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It is claimed paramedics couldn't get past these automated bollards.


It is a matter of life and death. Plus, driving home the dangers of


drinking and driving. Also tonight, Carl Froch speaks of


the human cost of his boxing career. If I could do it over again, I


probably wouldn't. People don't understand the sacrifices you make.


I should be demonstrating how to fly a day gliding and simulating


machine. Year`old I shall be. `` I shall be demonstrating.


were punching in codes, but to no avail. So she was sat here for five


or ten minutes. After the paramedic got through, she


had to park near the market and had to park near the market and


walked the short with their equipment. Obviously they had to


bring all their equipment, a chair, and so on, for the patient


downstairs. In a statement the City Council told us there had been a


fault with the today's load. If this was an opinion


poll, which it is not, I would say that the Conservatives have won by a


mile given the amount of literature they have got. And we have seen a


lot of Cabinet ministers visiting, George Osborne was back in the patch


today, I dare say the Prime Minister's chauffeur driver from


Downing Street does not get just that `` does not need that now that


any more because he will know the A`Z of Newark inside out. One


candidate told me he had not seen as many parliamentarians in Newark


since the civil war when Cromwell's Roundheads were besieging the city!


The constituency is quite a size. Yes, it is a new style of


constituency, the boundaries changed at the last election, it runs like a


spine through Nottinghamshire, with the Newark there on the right`hand


Bridgeford and bring them, `` and Bridgeford and bring them, `` and


this weekend we are going to see all the parties actively campaigning,


getting their people out. We will see more Cabinet ministers around


the constituency this weekend. Labour are promising a mass canvas


of the constituency, and UKIP will be there too.


You will be busy! And here's the list


of 11 candidates standing in the Polling takes place in a week's


time, that's next Thursday. Police are being asked to


investigate claims of intimidation in a row between


local residents and the owners Over the past few months,


a number of incidents have been reported to the local council


in connection with Mallory Park. Last night new guidelines were


agreed, limiting the owners to 92 noisy days ` and 20


medium noise days ` per year. The Great Central Railway has missed


out on ?10 million of funding The Railway put in a joint bid for


the Heritage Lottery Fund money, along with Leicester City Council


and York's National Railway Museum. The new museum would bring


a number of historic steam trains to the city, and allow visitors to see


them run on the They can bid for


the money again later this year. We are confident we will get it. We


have two strong partners in the National Railway Museum and


Leicester City Council. They are keen as we are to see a museum in


Leicestershire. It would be one of the biggest tourist attractions and


one of the major ones and heritage railway in Europe.


It may seem unusually early, but in parts of our region


a police summer drink driving campaign is already under way.


In Leicestershire they're worried that more drinkers will get


behind the wheel as people gather to watch football's World Cup.


So today they staged a graphic demonstration of the effects of


Here's our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball.


Imagine ending your night like this, being cut out of a crashed


car. This is a demonstration of how fire crews have to deal with the


consequences of drink`driving. Sometimes you cannot tell what kind


of car it is, the metal tears like paper. We have the World Cup coming


up, and there are extended licensing hours. So we are saying to people,


go out and enjoy yourselves but do not drink and drive, leave your car


at home and get a bus or taxi. But Michael York to take the risk


and now he is in jail. He was drunk when he drove into a tree, killing


two friends. Other local drivers have lost their own lives. One


instance I went to, and driver was rejected from a vehicle on the


vehicle ran on top of him. He was 3.5 times over the legal limit.


Going to notify somebody they have lost a loved one, that is something


some people never, ever comes to some people never, ever comes to


terms with it. But it is not just the risk of a


crash. Every month around 100 people fail breath tests in Leicestershire,


and some lose their jobs. Drink drive campaigns are nothing


new. They do it every Christmas, but they hope will `` that by putting on


such a graphic demonstration here they can drive that message home.


A big step forward for modern crime`fighting and a big


The university that developed genetic fingerprinting has come up


with a way of getting prints ` off paper.


A scientist based at the University of Leicester has found


a more efficient way of lifting prints from receipts and


cash machine bills, evidence that was previously hidden from view.


On a Monday morning nearly 30 years ago, a scientist at the University


of Leicester revolutionised the fight against crime with the


Now, at the same university, that fight continues.


Dr Bond has created a specially tailored UV light source


to see fingerprints on till receipts and cash machine statements that


This particular technology, because it has no contact with


the paper, doesn't rely on chemicals or anything like that.


You are purely getting contrast between sweat deposit that is


reacting with the dye in the paper, but ever so minutely not visible to


the naked eye, and the background paper to help you


The best thing about this new technology is that for


the police it's quick and easy and it's relatively cheap to purchase.


It should offer big advantage when you're looking


It may not look as high`tech as a gadget that 007 would use,


but Dr Bond's discovery could leave criminals feeling shaken


Navtej Johal, BBC East Midlands today, Leicester.


Del Boy takes flight Actor David Jason reveals his head


Many years ago I used to fly gliders. It was the cheapest way I


could get to throw myself into the air and get off the ground.


