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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That is all from us this evening. There is a first look at the


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


Next tonight, the inspirational message


a young girl dying from cancer left hidden behind her bedroom mirror.


Athena Orchard from New Parks in Leicester died last week.


It was only afterwards that her parents found her message to them.


Dean Orchard recalls the last time he held his daughter.


Despite operations and chemotherapy nothing could be done.


Dean and Caroline knew that Athena had been writing on the back


of her bedroom mirror, but they only found out what she had


"Every day is special, make the most of it.


You could get a life`ending illness tomorrow."


That what makes me think, did she know she was going to get ill?


That just stands out to me because it's amazing.


"It's not just about the happy ending, it's about the story."


Having that mirror with that writing on feels like we still have


Right down to the last minute she still


She used to say to us "what's going to happen to you lot


She also used to say "I'm glad it was me and not any of


The Orchards are now trying to raise money for Athena's funeral,


whilst taking comfort in their daughter's words.


Athena finished her message by writing:


William and Patricia Wycherley were allegedly killed by their daughter


and son`in`law who wanted to get their hands on the couple's money.


Buried in their back garden in Forest Town in Mansfield


after being allegedly murdered on the May Day bank holiday of 1998.


The prosecution say William Wycherley, then 85,


and his wife Patricia, 63, were each shot twice in the bedroom.


The alleged weapon was a .38 revolver.


Their daughter Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher,


It's claimed by the prosecution that they wanted the Wycherley's money.


Will UKIP continue their promised political earthquake?


Our political editor John Hess has been at the count in Newark.


The count is being held in the rather splendid surroundings


of the Dome Hall inside Kelham Hall, the headquarters of of Newark


The spot itself is pretty historic, this is where Charles I


surrenderred to Cromwell's parliamentary forces and certainly


the parliamentary forces unleashed during this three`week


It might not be on the scale of the 1640s but there's no denying


the determination of the Prime Minister to win this


That's because UKIP's Nigel Farage spoke and likened winning this


parliamentary by`election as causing a political earthquate.


The prime minister in tern was determined, he said,


Well, the count is underway, we are expecting results sometime


If there happens to be a recount we will have to wait


Whatever happens we will have full analysis in breakfast news tomorrow.


We will be live in Newark marketplace. Join me then.


Nottingham's iconic Green's Windmill needs more than ?40,000 worth


of repair work so its sails can continue turning.


The city council says weather damage means the sails can't rotate without


Supporters are now trying to find around ?8,000.


The council says it can't meet the full cost of the work.


A man from Leicester has created his very own cinema in a garden shed.


He has spent ?12,000 converting the shed at the bottom


of his garden into a fully operational 12`seater cinema.


It's sound proofed and has been designed to mimic


I would love to be working in the cinema now like I used to


in the '50s, but I don't think that the wife would put up with me being


So, I decided it's better to have my own cinema in the back garden and I


can go in it every day if I want to without having divorce proceedings.


Well, we'll be back first thing in the morning with the result of that


But, in the meantime, here's Anna with the weather.


We've had a fairly pleasant evening. Things aren't looking too


bad tomorrow. It will be dry, but turning increasingly humid through


the day. Through the evening and overnight tonight we have clear


skies. Temperatures will drop away, a chilly night for June.


Temperatures as low as five or six in spots. There are some clouds


around, but we will see plenty of sunny spells into the afternoon


tomorrow. High cloud starts to develop through the day. It will be


fairly warm, 20 high as 24 degrees. Looking forward


to the weekend, thundery showers. As you will have seen, I cannot promise


you sunshine and blue skies, but I can promise warm. Warmer conditions


will be growing up. The heat at the moment is across parts of Spain and


south-west France. You can see the orange colour is developing. To the


west we have low pressure. Winds


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