31/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A man has appeared before magistrates in Leicester charged


with kidnap and sexual offences against boys as young as eight.


It's after three separate incidents in the city this year in


Mornington Street, Constance Road and Mere Road.


The 34`year`old was remanded into custody ` he'll appear before


Nigel Farage says he believds UKIP is within 2,000 votes


of overturning the Conservative s majority in the Newark by`election.


The party leader was campaigning in the constituency ahead


His claims came while canvassing in Southwell after a visit to Bingham.


Winning this by`election is 10 times more important than winning


Just winning this will open the door next year to UKIP holding the


You'll find them on the BBC Nottingham webpage too.


Clever designs by students have gone on show in Nottingham, giving


a chance to see today what might be the must`have gadgets of tolorrow.


From fashion to household objects, design students at


Nottingham Trent University want to change the way we see the world.


Many of the products here are designed to make


So, for example, this student has created a form of technologx


which monitors the level of spices and herbs in your kitchen ctpboard.


It then sends a signal to an application on your phone which


will generate suggested recipes and even a supermarket shopping list.


For Felix, the inspiration for his bike lock designs came after his


It's going to be a perfect compromise


between security, weight and how easy it is to carry, basically.


It should be stronger than much bigger, heavier bike locks.


And how about this graphic design student's


The underwater scenes are only legible


The designs will be on display until the 17th of June, with students


hoping to leave a lasting impression.


Just hours now until what's billed as the biggest


Nottingham's Carl Froch says opponent George Groves may have


piled pressure on himself, and fail to live`up to


The pair meet tonight in front of 80,000 at Wembley.


I'm unbelievably prepared, and I will do everything I need to


do, absolutely anything, within reason, to get the win.


A bride fearing she'd never get to her wedding because of Nottingham's


tram works got a special send off earlier `


and from the very people she feared would disrupt her big day.


They say the course of true love never runs smoothly,


and that was the fear for the Kirk family, who live on this ro`d.


For the past 18 months, it has been dug up, but tod`y, while


the red carpet was laid outside the house for daughter Hann`h's


wedding, so was the new tarlac, and a message from the workmen.


It was her big day we tried to alleviate any impact


We've done a bit of reinstatement works and put a nice little


There was also an unusual guard of honour, and when bride stepped


I've always wanted to go from my parents' house and H was


Time to be off on the now cleared wedding route with a grateftl wave.


It was quite overcast at tiles today but we may see the odd shower in the


but we may see the odd showdr in the early part of the night before clear


spells develop. Quite a mild night, temperatures remaining in double


figures. Tomorrow will be a slighter better day. We will start to see


sunshine breaking through. Temperatures increasing to around


sunshine breaking through. Temperatures increasing to `round 20


Temperatures increasing to around 20 Celsius by tomorrow afternoon.


Always just the chance of a light shower at times. A weather front is


working its way eastwards on Monday so a wet day in store. Low pressure


keeps things Sharon for the start of the week.


Just time to get your answers in for the Musical Jungle on the Beat


Hello. So far, so good. Most of us have had a dry start of the weekend.


Some of us will be turning wetter tomorrow. For that change we look to


the far north-west of the UK. Overnight into western Scotland,


thicker cloud.


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