And this week is all about events in the boxing ring.


Colin's out and about to tell us more.


Just over 48 hours to go until Nottingham's Carl Froch defends


his world titles in Britain's biggest boxing match for decades.


Today we're here at this club in Carlton with the man who trained


Froch as a youngster and some of the fighters he's inspired.


Carl himself has been going head`to`head with opponent George


So the champion and challenger came face to face today at Wembley for a


fight that is rewriting the boxing history books. Plenty of sparring


between the two. The tension was tangible. Little wonder with so much


at stake. Empty now. 80,000 will be here on Saturday night will stop it


the biggest of Carl Frosch's career. He is a world champion fighter but a


family man at heart. At the weekend I tried to get away from boxing. I


tried to relax. One thing I can't do this close to the fight is eat. It's


my daughters birthday today. Some lovely muffins. Ahead of the biggest


fight of his career he invited us into Islam. `` into his home. Every


single fight I'm lumped in the. And she's played a big part in my


success. They are there for the rough times. Operations, injuries.


Through the tears and the bad times as well as the good times. The


rematch will set him up for life. If I could do it all again I probably


wouldn't. It's been so hard. People don't understand the sacrifices. If


I could go back and do it again, I would stick with the office job.


Instead, it's been alive inside the ring both him and the family. Every


time I watching, I can't wait until the bell rings. I give my home and


the case. I don't have to worry until the next fight. Boxing is a


selfish sport. When I'm fighting, it all just me will stop I'm not


concerned about anybody else. If I get to rub wrap `` wrapped up in the


emotion, I wouldn't be up to do what I do. I don't want to turn my back


on it. I'm still enjoying it. I'm still able to get out of bed, put my


socks on. When you can't put your socks on, that's when to turn it in.


For now, settling scores is his focus. All the Sammy `` family


support adds up to me doing my best. I'm proud of myself. I couldn't have


done it on my own though. He says he is fighting for his legacy. Interest


in this match has reached epic scale. We will be there.


Unbelievable excitement. Set up website you date. Mail is known to


many people in Derby. He is part of the club that got promotion seven or


eight years ago. Most importantly he is a hugely successful businessman.


The good thing about Derby, County is it in a strong position. It


doesn't have to panic. We'll make the decisions when they are needed


to be made. Season ticket tales are nearly


20,000. So back to the event that everyone is talking about. The


boxing. This is really where it started. You are responsible for the


Phoenix boxing club. How proud you of what Kyle has done. Extremely


proud. Could you all see it? I don't think you can. But there were signs


he had power and he had good footwork. Let's move on. You watched


him come through. How important was this place in steering his career?


Very important. He started here very young. System very well and supports


the lads here. He'll do it this time. He'll not make the same


mistakes as before. Let's talk to some of the young boxers. You going


be watching? Definitely. How inspiring is it? Very inspiring. It


gives us something to aim for. Again to finish off with Eton. I you next?


I don't know, but I will try to be. It's absolutely brilliant, it was


doing. They have the flags out for Carl and we will sort or team all


the way. Del Boy, Peckham's finest,


today swapped South London And he was here to talk


about his love of flying.Yes, Sir David Jason is, in fact, an


experienced pilot and is supporting a scheme to help air cadets learn to


fly, whatever the weather. Arriving here, the pilot is Sir


David Jason. Of course, as an actor he is most famous for open all hours


and only fools and horses. He was there to meet youngsters in


the RAF. They fly powered gliders and underpowered.


Get off the television, get off their phones. We're really


starstruck. But he's so easily to relate to. A fight slick simulator


will help. `` a flight simulator. I've flown faster things missing in


my back garden. Not many people knew you were a parrot? Some things we


have to keep to ourselves. I used to fly for many years. I used to fly


gliders. It was the cheapest way I could get to throw myself into the


air and get off the ground. I could fulfil my love of flying. The most


difficult thing to fly is a helicopter. I was challenged to try.


It took me a long time but I've done it. Is it a yellow helicopter with


trotters on the side? Yes it is. I don't have it here today because of


the weather. Always up for a challenge, he successfully landed


the simulator in a field. I brought it back safely. This boy is going to


go a long way. Awful today. Cold and wet. He a


soggy flower. Things are looking to improve in the next couple of days


or so. The pressure will shift those weather front out of the way and


take the rain away. I'm much better looking picture tomorrow. The odd


patch of light rain but not as much today. The winds will be a lot


lighter and it will be noticeably water `` warmer. Damp and drizzly


into the evening. Most of that will fizzle out. We keep the cloud and


the temperatures will be up. 10 Celsius is the lowest. Tomorrow,


most of us starting off dry. We will see a little light rain in eastern


part but that will fizzle out in the afternoon. Hopefully some


brightness. Most of us staying quite cloudy. The temperatures will be up


to around 15 or 16 Celsius. Into Saturday, not a lot in the way of


change. A lot of cloud around but hopefully some brightness in the


afternoon. Top temperature 19 Celsius. Uncertainty as far as


Sunday goes. Not a bad weekend really.


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