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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's With your news now for the


East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. After retaining his world titles,


Nottinghan's Carl Froch has In what he called the biggest


and best fight of his life, he knocked`out opponent George Groves


in front a record crowd at Wembley, then spoke exclusively to Angela


Rafferty, in his only dressing room It was a knockout punch where the of


a world champion. Eight rounds into the rematch, Carl Froch finally


silenced his challenger. It was the biggest match of my life. The first


few rounds were edgy, then this is devastating right hand. He has


successfully defended his world title and settled scores with George


grows. He promised to deliver and did just that. I have got no hard


feelings. It is a sport. I will let him worry about me now. It was


absolutely amazing. Justice has been served. Carl Froch was the better


fighter and is the better fighter. Early weather clothes off when there


were talks about a fight in Las Vegas.


Was that a proposal? Sort of. I had a few words. He got down on one knee


and said, Rachel, I haven't got a ring, but will you marry me? An


unbelievable night after a truly remarkable night.


See Angela's exclusive interview with him in full on our Facebook


page. A charity fund`raiser who previously ran from Derbyshire all


the way to his native Switzerland is planning a new challenge. This time


to cycle more than 1,000 miles. It's to fund research into cancer after


his family, and close friends, were affected by the disease. Simon Hare


Two years ago, Gerard set off to run a marathon a day for a month. It


took him from his home near Derby to his native home village in


Switzerland, and raised ?50,000 for cancer research. Now Gerard and a


group of friends are planning an even longer challenge. To run from


Derbyshire to Monte Carlo. Most people can't believe we are doing.


Everyone is very supportive. Our family and friends are for the same


hurt from cancer in recent years. My wife had cancer and is thankfully


overrate, my mum died of it a few months ago. There was a huge need to


raise lots of money to help find a cure. Absolutely. There will have to


complete around 1000 miles over nine days. Until I set off on their


journey later this month, plenty of training to be done.


Around 1,500 people endured today's summer`like temperatures to complete


a half`triathlon in and around Nottinghamshire. The Outlaw at Holme


Pierrepont included a half marathon, a one mile swim and a 56 mile cycle.


The winning team completed it in just over four hours.


It is absolutely great. Very inspiring. It was a bit hot for


them, but they did well. It is awesome. I have done it and I know


what they are going through. Hats off to them.


The weather now. We are ending with a little bit of


rain. It will gradually produce some showers into ahead of it, a lot of


cloud, so. The old heavy `based even into the afternoon tomorrow. Daytime


temperatures dropping by a few degrees.


Good night. Hope you had a nice weekend, it was


a warm and sunny one across central and eastern areas. A different story


out west with signs of change. It will be a different week this week


with some rain around. Some sunshine too. For a time, it will feel a good


deal cooler. There is a complicated cold front


producing patchy rain in the west right now. Sharp bursts


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