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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


A murder trial hears how a couple were shot dead


It is claimed the killers were the couple's own daughter and


son`in`law. Their motive was money. Also tonight, the inspirational


hidden messages left by a 15`year`old who died of cancer. It


is about a happy ending, it is about the story. Plus, the former sprinter


facing a new challenge with a little help from his friends. And, what is


in yours shared. We meet the man who has converted his into a cinema.


First tonight, a court's heard that a Mansfield couple were shot


dead and then buried in their back garden, where their remains


William and Patricia Wycherley were allegedly killed by their daughter


and son`in`law who wanted to get their hands on the couple's money.


Mike O'Sullivan joins us now from Nottingham Crown Court.


Mike, the prosecution opened its case today.


The prosecution has taken the opportunity to outline the case on


the first full day of evidence. They painted a picture of Susan and


Christopher Edwards, the witch he 's and son`in`law, a picture painted as


people with money troubles who benefited from their deaths and


covered it up for 15 years. Buried in their back garden in Forest town


in Mansfield, after being allegedly murdered in 1998 on the May Day bank


holiday. The prosecution say William and Patricia were each shot twice in


their bedroom. The alleged but weapon was a .38 revolver. William


was placed on top of his wife in the garden grave. Their daughter Susan


Edwards and her husband Christopher denied murder. It is claimed by the


prosecution that they wanted their money. The court heard that the


Edwards sent out Christmas cards supposedly from the pair from


relatives, told neighbours they had moved away and got their pensions


paid into an account that they controlled. In all, they got


?245,000, including the sale of the house in 2005. The Edwards, it was


claimed, were caught out by their own deception. They fled to France


after the centenarian society wants to interview William, thinking he


was nearing 100 years old. Running out of money, quit the Edwards


artists own stepmother asking for help, admitted they had buried them.


She contacted the police. The couple were arrested last October, when


they returned by agreement to London. The bodies were discovered


after 15 years in the garden. Has anything been said about the


Edward's defence? They have driven an outline of it so they can


distribute it. Susan Edwards say she was staying with her parents when


her mother shot her father after an argument late at night. Then


Patricia told Susan Edwards that she knew Mr `` her husband had abused


Susan as a trial date of the Child. It was also said he hadn't had an


relationship... It is claimed Susan Edwards shot her own mother.


Christopher said he knew nothing about this until later on and only


agreed to bury the bodies. The prosecution says money is at the


centre of all of this. They dispute their version of this. Thank you.


Next tonight, the grieving parents of a teenager


who died from cancer have spoken of their pride after finding an


inspirational message that she left hidden behind her bedroom mirror.


Athena Orchard, from New Parks in Leicester, passed away last week.


It was only afterwards that her parents found the note.


They say, they'll treasure what she's written forever.


They've been speaking to our reporter Helen Astle.


It's the first time I had hoped in six months. Because of where her


tumours were, they were so everywhere, I didn't know where,


under here, around here, this site, her back. You can't do it. That was


my heart. To for about an hour, I didn't want to let her go. Dean


orchards recalls the last time he held his daughter. Athena died in


her arms special to his arms, she had a form of bone cancer. Despite


chemotherapy, nothing could be done. She was so beautiful, amazing.


Special. Dean and Caroline new Athena was writing on the back of


her bedroom mirror, or they only found out what she wrote after she


had died. Every day is special, make the most of it. I wondered if she


knew she was going to get ill. That stand out to me. It's amazing. Maybe


it's not about the happy ending, it's about the story. I just find it


or crew. It is also true. That mirror, with her writing, makes it


feel like we still have a part of her. Right down to the last minute,


she was happy about herself. She used to say, what will happen to


you. When I have gone. She said I am dad it was me, not any of my sisters


or brothers. The Orchards are now trying to raise money for their


daughter's funeral and taking comfort in her words. She finished


her message saying, there is no need to cry, I know you will be by my


side. Coming up `


from a training camp to a P.O.W camp ` the East Midlands footballing


hero trapped in Germany, It wasn't a holiday camp. There were


more mealtimes and meals. 5000 men were rounded up and sent back.


