27/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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look at the papers on the BBC News channel. Now it's time to join


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Geeta Pendse.


A woman who was abused by the same man over an eight year period says


she's now living in fear all over again.


Keith Williams, who was given FIVE life sentences at Derby Crown Court,


has just been told he's eligible to be released from prison. Simon Hare


The local paper called him a beast when he was jailed 15 years ago.


It's a description of Keith Williams that one of his victims agrees with.


This is a monster, not a man. He is not just a paedophile, here's a


rapist. He is violent. He is evil. He is just a monster. During his


sentence, he managed to get threatening messages to Joe. He will


say things like, tell him I'm ` tell her I'm working out at the gym, as


if to say I'm getting stronger. Tell her I'm coming. Tell her this isn't


over. But today, the authorities confirmed he has been given parole.


He should be released within the next two weeks. The abuse took place


over several years in a pub here on the edge of the Swadlincote in South


Derbyshire. It has since been demolished and since Williams was


convicted, Joe has been trying to rebuild her life. But she says


knowing that he is now eligible for release has made her fearful for the


future. He will not be able to contact Joe or even enter an


exclusion zone of about 20 miles around Swadlincote. But that hasn't


put her mind at rest. You are not talking about a law`abiding citizen,


you are talking about a monster, who lives by his own rules and believes


in his own lies. People need to be aware so they can stay vigilant and


stay safe because this man is very dangerous and whoever is responsible


for releasing him, well, they will be accountable when he re`offence.


The parole board says it only releases prisoners when they are


satisfied they no longer pose a risk. Unlike the newspaper has line,


that is not a view shared by Jo. ` headline.


detectives investigating a fatal shooting in Nottingham are going to


offer a substantial reward in Jamaica. They're looking for a


McKenzie. With this exclusive report, here's our Social Affairs


He was targeted by members of a rival gang but two years on, one of


the suspects still hasn't been caught. That suspect is a man called


Palmer, who grew up and went to school in Nottingham but the police


believe he is now in hiding in Kingston, Jamaica. It was the


country where he was born. Now, detectives are offering a reward of


$1 million Jamaican, that is more than ?5,000, for information leading


to his arrest. This is the murder of a young man that was assassinated in


a car park. It is really important that for the benefit of people in


Nottingham, but specifically the Kinsey's family, we bring everyone


to justice if we possibly can. Police in Jamaica have already tried


to find him in response to an international arrest warrant.


Believe he was part of a gang that killed McKenzie. His friend has


already been found guilty of firing the gun. He will serve 34 years in


are taking guns onto the streets of cannot support and help people who


are taking guns onto the streets of Nottingham and shooting people. The


man may not have done what he did that night if he had not had that


level of support. In accord, a jury will decide what happens. There's


substantial sum of money up for his arrest. It is a real incentive for


someone to turn him in. leader of Derby City Council.


This evening the Labour party in Derby held an AGM which voted off


Paul Bayliss. Ranjit Banwait was voted in as the new party leader and


will be the council leader until an Next, what will the result of the


European elections mean for the next big political contest? That's the


question on the minds of party In the era of spin doctors, it's


almost reassuring that there is scope for something as old`fashioned


as interesting meeting. Tonight, the representatives of the main parties


have been open to questions and answers from some of the voters who


will be voting for their new MP in just over a week's time. There were


questions on East Midlands Hamblin 's response times, the degrading of


the hospital services, the rail connections. Europe hardly got a


look in. The by`election is proving to be a crucial one. David Cameron


is investing a lot of personal capital in winning this by`election


for the Conservatives. More... Ed Miliband is visiting the hospital


tomorrow. William Hague will be here, together with the deputy


leader of UKIP. A lot of big hitters are coming here. It's another


indication of why the result of this by`election is so crucial.


It has been a complete contrast this week compared with last week. We've


picked up a cool easterly wind and that will bring in some showery rain


over the next couple of days. It will also continue to make it feel


quite chilly. There will be a few showers around this evening. We will


be keeping the temperatures up to night so the cloud, wind and rain


will hold those temperatures up. Tomorrow morning, we will start off


with this rain. It will become more patchy as we head into the


afternoon. It will stay cloudy and quite windy. Fairly disappointing


temperatures. From the Outlook, it looks as though we will stay quite


showery on Thursday with things slowly improving towards the end of


the week. That's it from Thursday and then it becomes drier


with sunshine by the weekend. If you've been sat at home with


miserable Mayweather today wondering why on earth we didn't go abroad for


half term week, we are just going to add insult to injury because people


have been basking in some sunshine across southern Spain. Fairly


overcast skies in Paris but nevertheless, still 17 degrees.


Across eastern England it was cold, 13 degrees with persistent rain.


Better across the north-west Highlands. The reason for the cloud


and rain was this frontal system, rather breezy as well. The rain


continues through the night, some a bit heavy to the east of the


Pennines. Another miserable day in prospect particularly for eastern


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