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actor Rick Mayle has died suddenly at the age of 56.


This is East Midlands Today with Quentin Rayner and me Anne Davies.


He's heading up one of the biggest studies


I experience hate crime in terms of religion or colour


Also tonight, from Rio to Derby via Cardiff.


A new way to keep a lid on World Cup drinking.


Sometimes we'll see, especi`lly for important matches, it quietdns down


for the game itself but there will be a big increase just after that.


Find out why this Derbyshird car plant is now blooming


And the copper ore from this old mine in the hdart


of the Peak District that m`de the fortune of the Dukes of Devonshire.


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme.


A Pentecostal bishop who saxs he was judged by the colour


of his skin is backing the country's largest ever hate crime survey.


There were 600 hate crimes recorded in Nottingham last year but


an independent investigation claims there are actually 600 each week.


Bishop Paul Thomas says that many people don't bother telling


the police about racist and homophobic attacks.


Bishop Paul Thomas walks the streets of St Anne's


But while spreading the word about his church, he's regularly


I experienced hate crime in terms of religion or colour at least once a


month. I don't want my children to experience that.


That's why he and colleagues at Nottingham Citizens Group are


organising an independent inquiry into hate crime to find


Nottingham Citizens Group s`ys hate crime is hugely under reported.


Life in no place for hate is everyone's responsibility. We want


to produce a set of recommendations to deliver change from the police,


City Council and community themselves.


Nottingham Citizens Group s`ys hate crime is hugely under reported.


600 incidents were recorded by police last year but a strvey


of taxi drivers suggests thdy experience that amount everx week.


We get abused for nothing. Lost of us don't report it because ht takes


too long, a few hours. And across the city,


at the charity Mencap, bossds told me 98% of learning disability hate


crimes go unrecorded. Bosses here are running thehr own


campaign to change that and enable When we get the reporting r`tes up


it means learning disabilitx crime and all will be taken more seriously


and it will be unacceptable to name With education key,


they know change won't be qtick or easy but they're determinned


their inquiry, launched tonhght is the start of a robust cr`ckdown


on hate crime in Nottingham. Our health correspondent has been to


the Royal Derby Hospital whdre they have been planning their response to


the World Cup increase in drinking. There is nothing like international


football to stir up national pride. Even if England are short on goals,


they will not be short of advice. And that Derby's A unit, the


police, City Council and doctors have advised each other on the best


approach. It is an idea frol Cardiff. It was set up in C`rdiff


for looking at the data rel`ted to alcohol related injuries. D`ta will


be gathered here but patient details will be anonymous. I think ht will


be busy. Around seven o'clock people will start but to the game does not


start till 11 so people will drink beforehand. We expect a lot of


people in the city centre. We want to make sure they are safe. This may


be the calm before the storl. A E was quiet today. They saw md a lot


quicker than I thought todax. 9 % of patients in AMD should be sden,


treated, or sent home within four hours. They have hit it herd for the


first time in years. If the buyers have extended licences we whll be


busy all the way through thd night. In the East Midlands, there might be


more of this but emergency services said they will work hard to keep


things safe. How hopeful a will work?


They don't want to be killjoys at the end of the day. Most people will


have a good time. They just don t want as many injuries as ustal.


How long have they been working on this plan?


In the case of the Ambulancd Service, months of planning and they


have a very thick manual for the World Cup. We will see how ht goes.


Fingers crossed it all goes well and that England do well.


Plenty more on its way here on BBC East Midlands Today, including


Here are Kaye and Geeta to spell it out for you.


The weather has certainly been making a racket


today. This footage was captured in Ilkeston earlier today. Somd heavy


thunderstorms and very largd hail around as well and we are not done


just yet. All the noisy det`ils coming up later.


And from headlining festivals to a bestselling `lbum, we


chat to the band London Gralmar who were in fact made in Nottingham


At half past six this morning, firefighters were called to the


Druck factory in Groby after reports of smoke inside the building.


After a couple of hours, it had become a dangerous fhre.


This plume of smoke transferred to a very black, acrid smoke, absolutely.


Flames 30, 40 foot, jumping in the air, to be quite honest with you.


I suggested to my wife, get your clothes quickly,


we are going to evacuate because it was very close to a chemical plant


One of the East Midland's most popular


nature reserves says it may have to pay out thousands of pounds after


They used an axe to attack the drawbridge outside the visitor


centre at the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham.


CCTV pictures are now being checked as part of the investigation.


Repairs to the bridge hydratlics were carried out today.


As a charity the money we m`ke here and the money which is going to be


spent on repairing the drawbridge should be being spent on protecting


The last defendant to give dvidence in the Leicester house fire murder


trial has denied knowing about any plan for revenge that night.


Akeem Jeffers did however admit being there when


a fire was started deliberately killing a family of four.


Sarah Teale has been at Nottingham crown court.


Sarah, this is the last of the eight accused to give evidence.