There. One of the gang accused of killing


four members of a family in an arson attack said, he tried to prevent the


fire by shouting warnings that there Aaron Webb became tearful


as he admitted telling lie after lie Sarah Teale was at


Nottingham Crown Court today. Sarah, what exactly did Aaron Webb


say about his involvement? Well, the 20`year`old admitted being


at Wood Hill, in Leicester, when the fire was started last September,


but that it came as a complete He said his co`accused 24`year`old


Sean Carter had come up with a plan to just brick


the family home of Abdul Hakim, a man they believed to be involved in


the fatal stabbing of their friend, He said, instead, on the night


another defendant, Tristan Richards, brought along a jerry can of petrol


and poured it over the front door. As we know, the wrong house was


actually targeted, killing Shehnila And Sarah, Webb said he'd made


efforts to stop Richards? Yes,


he first told the jury that Richards And one of the gang kept saying,


he didn't know. Then he said,


I had a sense something serious was I thought he was going to light


a fire. His barrister,


Christopher Hotten QC, asked, He said he shouted over to Richards,


I said what are you doing, I was trying to put him off,


Webb said. He claimed that one of his friends,


19`year`old Kemo Porter, got in the Sarah, what was


his reaction to what had happened? Webb said, he heard the following


day how serious the fire had been. He said, he felt sick


for the people that died. He later became tearful under cross


examination, when pressed about Particularly about Tristan Richard?s


involvement, who denies even being Webb said,


I didn't want to name him. He poured petrol on that house


and if I named him, what was to stop The trial is expected to


last another fortnight. Derbyshire's chief fire officer has


denied raping Sean Frayne pleaded not guilty to


the charge when he appeared at It's alleged to have happened


in Etwall in 2006. He's currently suspended from


his role with the fire service. It's expected


the trial will take place Nottingham's street pastors say they


urgently need a new home Members of the team patrol the


city's streets on weekend evenings. They've helped more than 10,000


people across Nottingham over They've been using a room


at the Malt Cross, but The Mayor of Leicester has revealed


the council won't be continuing with a series of events


which were announced after Sir Peter Soulsby had promised to


deliver a bigger and better so`called "Plan B", after Leicester


lost the title to Hull last year. From hoping, the UK City of Culture


2017 is hollow. To heartbreak. Back in November, Lester was left to pick


up the pieces of its defeat to rivals the City of Culture title.


But the city and its mayor would find. They had a second plan and the


loss would not deter them. There is a determination to show that we did


not need the title. We can do it anyway. We can do it bigger and


better. We don't need to wait to 2017. But seven months later and


with a certain kings remain now definitely sitting in the said that


no city, things have changed. Now we have the enormous ceremony


officiated with King Richard III at the opening of a business centre


firmed up July 26. There is, in Leicester, so many good things


happening. We don't need a second plan. So it may not have won the


title, but Leicester is hoping its current operator `` offering will be


plenty to make it a city with lots of culture.


Next tonight, a story of human courage


Luke Ducille`Irons had to have his left leg amputated,


after getting an infection caused by a new pair of shoes.


But thanks to a charity which helps injured servicemen, the former tank


commander is being given the help he needs to maintain his independence.


It's probably the best thing that ever happened in my life, losing my


leg. It's not perhaps what you expect to hear but it is heartening


advice for Luke. He recently had to have his left leg amputated after an


infection that caused in the most everyday of circumstances. A new


pair of shoes took the skin of the top of my three toes. Then, been


diabetic, it would not heal and became infected. As he also suffered


a stroke if you years ago, his rehabilitation will be a tough fight


for the former manager of the Jamaican boxing team and keen


athlete. Many years ago I did a lot of sprinting 10.4 300. I have


managed to get my head around it. lost a leg nine years ago in a road


accident. He had to have begins at a surgery on his remaining leg. They


came to see me and they helped me. When you have had a dramatic


accident, you look at life quite a bit differently. I talking to Luke,


and him talking to other members, he will feel a lot better in himself.


Although the recovery can take a winding course, Steve says he hopes


he and the staff at the War Derby Hospital Boston have looped able to


walk a strong and straight line `` boreal.


Just three hours left before the polling stations close in the Newark


Patel is the leading run`scorer in Division One of the


County Championship this season ` averaging nearly 60.


One man who did make it into the test side is Stuart Broad.


His appearance for Notts this week, confirming his return to fitness.


And just one county game to mention, with Leicestershire having a crack


at a result against Gloucestershire but running out of time.


A quick word of congratulations for Derby County forward, Simon Dawkins,


who scored his first international goal for Jamaica last night.


He was making only his third start for the Reggae Boyz


in the 2`all draw with Egypt, in a friendly at Brisbane Road.


Duffield Squash Club's pair of world champions,


Laura Massaro and Nick Matthew, both say, they're aiming for medals


Nick is defending Commonwealth Champion and travels to


the England team assembled there enormous expectations. The men


especially dominated and are expected to do the same in Glasgow.


You cannot take it the granted, being part of an England team. To


make the end and's men's singles team you need to be the top ten in


the world. It is tough just to make the teams. But it's Laura masala who


could be really special. The reigning world champion knows just


what is jumping dasher go possible for her. Confidence comes from


winning a title like that and knowing it can never be taken away


from you. I never risk confidence or arrogance because it is a fine line.


