01/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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more on the BBC News Channel. We are back with the late news


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Nottingham's Carl Froch has retained his world titles


He took victory in last night's rematch against George Groves


Froch called it the biggest and best fight of his life,


and spoke exclusively to Angela Rafferty in his only dressing


It was a knockout punch with the of a world champion. Just eight rounds


into the rematch, he finally silenced his challenger. It was the


biggest fight of my life, the biggest occasion I've been involved


in. This night means everything to me in terms of my boxing career.


Wembley has never seen anything quite like it. 80,000 fans, all


desperate to be part of history. They were not disappointed.


Fireworks outside the ring, a fierce battle inside it. It was a bad worth


?20 million. The first few rounds were understandably cagey but then


came a stunning finale. So, he has done it successfully sent `


defending his world title. He promised to deliver and did just


that, here, in front of 80,000 fans. He is very cocky, very


arrogant but I have no hard feelings. It's sport. I will let him


worry about me now. The talking is over, done. It was absolutely


amazing. That punch and he was gone. Justice has been served. Absolutely


brilliant. I cannot remember a night like it. Barely with the gloves off


before talk of one last fight in Las Vegas. Was that a proposal in there?


It was a sort of. It wasn't official but I had a few words with it and I


think I'm going to marry Rachel. There was no ring. He got down on


one knee and said, Rachel, I have not got a ring, but will you marry


me? OK. An unbelievable night after a truly remarkable fight.


The man who nurtured Carl Froch's amateur career says he'd like to see


Dale McPhilbin believes there's still a few bouts left


Dale's head coach of the boxing club Carl started at, and says he'd love


to see him take on Mikkel Kessler, the Dane who defeated Froch in 2010.


Kessler, without doubt. They are both professionals and both respect


each other. Once those to get in the ring, they are true professionals


and you would see an outstanding contest.


A charity fund`raiser who previously ran from Derbyshire all


the way to his native Switzerland is planning a new challenge.


This time to cycle more than a thousand miles.


It's to fund research into cancer after his family, and close friends,


Two years ago, this man set off to run a marathon day for a month. It


took him from his home near Derby to his native village in Switzerland.


It raised ?50,000 for cancer research but now, Gerard and a group


of friends, are planning an even longer challenge. They will cycle


from Derbyshire to Monte Carlo. Most people cannot quite believe we are


doing it. We can't. Everyone is very supportive. I will close family have


had the same hurt from cancer. My wife had cancer and is now


thankfully over it. My mother died of cancer two months ago. Lots of


our friends have had cancer and most have survived, but there is still a


huge need to raise lots of money in order to find the cure. Our aim is


to raise around ?10,000 but it would be nice to do like I did when I went


to Switzerland, to beat that. They will have to complete around 1000


miles over the course of nine days. So, until they set off later this


month, there is plenty of training to be done.


Almost 1,500 people have been running, swimming and cycling in


The Outlaw Half`Triathlon was based at Holme Pierrepont


The course included a 56`mile cycle ride around the countryside


The winning team completed the challenge in just over four hours.


Let's see if the sunshine's lasting into the week, with Sara.


Good evening. We finally saw the sunshine today. It has been a very


nice day across the East Midlands. We are starting to lose the clearer


skies now. The cloud is increasing and a weather front is starting to


work its way in from the West. A mild night with temperatures


dropping to a minimum of 12 ulcers. Judge tomorrow, that weather front


slowly works its way eastwards. It will produce the bottom of the burst


of rain at times. It will give us a pretty wet afternoon tomorrow. With


all the cloud cover as well, temperatures will reach a maximum of


16 Celsius. Not as warm as today. The Outlook: The first week of June


will be rather unsettled at times. Further outbreaks of rain.


I will see you later on. For now, goodbye.


Hello. Most of us have enjoyed at least one day of lovely weather this


weekend. That weather will be harder to come by this week. It has been up


and down. Yes, rain or showers at times. Drier, sunny weather, turning


cooler. Signs are that by the end of the week temperatures will recover.


We have seen rain today in Glasgow, Edinburgh, western fringes of the UK


too. The cloud will spread east overnight, with further outbreaks of


rain into the west. Temperatures are in double figures as Monday begins.


We get the sunshine - a lot of cloud around. Some patchy rain. You can


see there are gaps within this. It is not raining everywhere. There may


be glimmers of brightness to begin the day.


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