29/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


First tonight, ambulance crdws in Leicester were prevented


from reaching a man who'd collapsed in a shop, because of bollards


While a paramedic tried to get through,


the shopper was revived by ` young first aider, working in the shop.


He says if the delay had been any longer, the man may have didd.


Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


Shortly after 2pm yesterday afternoon a man in his seventies


collapsed with a suspected heart attack in a shop on high Street.


Staff member and trained first aider, 24`year`old


Scott Marshall, carried out CPR for real for the first time.


I saw the gentleman collapse on the floor by these army tunics.


I immediately checked for a pulse, a sign of life `


So I immediately started chest compression and after about five or


His colleague dialled 999 immediately and was in constant


Within minutes, a paramedic arrived but could not get past


the automatic traffic bollards into the pedestrianised zond.


BBC Radio Leicester's Martin Ballard witnessed her frustration.


As I approached up the high street, I could see she was getting really


She was trying to speak to him through the intercom


and street cleansing workers were punching in codes, but no avail


So for a good five to ten minutes she was sat here with nowhere to go.


After the paramedic finally got through, she called an ambulance.


But the crew had no luck and had to park in the market and walk to


I was very cross when it came, because obviously, they had to


In a statement, the city council told us thdre had


been a temporary fault with the keypad at these bollards.


It has been reset and is working normally.


All the emergency services are going to be contacted with


the up`to`date passcodes is to make sure they can get through.


But a common complaint is that when you press the call button,


At this time exactly a week from now, the polls will have just


closed in the much`anticipated Newark parliamentary by`election.


Today, it was the turn of Green Party leader Natalie Bennett


And she had a tough message for energy firms hoping to dxploit


Here's our Political Editor John Hess.


This is no tourist sightseehng visit to Newark Castle.


Greens leader Natalie Bennett has ambitions


for her party to scale the political ramparts of this constituency and


I think we can be confident of a strong showing in this by`election.


We had a strong showing in the East Midlands and around the country.


We all had a strong local election result, including Solihull,


not far from here, where we are now the opposition on the council.


The party's candidate David Kirwen represents NHS staff


But after the Euro elections, can the Greens be considered just


In the European elections in East Midlands, the Greens polled


just under 6%, finishing fotrth and beating the Liberal Democrats.


Could they build on that in the by`election?


In the Euro elections, the Greens supported anti`fracking


protesters who set up a camp near a proposed shale gas drilling


site on the northern edge of this Nottinghamshire constituency.


The Green party favours a b`n on fracking.


This is because the fact is, first of all,


we have to leave at least 50% of our known fossil fuel reserves


in the ground if we are going to avoid catastrophic climate change.


And so we should not be looking for more.


But there is also grave and rightful concern about local


environmental impacts ` certain ones including lorry movements


and water use, but also risks of spillages, risks of disasters.


So will the Greens leave more than a passing impression


on the Conservative's grip of the constituency?


And here's the list of 11 candidates standing in the


Polling takes place on June the 5th ` that's next Thursday.


And finally, Del Boy ` Peckham's finest ` today sw`pped


He was here to talk about his love of flying.


Sir David Jason is, in fact, an experienced pilot and is supporting


a scheme to help air cadets learn to fly, whatever the weather.


Arriving at RAF Syerston in Newark, the pilot Sir David Jason.


Of course, as an actor, he is most famous for Open @ll Hours


He was there to meet RAF yotngsters who use Syerston and want to learn


to fly unpowered gliders and powered ones like this Vigilant


He has come to hand over a cheque from an RAF charitable trust for


Get off the television, get off the iPhones and the iPad.


Sometimes when the weather is bad, a flight simulator will help to


Then it was time to try to Vigilant simulator himself.


People know you as an actor, I don't think many knew you were a pilot.


Some things we have to keep to ourselves, as it were.


I used to fly, many years ago I used to fly gliders.


It was the cheapest way I could get to throw myself into the air


It was a way to fulfil my love of flying.


More recently somebody challenged me and said the most difficult thing to


fly was a helicopter and would I try and learn to fly one of those.


It says Trotter's Independent traders on the side.


If you want any hooky gear, you know where to come.


Always up for a challenge, Sir David successfully landed


That's your news, so, it's goodbye from me.


But with your weather now, here's Kaye.


It is in pretty cold, cloudher miserable all day. But things are


slowly improving over the next 24`hour is also. The rain whll


24`hour is also. The rain will eventually fizzle out so it'll be a


dry and hopefully a bit brighter later in the day. We still have a


fewer spots of rain are that the moment, they will fade away late in


the night, so we drive out through tonight. Quite a lot of clotd again


tonight. Quite a lot of cloud again and I will hope the night, so we


drive out through tonight. Puite a drive out through tonight. Quite a


lot of cloud again and that will be temperatures up, so not longer than


ten or 11 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, most of the starting of dry. There


will be one or two showers `cross will be one or two showers across


eastern parts, but these will fade away late on in the day. Hopefully,


there will be some breaks in the cloud later, too. We have got


lighter winds tomorrow, so will feel a bit warmer with highs of around 15


a bit warmer with highs of `round 15 or 16 degrees.


In a few moments we will have a full national forecast, but for now,


Good evening. Most of us look like ending the week on a dry note. Some


of us end it today on a particularly wet note. Notably across parts of


south-west England and up into the Midland, a line of vicious storms


and thunder in there too. They have been spreading further west in parts


of Wales and southern counties. They'll tend to fade away the rest


of the night, but one or two lingering on. Most other places


having a quiet night. Cloud and mistiness out there.


Across the glens of northern Scotland, temperatures will get well


down into single fir. But for most of the rest of us, a relatively mild


night staying in double digits. One or two showers from word go across


the south-west which will be the focus for any showers tomorrow.


There won't be that many. Most of the country will have a quiet day,


albeit rather cloudy. Through the afternoon, a snapshot,




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