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European election results. That's all from the BBC News at Six -


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a terrified sex abuse victim is told that her attacker's


Keith Williams Keith Williams was given five life sentences.


Also tonight: Nottingham police offer $1 million for Malachi's


murderer. An exclusive report. Plus the


multi`million pound make over of Nottingham Castle but can it really


become a world`class tourist attraction?


And how the letters of a Nottinghamshire soldier written


during World War I and have inspired a playwright 100 years later.


First tonight, a woman who was abused by the same man over


an eight year period says she's now living in fear all over again.


Keith Williams, who was given five life sentences at Derby Crown Court,


has just been told he's eligible to be released from prison.


His victim says the people who took that decision should be held


The local paper called him a beast when he was jailed 15 years ago. It


is a description of Keith Williams at one of his victims agrees with.


This is a monster. It's not a man. He is not just a paedophile. He is a


rapist. He is violent. He is evil. He is just a monster. During his


sentence, he managed to get threatening messages to Joe. He will


say things like, tell her I'm working out at the gym, as if to say


that I'm getting stronger. Tell her I'm coming. Tell her this isn't


over. But today, the authorities confirmed he has been ruled eligible


for parole. They say a robust risk management plan will be in place and


he should be released within the next two weeks. The abuse took place


over several years at a pub here on the edge of Swadlincote in South


Derbyshire. It has since been demolished and since Williams was


convicted, Joe has been trying to rebuild her life. But she says


knowing that he is now eligible for release has made her fearful of the


future. He will not be able to contact Joe or even enter an


exclusion zone of about 20 miles around Swadlincote. But that hasn't


put her mind at rest. You are not talking about a law`abiding citizen.


You are talking about a monster, who lives by his own rules and believes


in his own lies. People need to be aware so they can stay vigilant and


stay safe because this man is very dangerous and whoever is responsible


for releasing him, well, they will be accountable when he re`offence.


The parole board says it only releases visitors ` chav... That is


not a view shared by Jo. East Midlands Today can reveal that


detectives investigating a fatal shooting in Nottingham,


are going to offer They're looking for a fugitive who's


suspected of murdering the teenager, Lo`Andre Palmer was named


in court as a member of the gang that killed


him. This exclusive report from our Two years on, one of the suspects


are still hasn't been caught. That suspect is a man who grew up and


went to school in Nottingham. The police believe he is now in hiding


in Kingston, Jamaica. It is the country where he was born. Now,


detectives are offering a reward of 1 million Jamaican dollars, more


than ?5,000 for information leading to his arrest. This is a murder of a


young man that was assassinated in a car park. It is really important


that, for the benefit of people in Nottingham, but specifically


McKenzie's family, we will bring everyone to justice if we possibly


can. Police in Jamaica have already tried to find the man in response to


an international arrest warrant. Detectives he believed he was part


of a gang that killed McKenzie. His friend has already been found guilty


of firing a gun. He will serve at least 34 years in jail. You simply


cannot support and help people who are taking guns on to the streets of


Nottingham and shooting people. They are shooting people dead. We feel


that Palmer has questions to answer in the court and a jury will decide.


The reward for his arrest is a substantial of ` sum of money in


Jamaica, a real incentive for someone to turn in him.


The Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and Rutland has


lost a High Court battle against a Leicestershire council.


Sir Clive Loader took legal action over proposals to build four


4,000 new homes in Lubbesthorpe, claiming there wasn't enough money


Today, the High Court ruled in favour of Blaby District Council.


The authority will now be able to start the work on the development.


A skin cancer charity says that almost a thousand pounds has been


raised so far following Derby County and Burton Albion's matches


Fans applauded for one minute during both games,


in support of the BBC Radio Derby presenter, Colin Bloomfield.


He's being treated for stage four melanoma.


An accident and the discovery of a rare protected species caused


major disruption today on one of the busiest routes in Derbyshire.


The A38 was closed for several hours this afternoon, after a van collided


with other vehicles on the southbound carriageway at Coxbench.


Meanwhile, White Claw crayfish have been found in a brook


They'll have to be removed before improvement works can be finished.


Still to come, could Nottingham become the king of the castles?


Many tourists find the existing Castle distinctly under`whelming.


Now, though, money's on offer for a major transformation.


Next tonight, what will the result of the European elections mean


That's the question on the minds of party managers tonight as they plan


their campaigns for the crucial Newark parliamentary by`election.


Tonight, the candidates from the main parties are going


head`to`head in their first election debate since UKIP's Euro victory.


Let's join our Political Editor John Hess, who in Newark.


Good evening. In an era of spin doctors and targeted texts and sound


bites, it is good to know there is still scope for the traditional


hustings. It's a public meeting at which the public can throw questions


at the candidates who aspired to become the next MP. Tonight, we are


at Arsenal academy school and the candidates of all the main parties


are there and soaring questions from members of the audience. It has been


organised by the local business community and for the candidates, my


goodness, they need to think on their feet. How do you do? You need


plenty of stamina in politics and raw just ` Roger was again on the


election trail today. He wants to be the next Westminster MP for new work


and was campaigning today. Is this Nottinghamshire constituency right


for him? Nigel Farage is due in a constituency later this week and has


been anxious to get briefing from some of his Euro candidates. The


seven bit is in Rushcliffe, is it? It is. Defending a 16,000


Conservative majority, today, Robert was joined by Alan Duncan and Mark


Spencer. They were leafleting and canvassing in Bingham. And here is


why the Conservatives are nervous about this by`election. In the


European election results for the new account she with council area,


UKIP polls just over 10,000 votes had the and Labour. UKIP have a


majority of 386 over the Tories. Could that result be repeated a week


on Thursday? After UKIP's Euro success, there is something of a


purple haze over the East Midlands. When it's left by the time the


photos in the constituency turn back to the polls?


