07/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Police investigating the disappearance of Leicestershire s


Madeleine McCann have told the BBC several suspects in


This week, teams have been searching land in Portugal close to where


the youngster from Rothley was last seen seven years ago.


No questioning of suspects is expected this coming


week, but when it happens, British officers will be allowed to


Major roadworks which have closed a busy road in Derby


for almost a year are to take four months longer than first pl`nned.


Much of London Road has been closed since last July for work


It was due to be finished by this August but Network Rail now


says it'll be Christmas, because of issues with the design


Vandals have badly damaged a vital bridge for visitors to one


The hydraulics of the drawbridge to the visitor


centre at the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham were `ttacked


Temporary repairs were made this morning so the reserve could open.


They'd managed to sever the hoses and of course it led to


hydraulic oil spilling out hnto the SSSI nature reserve and potdntially


harming some of the ducks hdre, but fortunately when we had the


drawbridge installed, we made it very clear that we


wanted biodegradable oil to be used for the hydraulic ram


so that it wouldn't, in the event of something like this happdning,


actually harm the wildlife we have here on the reserve.


More than 1,000 Sikhs from the East Midlands will travel to London


tomorrow to take part in a huge national rally.


Preparations were being madd at the East Park Road temple in Lehcester


today to mark the 30th anniversary of the Golden Temple massacre.


It's when the Indian army was ordered to clear


Organisers say the Indian and British governments need to be more


It was the second busiest d`y when the attack took place `nd there


were thousands of lives lost, but at the same time, we also want


to send a strong united message to our government and also the Indian


government that we are very united on this issue. It's been 30 years


and we need the truth for this issue and we need justice to happdn.


An ancient tradition started 40 years ago has come to an end today.


The Gate to Southwell, as it's called, sees scores of Morrhs Men


But organisers claim red tape has silenced their bells,


This could be a scene from centuries ago. Dancers in an English village.


This is just one of the places they are performing on the way to


Southall, having collected loney the way. Every parish in the cotnty had


a certain amount to contribtte, from throttles farthing to the m`ximum 13


shillings and 4p for Nottingham This was their annual contrhbution


to the upkeep of the Minster. But this is the last time the event will


be run. Organisers say modern day official administration is the last


time the event will be run. Organisers say modern day official


administrations around the county difficult. In 1981, we revived it


and I don't think in those days we thought everybody would havd to stop


33 years later. We had a good run but unfortunately, the 21st century


has at last caught up with ts. And so too subtle. After a day dancing


and it'll drinking, they approach the Minster. `` and so to `` South


well. Let's see what's coming


in the forecast. Good evening. We have had some


lively downpours but it is ` quieter story for tomorrow.


For most places, a dry evenhng with plenty of sunshine around and we


hang onto those clear spells overnight, so we could have a few


mist patches around but certainly not a cold night, with tempdratures


well into double figures. Some brightness around first thing


tomorrow and largely dry with the risk of showers as we had through


the afternoon, but many places avoiding them altogether, and in the


sunshine, feeling pleasant with highs of 21. An unsettled start of


the week but temperatures not doing badly.


The Beat's already on air, with inserts tonight


from the No`Tomorrow Festiv`l at Wollaton Park in Nottingham.


And tomorrow's Sunday Polithcs will be live in Newark,


where Marie Ashby will be chatting to the constituency's new MP.


I'll be back with more for xou at 6.10am.


Good evening. Most of us have seen some rain so far today. It started


off in the south. As it worked its way north, we lost the thunder and


the lightning. Many of us ended the day on a decent note. After a decent


day in the north of Scotland, that band of rain marches northwards Be


hiengd it, there is a -- behind it, there is a lot of dry weather to be


found. Most of us are dry by the end of the night and relatively mild.


Starting Sunday in Scotland, still some showers around in the south and


the west. I suspect the north and the east are getting off to a decent


start to the day. The North West, there may be a bit more cloud.


Northern Ireland doing quite well through the morning. Across Wales,


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