18/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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on the BBC News Channel, and I'll be back with the late news. Now on BBC


One it's time for the With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. First tonight, police are hunting


for a hit`and`run driver who left a man seriously injured in Derbyshire.


It happened on Station Road at Stanley, near Ilkeston, at around


11PM last night. Police say the vehicle was silver and drove off


leaving the pedestrian badly injured in the road. They are appealing for


witnesses. Fire crews have only this afternoon


finished tackling a major blaze at a recycling centre in Grantham ` the


second one there this year. It started overnight at the Environcom


plant on Great North Road. The smoke could be seen for miles. Around


fifty firefighters brought it under control, although the plant has been


severely damaged. The cause is not yet known.


A veteran from Nottingham says his life has been transformed now he is


able to paint again. Eric Radford had given up on his hobby after


losing the majority of his sight. But a charity has helped him


re`explore his passion for art. Geeta Pendse reports.


I can see there. I can see right deep down. I could never see it


ordinarily. Equipment that is enabling Eric to paint for the first


time in years. The former RAF serviceman from Nottingham gave up


after being diagnosed with age`related macular degeneration.


But the 93`year`old is now full of enthusiasm after a visit to a blind


veterans' centre in Wales last Christmas. Before I knew it, I was


doing arts and crafts. I would like to thank them for providing me with


this and that. I am astounded. I am a different person, everyone will


tell you. Eric was an armourer with the RAF from 1941 to 1946 and his


sense of adventure has followed him through life. But he says that in


recent years he had lost his sense of purpose. I was thinking two years


and that is my life done. I never thought I would get... I probably


still only have two years, but I will enjoy it now. I have got


something to do. Blind Veterans UK provided Eric with the equipment for


his makeshift studio. The charity estimates there are around 70,000


veterans who could also benefit. Geeta Pendse, East Midlands Today.


Now this weekend marks the anniversary of the Dambuster raid `


seventy`one years since more than 130 airmen set off from RAF Scampton


in Lincolnshire on one of the most daring bombing raids of World War


Two to destroy the dam on the Ruhr. Some of the airmen are local people.


Bolitho was a son of Nottingham. There are local connections. The


raid was mounted here. It took off just over the county border in


Lincolnshire. It is something that resonates with the people around


here. Now if you have lived in the region


a little while you may remember Nottinghamshire's rocket man, Frank


Sharman. He repeatedly attempted to set world records launching homemade


rockets. Well, after a ten year break, he is back having re`ignited


his love of explosive engineering. Navtej Johal reports.


The return of the rocket man. I realised that this year it will be


ten years since the last launch and I thought, that is a long while. A


decade ago, Frank Sharman attempted to launch Britain's biggest rocket.


He may have failed, but he was all set to try again when his wife


passed away a year later. At the end of the year, she had an accident and


fell and died when she came out of hospital. So I just did not feel


like doing it any more. As Elton John once said, it has been a long,


long time since Frank last launched a rocket. Today he hopes he still


has what it takes to make this rocket fly.


MUSIC PLAYS I was fascinated when he was doing


them ten years ago so 10/10. I am very proud. I think he is very happy


and he has enjoyed it. I think I am pretty happy actually to see them


fly again after all this time. Is there going to be another world


record attempt for you? Yes. I do want to launch Britain's biggest


rocket. And who would bet against the 60`year`old? The rocket man may


yet fly again. Navtej Johal, BBC East Midlands Today.


It has been an incredible day for the Downie sisters from Nottingham


at the European Championships in Bulgaria. After helping Great


Britain to a team silver yesterday, Becky Downie's performance today on


the uneven bars made her the European Champion ` winning gold


ahead of the Russian favourite. Meanwhile, younger sister Ellie also


took gold this morning, and the European junior title, on the vault!


A good weekend for the Downie's in Bulgaria and not a bad weekend for


most of us here weather wise. Kaye has the latest on what is coming


next. There is a fine evening to come. It


will stay clear overnight will stop we will see some cloud in the early


hours of the morning. Temperatures, 13`14 Celsius. Tomorrow, there will


be some sunshine. There will be long spells of sunshine. Temperatures, 23


Celsius. More unsettled from Tuesday on words.


More for you at 10:15PM. Goodbye. St James Park and Sheffield both hit


25 Celsius this afternoon. That gives us our warmest day in nearly


nine months, since 5th September 2013. It goes without saying that it


is going to be a warm night. Look out for some showers clipping into


eastern Scotland. Some of those could be heavy. Still some patchy


rain for western Scotland. More persistent rain returning to


Northern Ireland by the end of the


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