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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A new


memorial to possibly the world's most famous nurse was the focus of a


special event in Derby today. Florence Nightingale, who lived much


of her life in Derbyshire, will now forever be remembered on a stone


plaque in the city's cathedral, as Tom Brown reports.


She is widely regarded as the founder of modern nursing, and this


morning today's nurses gathered in Derby Cathedral to remember her


local routes. Florence Nightingale grew up here and help redevelop the


Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. Today's special service was dedicated to


this new permanent reminder of her legacy. This is an annual event,


celebrating the past, present and future of the county's care


profession. It's really important we look back and celebrate the decades


of nursing and bring our colleagues together. This was my grandma's


badge from the war, and then there was me, and maybe poppy as well.


We've had bad press in the last couple of years, and to, and


demonstrate that nurses are here to care and we are proud of the


profession on what we do is really important. It is hoped that the


plaque means it is never forgotten. Soldiers marched through Kimberley


today to mark the end of their duties in Afghanistan. Crowds lined


the town's main street as around 150 soldiers paraded from the


One`Seventy Engineer Group Royal Engineers. They were joined by


veterans from the Royal Engineers Association and led by the


Nottinghamshire Band of the Royal Engineers. As walking seems to be a


theme today, fitting then that a new walking trail linking parts of


Derbyshire and Leicestershire officially opens this weekend. The


National Forest Way stretches for 75 miles, but there's no challenge to


complete at once. Steve Orme's been checking it out. Ancient woodland,


meadows and water, just some of the site you can see as you make your


way through one end of the National Forest to the other. The shortest


stage of the new trail is about four miles and the longest is 7.5 miles.


Car parking is available at most of the stages, which are largely


accessible by public transport. Now we have hundreds of woodlands and 75


miles of a new trial. `` new trail. It's going to link up the very


varied landscapes of the National Forest and we've designed it so


anybody, even if they haven't done much walking, they can start and


maybe do four miles one day and then build it up. In the course of that


they will see a slice across a very beautiful part of the Midlands that


maybe they had no idea about before. It's taken five years to finalise


the plans as well as getting the public rights of way. No two stages


are said to be the same, and the National Forest companies have


already had enquiries from serious athletes and businesses which want


to complete the 75 miles in a single day.


To sport, and Nottingham gymnast Becky Downie has helped Great


Britain win silver at the European Championships. Downie scored an


impressive 14.133 on the beam and also top`scored for Britain on the


bars and vault. Her scores saw Team GB scoop second behind Romania,


ahead of Russia. Tickets for Derby County's play`off final at Wembley


sold`out in under an hour this morning. Leicester Tigers fans


though may not feel such a rush for Premiership final tickets. For the


first time in ten years, Tigers won't be there, after losing last


night to rivals Northampton. I don't think it's been a poor season or a


disappointing one, and sometimes you have to take it on the chin,


sometimes you don't get in the final and you don't win a trophy and you


have to move on and go back to the training ground and start again.


Glorious day today, hotter than yesterday! Let's see what's in store


tonight and tomorrow now, with Kaye. What a start of the weekend, a


gorgeous start, temperatures in the 20s. Fear not if you missed out


today, we have more of the same tomorrow lots of lovely sunshine and


the temperatures will soar into the 20s, probably 23 Celsius. A little


bit of high cloud over the last hour or so and it will stay dry


overnight. That will leave this a bit more cloud the clearest bells


and Mondays sees lows of 12 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, beautiful start of


the day with many of us having clear skies through the morning. Later in


the afternoon a little more cloud creeping in that it will be a fine


day and temperatures could be as high as 22 or 23.


The Beat's on`air already on your local BBC Radio, and the Musical


Jungle is just rounding up so join them quick! Here though, there's


more from me at 6:50pm tomorrow. Good evening. Who needs an expensive


holiday? Today at 24 degrees, Suffolk was warmer than Ibiza and


Crete. There was lots of warm sunshine to be found across England


and Wales. Of course, that hasn't been the story everywhere. Cooler


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