Chris, the Chambers has been one of the organisations behind the


hustings this evening but what questions other public asking? Local


issues, the local hospital, the railway but also some bigger issues


like energy policy, the local Polish community. Why is it important that


this type of event still takes place? It's good for people to come


along and hear straight from the horses mouth and get cancers. It's


important. ` get answers. This hustings is going on until eight


o'clock this evening. Why not pop down?


In the interests of fairness, here is the full list of candidates.


A defendant in a murder trial has admitted helping to move a body.


But he says he knows nothing of how the man died.


Barry Smith was fatally attacked outside the Kilburn welfare club


Vincent Aitken, the club's former steward,


has told a court he didn't witness the assault, nor does he know who


At Leicester Crown Court, four people are on trial for what


occurred in October last year outside this welfare club, where a


48`year`old father of four was allegedly beaten to death and his


body satellites nearby. It is claimed Vincent Aitken, his daughter


and her partner were involved in the murder and Vincent's wife Pamela is


accused of assisting an offender. Prosecution said Pamela and Barry


had an argument which resulted in Pamela losing her job and Mr Smith


was attacked in revenge. Last week, Nathan Dougherty claimed Vincent


Aitken had attacked Barry Smith and that he, Dougherty, had only helped


him move the body and later burnt Vincent's clothes. But today,


Vincent said he had found Nathan Doty standing Barry Smith's bodied


but hadn't seen if Dougherty or his daughter had been involved in any


Vincent admitted helping to move his Vincent admitted helping to move his


body although he said he couldn't remember how Mr Smith's phone and


later got into his pocket weather patterns and clothing fibres


recovered were from his clothes or how Mr Smith's bodied later came to


be burnt, despite alleged evidence from his wife that he told her he


had done it. You killed Mr Smith: Didn't you? No, said Mr Aitken. All


of the defendants deny all of the of the defendants deny all of the


charges and the trial continues. A Leicestershire hospital,


which first opened its doors Ashby


and District Hospital has 16 respite But the building needs almost


a million pounds worth of repairs. This afternoon the local clinical


commissioning group decided to shut it down and use the money saved to


treat more patients in their homes. It is better for the people of our


speed to get care where they needed. If we are looking at basic care that


can be provided in people 's own home, we know people recover quicker


at home. It allows us to focus our other resources on hospitals where


they need hospital care. It enables us to focus our resources where


people needed most. Nottingham has


a brand`new television channel. Notts TV started broadcasting


at four clock this afternoon. It's a commercial station covering


greater Nottingham and is owned by a consortium made up of the


Nottingham Post, Nottingham Trent University, and two media companies,


Confetti and Inclusive Digital. It will include local news,


and programmes about Nottingham. The channel's being broadcast


on Freeview Channel 8. Sexual Nottingham's historic castle


make over, transforming it into a make over, transforming it into a


world`class tourist attraction. Reform bill rioters stormed


Nottingham Castle, torching it and getting it. Just part of its rich


past. In its 1000 year history, this place has been a Norman castle, a


mansion and a museum. But does it really cut it as a tourist


attraction? No. I came about ten years ago and it hasn't changed a


great deal. It's not as castle like as I would have imagined. They need


to be more interactive elements, for the children to have a better


experience. Now a Heritage lottery fund boost of ?13 million could help


to transform it. It has come a long way and has come a long time to get


here. It would be great for local people, for tourism and will improve


the economy by ?77 million. We expect to bring 20,000 children to


hear every year. They are planning to open up the caves below.


Robin Hood is well known around the world. So is Nottingham Castle.


Let's make it work for Nottingham. There is much to be done to secure


the grant and the full ?24 million of funding. If they do, the


castle's rich past could secure a prosperous future.


Coming up later in the programme: A soldier's letters from the trenches


inspire a new play. The second minute is based on the


correspondence between a mother and her son in World War I but...


Coming up a look back at Derby's heart`breaking day at Wembley,


Here they are, two European Championship Silvers.


How good does it feel to have those in your hand?


The last two weeks have been amazing. The girls have done so well


at the Europeans. Our junior boys have done so well. To finish it off


with two Brits on the podium on Sunday in the last event, it was a


great week. Let's look at the performances. We had a standout


vault from you in the team competition. The highlight was the


great to come back from a poor start. We had a difficult start.


There were a couple of mistakes in the first two rotations. We needed


to pick it up and I was happy to do that fault. I managed to stick my


routine on the high bars. It got the rest of the team going. Going into


the floor, we had some incredible scores, three scores over 15.


Finishing off on the pommel horse, there was a world record. It was


amazing to even get back into contention. Speaking of the high


bar, that is your individual event. One of the favourites fell at the


beginning. Did that affect you? I was trying to go out there to do my


big Mike ` big routine. Football is ugly and cold


sometimes. It was an insanely cruel day for Derby County and their fans.


It is just heartbreaking. They played with pride and we did not


deserve it. I feel physically sick. Gutted. Broken hearts. I don't know


how long it'll take to get over it. 120 million and a place on match of


the day snatched away with just ten until full`time.


including Jonathan Greening, Matt Derbyshire and Ishmael Miller.


Cycling's Milk Race could be back in the East Midlands again next year.


The prestigious cycling event drew crowds of sixty thousand on Sunday,


See you again at 10:25pm. That's it from us for now. Goodbye.


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