Rolls`Royce Spitfire to


wish the engine well, the number one was on its way to Toulouse from


where it will fly later this year. A great day for Derby. Now, the


weather. A lovely day today, more warm sunshine to come over the next


few days or so. Things are warming up quite nicely. These guys have


been enjoying the sunshine, the one on the left is a somewhat sharper!


More pictures on our Facebook page. They are Peregrine Falcon is nesting


on top of the University. Keep your weather pictures coming in as well.


Things are warming up quite nicely. We didn't do too badly today, 21


Celsius. We will beat that temperature tomorrow, the hottest


day of the year so far, 22 perhaps 23. A similar story on Saturday as


well. Things will cool off slightly towards the end of the weekend.


Things are turning more unsettled. High pressure dominating the scene


at the moment. It stays put into tomorrow and a weather front coming


in by the end of the week. Not a lot in the way of change for the rest of


the day. We stayed dry, clear spells and fog forming. We have milder air


across as all ready, despite the clear spells and the light wind,


temperatures holding up. Tomorrow morning, a bright start again, the


mist will clear away, the sun gets up, sunshine through the morning,


Cloud building into the afternoon, not wall`to`wall sunshine that some


long spells of sunshine and light wind. 22, possibly 23 Celsius. A


similar story on Saturday, dry, sunshine, temperatures up to 22


degrees. We will start to see a breakdown occurring later on Sunday


turning more showery. Not bad for mid`May. It is more like June. Join


me for the late news. Goodbye. at the European elections


on May the 22nd. even though that would wreck


the recovery and destroy jobs.


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