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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


There are calls for CCTV cameras to be set tp


overlooking the statue of G`ndhi in Leicester after it was ddfaced.


The graffiti made reference to the Golden Temple Massacre hn India


` the thirtieth anniversary of which was being marked today


A bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi has stood proudly in


Leicester's Golden Mile for five years, a symbol of Leicester's


But it's been daubed with graffiti, upsetting the charity that


It's hugely disrespectful bdcause we can't see any reason for anx sort


This is a cohesive communitx and we had a lot of support from everybody.


The graffiti makes reference to 1984.


That's when the Indian Army were ordered into the Golden Temple to


Sikhs marched through London today to mark 30 years since thosd raids


and to protest about what they claim was India's failure to


prevent the deaths of thous`nds of Sikhs in rioting that sale year.


Here, Leicestershire Police are investigating the vandalism.


We have had this before but now we are going to have a serious


conversation with the authority to look at


I think we'll be looking at CCTV, more police patrols.


A garland quickly replaced the graffiti,


symbolising peace and respect, both teachings of Mahatma G`ndhi.


Around 150 people were at an illegal rave in Rutland


overnight with many more stopped from attending by police.


Police received reports of loud music and large groups on private


Rather than disperse those there in the dark, officers worked instead


It is a dark section of the wood and we have to deal with it


from a safety perspective for the officers and people


involved, so, as you can sed, we have the roadblocks on and that is


A villages' local councillor says he won't give up the fight agahnst a


traveller site that's stood nearby without permission for five years.


The travellers own the land at Barlestone near Hinckley,


Tucked away in the Leicestershire countryside is a traveller site


They arrived here on Good Friday back in 2009 but five years on,


they still don't have permanent planning permission.


In the nearby village of Barlestone residents have complained


And the local councillor has been handing out leaflets, urging


There are six sites in the `rea and they will basically comd here


for what they need, and while some of them are probably


fine and we probably don't dven notice them, there are the onesthat


fine and we probably don't dven notice them, there are the ones that


This is the only site of those six without permandnt


The traveller application w`s rejected by Bosworth and Hinckley


Borough council and said thdre would be an unacceptable increase


in traffic an adverse affect on the countryside's appear`nce


The travellers have appealed and their case will now be heard


The vast number of travellers realise that going through the


In this day and age people do deserve a decent place to lhve.


It is illegal because it hasn't got planning permission,


if we let this one happen, we obviously going to get more.


It is a words that has now dntered it sixth year and it will bd another


months before we are any closer to a final result.


The region's newest MP will have his first day proper at Westminster


As you may have heard, Robert Jenrick won the Newark by`election


He told today's Sunday Politics for the East Midlands he was


looking forward to day one ` but also conscious he's being


Normally young MPs entered the House of Commons as one of a big class,


the class of 2014 is one and that is me .


That is good for new work as well but we will have more profile.


Today's edition is on the BBC iPlayer now.


Leicestershire's Sylvain Guhntoli finished second in both World Super


qualified on pole position and led for most of the way through


both races but was overtaken by team`mate Marco Malandri.


Guintoli is now just 13 points behind the Championship leader.


Derbyshire's Leon Haslam, mdanwhile, finished 7th in race one


Let's see how tomorrow's weather is looking.


A mostly dry start to the evening but as the night goes


on, the cloud will increase and we will see further showers


edging up from the south arriving in time for the start of Monday


Humidity will be rising, a luggy night with lows of 13 degreds.


Monday, a mix of dry bright spells, hazy sunshine because we kedp


Some could be heavy and thundery but plenty of dry weather around


and feeling pleasant with a top temperature tomorrow of 21ddgrees.


More from the team here in tomorrow's BBC Breakfast.


Good evening. It was quite warm today and humid. There was sunshine


and also thundery showers. Low pressure anchored to the south and


west of the UK. Winds go anticlockwise. We are dragging in


some very warm and humid air. We are dragging in some thundery showers.


They will drift north, through the southern counties into Wales and


getting into the north of England by dawn. It will be a warm night in the


south. Just a few degrees behind that the north will start on a


decent note. The thundery showers will work through northern England


and into Scotland come the afternoon, with some heavy showers


breaking out elsewhere. We could see thunder in the west of Scotland


through the


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