This tea is cut key for Laura. Duffield is an amazing place to look


at, every week I turned up when the match. An and there is a full packed


out crowd of juniors wanting autographs. I think that is a real


reflection of the strength of the moment. Just a PSL match on a


Tuesday, we get so many people coming to watch it. England Squash


is so healthy, two world championship the micro champions,


young players coming through. I hope we can make the best of this


generation. Now it's the Commonwealth. Every campaign of the


Olympic recognition has failed, this is the moment the squash is ready


mission in the sun. The Badminton squad has


also just been announced. No surprise that it includes


our own Chris and Gabby Adcock. I'm sure we'll be hearing


from them soon. All this week we've been looking


at how World War One affected And tonight we tell the story


of how a Derby footballing legend found himself trapped in Germany `


and show how Trent Bridge was transformed


into a military hospital. So many heroic performances have


been applauded from this pavilion over the years, but during the First


World War, it was home to a different sort of hero. When war was


declared in August 1914, Notts were playing Surrey at the Oval. The


captain of the match was Arthur Carr. He received a


telegram telling him he had to report to his depot. He


decided to have an innings before he actually went off. We stayed there


for one day, and then he went off to report to the depot. Cricket was


stopped late in the month. There were more important battles to be


won. W G Grace, the most famous cricketer who had ever lived, stood


up and said to people it would be unpatriotic to play cricket, while


the war was going on, so cricket When the wounded


started coming home, Trent Bridge was requisitioned as a military


hospital. This is the Long room in the main pavilion. It was built in


1886. In 1914 and 1950s it was converted into a military hospital.


There would have been 30 or 40 beds in this room alone, in total there


were 200 beds in the hospital. The ladies


pavilion was also used. 3500 patients went through in all.


Six Nottinghamshire cricketers were killed in action, at many stayed at


home as they were minors and cold with needed for the war effort. As


the chav who left midway through the game to go to the war, a W Carr was


mentioned in this report. He came home safely and resumed his career


with knots. England's record goal`scorer had just retired from


football in 1914 after leading Derby County to promotion. He was the most


famous name in the game, the David Beckham of his day. He wanted to


coach abroad. He was a great footballer, but is timing was


terrible. He had just offered a job as a football coach in Berlin, three


weeks later war was declared. By November 1914, he was interned in a


camp. It was a concentration camp, but it was not a holiday camp. He


said there were more mealtimes than meals. When they first went there,


there were 5000 men from all over Germany who were rounded up and sent


there. The statue today looks alchemy Derby dugout. Stands saying


that Steve Bloomer is watching. They started a football league in the


camp and it was based on the hutch they were in. `` heart. Each hut


took the name of a football layer. Bloomer played the Tottenham Hotspur


and his team used to with illegal the time. At the end of the war,


Steve Bloomer came home to Derby went on to great excess as a coach


Canada and Spain. His name is still sung before every game ``


And if you want to hear more about how sport was affected


by World War One ` go the BBC's World War At Home website and


There you can hear more about Trent Bridge, and our local cricketers and


Now come with us to a place where green fingers meet


A man from Leicester has created a cinema in his garden ` for


at the bottom of his garden, 76`year`old has a shared, but this


is not where he keeps his tools. `` wrote shed. He spent thousands of


pounds in installing a 12 seater cinema. I is the cinema! I would


love to work in the cinema like I used to in a 1950s. But there be six


nights a week. I decided it was better to have my own cinema in the


back garden. I can go inside every day if I want to without divorced


seedings! The decor has been designed to mimic a 1960s cinema.


The seats have come from a cinema up the road. Unsurprisingly, having


your own cinema makes you very popular. Movie nights are something


special. It's super! So relaxed and comfortable. It brings back memories


of what the cinema used to be years ago. It's just what you need. Every


home should have one. The room has also been completely soundproofed so


if there is a blockbuster, it will not disturb the neighbours. But even


during a party, Art will be tucked away where he is at his happiest. I


am strictly a projectionist, I am not one of the audience. I get my


pleasure from looking through my porthole and seeing everybody


enjoying the film. There is not another cinema any worth that I know


of, that is anywhere like my cinema. I am pleased that. So, I call good


films, the story of the young man with a love of cinema did have a


happy ending. So, what to do senior producers do at the BBC? They gave


us a lift of films that they might expect to see. In a small cinema.


And because it's at the bottom of the garden, how about,


Anything involving Peter O'Tooles or the Harry Potting series.


And the James Bond classic `Greenfinger?


They will be waiting in cafes after that one!


Yesterday, the weather was miserable. It was very active. Some


of you were lucky enough to spot a funnel cloud. This by the M1 near


junction 28. A final cloud is a violent, rotating column of air that


does not touch the ground. If it did make contact, it would be a tornado.


Thank you for the footage. It's not looking too bad, now. Thank you for


this picture. Tomorrow is not looking too bad. A dry and fine day


will turn humid as tempted to climb through the afternoon. Settled as we


go through the day, but keeping an eye on this day of pressure. It will


turn things rather stormy. The now, plenty of sunshine. As it gets dark,


the cloud breaks and friends which will give us a dry night and clear


skies. `` spins. Eight associate is your minimum in towns, but five is


your minimum in the country. There will be some sunshine in the


morning. We are expecting to see high clouds developing as you go


into the afternoon, which will turn the sunshine hazy. It will turn


increasingly humid. In the middle of the afternoon, mid 20s, getting as


high as 2425 Celsius. There are warnings were heavy rainfall on


Saturday. Heavy rainfall will collide with height impetus in the


Atlantic this leads to sundry downpours. There may be some


localised flooding `` no flooding. It is hard to say where. Sunday, is


a fresher feel, with lots of humidity. Plenty of sunshine on


Sunday just the odd shower. Thank you. We will be back with the


late news and bring you some information on the by`election. Our


politico `` wrote political editor will let us know how things are


going. Goodbye. It's a weekly selection


of hand-picked stuff from Radio 2, and then it's delivered


straight to you.


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