Well, the 24`year`old says he was at Woodhill in Leicester last


But he says he knew nothing about the arson attack or any other


During this trial we've heard from some of the other co`accused


who claim there was a plan to brick the family home of Abdul Hakim,


a man believed to be involvdd in the fatal stabbing of their friend.


But Jeffers said he didn't know anything about that either.


He said he was on the street with the rest of the group but a van was


blocking his view so he didn't see the fire being set or who dhd it.


As we know, the wrong house was targeted and Shehnila Taufip


and her three children died in the petrol bombing attack.


Sarah, what did Jeffers say in explaining why he didn't say


He says he didn't realise until the day after how serhous


He said I felt sick to my stomach I couldn't believe it.


I was devastated that four innocent people had died.


He was asked if he was entirely innocent why he didn't tell the


He said I was petrified scared and didn't want to tell the police I


The court heard he was arrested two weeks after the fire at


Leeds Met University where he was doing a business degree.


Sarah, this case has been going on for seven weeks now.


How much longer is it expected to last?


This is the last of the defendants to give evidence.


The legal teams will now begin their summing up and the jury is


expected to be sent out to consider their verdicts next week.


A large car factory is prob`bly one of the most unlikely of loc`tions


But the Derbyshire`based Toxota plant has joined forces with the


With more details, here's Simon Hare.


It's a hive of industrial activity but look closely


Toyota's giant car plant at Burnaston near Derby is now home to


We've got the county flowers that represent where all


The transformation of our industrial land, how domestic


gardens, which are 1% of thd entire British land area, are as ilportant


Because it's where most people actually engage with wild plants.


The 580`acre site has got more than 400 different plant


Toyota says it makes economhc as well as environmental sense.


Cutting the grass between the buildings is very


expensive and so this way you only cut the grass once a year,


It leads the way, we believd, in showing what can be done.


Roughly, for every 100 years of a hedge's life span,


one new species arrives so we've got a hedge created of ten wild, woody


plants and climbers that run really right up to the factories hdre.


And seeds from flood meadow on this site have now gone


into the nation's seed bank to help restore wild flowers to othdr areas


Which, in hockey, would makd it a short corner wouldn't it Colin?


We're are at Loughborough University to see if Leicester Ladies can win.


We are also in Holland for the men's hockey World Cup.


Now, it all seems to be happening underground at the moment bdcause,


on the day work began to reopen a tungsten mine in Devon, the


public now has access to a former copper mine in the Peak District.


In its prime during the 19th century, the Ecton mine madd the


Near Hartington in the heart of the Peak District, Paul Lortimer


and Zoe Stevens take me to the old winding house above the Ecton mine.


The winding house built in the 8th century is one of the buildhngs


This concrete slab, underne`th is a 1300 feet hole under us. It is


deeper than the Empire Statd building.


The winding house built in the 8th century is one of the buildhngs


revealing what developed beneath the hill 350 million years `go.


The copper was discovered 4000 years ago by Bronze Age dwellers, who


By the late 18th century, the mine was producing


the equivalent of millions of pounds a year in income for the owner,


the fourth Duke of Devonshire, and his fabled Duchess, Georgiana.


It was at the time they werd landscaping Chatsworth Park, a time


when the Cavendish family wdre spending a lot of money so this


would have been a significant contributor to their income.


As the mine went deeper, thdy needed steam power to lift the ore


so a Birmingham built beam dngine was put inside the winding house.


200 feet below the winding house, we walked into the mine at one of the


We are directly beneath the engine house. That is about 200 fedt above


our heads. Below us is another 100 feet to the bottom of the mhne.


Unfortunately for the miners, once the winding engine went


By the 1850s the engine was gone and copper mining stopped in 18 9.


The old winding house becamd a cow shed but now the National


Trust have worked to restord it to show both its functions.


If you scratch on here, you can smell what it was like in the engine


house, and if you scratch this one it is when we had some cows living


here. It proves that all th`t glitters virtually is gold.


It's a hockey special on Sport tonight because we have two big


Behind me, right now, Leicester Ladies are playing the final of the


And in Holland, an England men's team stackdd with


East Midlands talent have a must`win game in the World Cup.


So, tonight we're going to talk stick work,


Some quick sports news to start though because Nottingham Forest


manager Stuart Pearce is moving swiftly into the transfer m`rket.


Medicals today for Dutch striker Lars Veldwijk and Former Lehcester


Fryatt's scored at a rate of a goal every three games during his career,


which saw him spend the last three seasons at Premier League Htll City.


He's rejected a new contract offer from them.


Derby County have had an offer for George Thorne rejected by Wdst


Leicestershire's Sylvain Guhntoli is back up to second in the


World Superbike Championships after two second place finishes


In a very tight contest this season, you feel every point will count


Behind me this is the Eurohockey Club Champions Trophy. Let's talk to


one of the organisers. It is kind of like putting video rope powdr leak


together. You must be delighted It is incredible it has all cole


together and we are so pleased to have it here. You must be even more


delighted to see that Leicester Ladies are winning at the moment


2`1. Yes six minutes to go. It is incredible. In a joke we sahd to the


team that there was only ond result we wanted and we weren't trxing to


put too much pressure but to actually have them in the fhnal is


relieved. In terms of the overall prestige of hockey, how important


are events like this? Incredibly so. It was last in the UK ten ydars ago.


We should do more here. Holland to a lot. We are so pleased to host it


here at Loughborough University Still on hockey, the papers may


be full of Brazil but it's not the Tonight four hockey players from


the East Midlands are facing one of England's men need to beat Belgium


to reach the World Cup semifinals. It's being played in The Hague


in the Netherlands. And from there Mark Shardlow


has sent this report. It may be dwarfed by Brazil but the


tournament here is doing its best to bring noise and colour to hockey.


England are playing to sell out crowds of 15,000. The East Lidlands


is playing its part. A quartet who helped Beeston to the world title


are hoping to bring England to success. If you had told us we could


have a game against Belgium and then be in the semifinals, we wotldn t


believe it. If we beat them, we get the resort `` rewards we deserve.


They were thrashed 5`0 by Atstralia. We just have to go on and ilprove.


We improved over the summer last year and now hopefully we whll get


over the line. Belgium will be tough. We can address a few issues


and improve for Monday. England have only reached the semifinal of the


World Cup twice in its history. Something like this would hdlp,


though. Belgian's women werd late Al for the second half yesterd`y and


play started without them. It wouldn't be England in a World


Cup it was not tense. Leicester are playing in black you this evening.


They had three minutes and 40 seconds to go. You're the club


president, how excited I? Wd have just got a penalty corner so


hopefully we will convert it. How exciting is it for the team to be


playing at this level? We h`ve done a fantastic job this evening. The


quality is here to be seen. These are top clubs. This club from Moscow


are really top. They have rdally pushed us. We have come back from


1`0 down to make it 2`1. All, it has come off the post! This is cooling


me. It is brilliant and we have loved every second posting this


tournament. I would like to thank the council and all of our sponsors


and volunteers and everybodx. Hopefully we will be able to say


that Leicester Ladies have won this title later tonight. It could not be


more tense. We will bring you the result of this later.


We will try to pass that on before the programme ends.


From a platinum`selling albtm to supporting the likes of Coldplay,


London Grammar are a band that have won both ptblic


But while they're named after the capital, they acttally met


And as our arts reporter Geeta Pendse found out,


their time here has had a huge influence on their mtsic


# And I'm so down Caught in the middle. # Performing


Performing Strong, a song that has had countless radio


With a platinum selling albtm under their belts, it's been


Over the weekend, they were performing at the


No Tomorrow festival at Willerton hall just a stone's throw away


from where they met as studdnts at the University of Nottingham


We met, basically, because we were in the same halls.


Dan and Hannah met first in about 2008.


The first gig we did as a three was Bag Of Nails,


We played quite a few shows there and we went on and


played in the Bodega and other sort of clubs and bars around and stop it


For Hannah, it was very much her first steps


# Maybe I'm wasting my young years. #


The trio were signed to a l`bel not long after leaving univdrsity,


They've also recently won an Ivor Novello award


for their songwriting but they say the seeds for many of the songs


There are songs which still exist that were just written


in our student bedrooms and that's an important thing because they are


We began here and made our very first gigs in Notthngham.


You know, that's where we wdre born, really.


# Yeah, I might seem so strong Yeah, I might speak so long. #


It's not long ago they were writing songs


Now they're performing around the world but it's clear Nottingham


She has the voice of an angdl. Yes, and the heavens opened today.


This was the result of some pretty heavy rain today. We have more


pictures on our Facebook page. If you have more pictures to sdnd in,


keep them coming. We have h`d hot and humid air moving up frol the


south interacting with this low`pressure area. That will stay


with us tomorrow. We will sde some heavy and thundery showers


developing through the day tomorrow. It should be a little bit more fresh


and cool in the afternoon btt still some heavy showers. We have had a


break from them for the last couple of hours but more will come up from


the south through the evening. They will rumble on for a few hotrs but


they will push north in the early hours of the morning. Some clear


spells through the night but mild and muddy. `` muggy. We will see


showers kicking off into thd afternoon tomorrow. It is all or


nothing with the showers at the moment. Heavy, with hail and


thunder. A little cooler and fresher and slightly less humid tomorrow.


Things will settle down as we go into Wednesday. Pressure buhlds from


the south and it will be a lot more dry and bright whites end of the


week and it will stay warm. `` towards the end of the week.


Leicester Ladies beat Moscow 2` . THROWS VOICE: 'A weekly treat


of all the best bits of Radio 2 ' But that isn't quite


the end of the story. ..then...


..he landed... ..and in a flurry


of feathers, they were gone. But that isn't quite


the end of the story. Perhaps you'll dream


of a great adventure.


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