09/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davhes.


First tonight, police recorded 600 hate crimes in Nottingh`m last


year but an independent investigation claims there `re


Nottingham Citizens Group is organising an inquiry to sed how


widespread the problem is and it has the support of a Pentecostal


bishop who says he's judged by the colour of his skin all the time


Bishop Paul Thomas walks thd streets of St Ann's in Nottingham every


week, but while spreading the word about his church, he is regtlarly


I experience hate crime in terms of religion or colour


I don't want my children to go through or have


That's why he and colleagues at Nottingham Citizens Group are


organising an independent inquiry into hate crime, to find


Leaving no room for hate is everyone's responsibility and that's


why we're launching this report to produce and capture a sn`pshot


of what hate crime looks like in the city and produce a sdt of


recommendations that will ddliver change from the police to


City Councils and the community themselves.


Nottingham Citizens Group s`ys hate crime is hugely underreportdd.


600 incidents were recorded by police last year.


But a survey of taxi drivers suggest thex


People abuse, people swear, all sorts.


Most of us don't report because it takes too long.


Two, three, four hours waiting for the police.


And across the city at the charity Mencap, bossds told


me 98% of learning disability hate crimes go unrecorded.


They're running their own campaign to change that and enable


When we get the reporting r`tes up, it means that learning disability


hate crime and all hate crile will be taken more seriously and then


With education key, they know change won't be quick or easy, but they are


determined their inquiry, launched tonight, is the st`rt of


An investigation is under w`y to find out how a fire


Firefighters from across Leicestershire spent


the day tackling the blaze, while resident s had to stay indoors spare


with their windows and doors closed, who as Navtej Johal reports.


This mobile phone footage c`ptured the fire that brought this


Leicestershire village to a standstill.


At half`past six this morning, fire crews were called to the Druck


factory in Groby after reports of smoke inside the building.


After a couple of hours, it had become a dangerous fhre.


This plume of smoke transferred to a very black, acrid smoke,


absolutely flames 30, 40 foot, jumping in the air.


I suggested to my wife, get your clothes quickly because


we're going to evacuate, because it's very close to a chemic`l plant


Around 50 firefighters workdd on bringing the blaze under control.


700 staff were evacuated from the building, while people living


nearby were warned to stay hndoors and close doors and windows.


There had been a nitric acid leak at the factory but the Fire Service


is still investigating what caused this fire.


There has been significant damage to the building itself.


People are being allowed back into their homes.


We initially carried out an evacuation due to the smoke


plume but we want to reassure people that the smoke plume was no worse


Several hours on from when the fire started, it's still very


But the Fire Service has told us that


what was a large, hazardous fire could've become a major inchdent


were it not for the swift work of the fire crews here this morning.


Finally, the football is about to kick off in Brazil but spard a


thought for the emergency sdrvices on standby to pick up the pheces.


As the drinks industry expects a boost in takings,


so A departments are expecting more patients, as our health


There's nothing like international football to stir


..fill the pubs and get your heartbeat racing.


Even if England are short on goals, they won't be short of advice.


And at Derby's Accident Elergency unit, the police, City Council


and doctors have been advishng each other on the best approach.


It's an idea from Cardiff they're trying out


It's a system that was set tp in Cardiff for really looking


at the data associated with violent and specifically alcohol`related


So information gathered herd on where trouble happens


and why will be shared but patients' details will be anonymous.


Are you expecting it to be very busy on Saturday?


I think what'll happen is, people will make their way out


The problem is the game doesn't start till 11


o'clock at night, so there will be quite a bit of preloading, H think.


Obviously we're playing against Italy,


the World Cup at stake, that we d expect people in the city cdntre.


What we're seeking to do is ensure that they are safe.


This might be the calm before the storm.


A lot quicker than I thought they would do.


They hope the World Cup won't push up waits.


There's a national target to meet ` 95% of patients in A seen,


treated, admitted or sent home in four hours.


Here, they've hit it for the first time in years.


I think if the bars have extended licences, we'll be busy all


In the East Midlands, there might be more of this, but


the emergency services say they ll work hard to keep things safe.


That's your news for now, so it's goodbye from me,


Thank you, we have had some very lively weather and this is the


picture earlier today. Therd will be more developing this afternoon as


well. A dry land bright start and then those thundery downpours will


be pushing data on. `` a drx and bright start. One of those very


mucky and humid nights with temperatures no lower than 05 or


16. We start dry with sunshhne around through the morning with warm


sunshine, too. But the cloud will build as we head into the afternoon


with a few showers kicking off. Some hail and Thunder thrown in for good


measure. In between, not re`ding too bad with temperatures around 20 or


21. `` and not feeling. Things are slowly settling down from Wddnesday


onwards. That's it from us. of us, but I'll pass you overto Jay.


-- over to jay now. Good evening, it was the warmest day


of the year. Warm for some, but thundery for others. This line of


really intense thunderstorms moved through. Large hail and gusty winds


and rain as well. That moved away and now we look towards the south


and you can see the rain moving northwards. So let's look at the


cloud which is heading our way and some of it does look really quite


threatening particularly in the south-eastern corner there. That's


going to bring heavy rain. With it the risk of thunder and lightening.


The rain will move away from the the risk of thunder and lightening.


Sea, but it may linger further Sea, but it may linger further


north. Just moving away from the south-west and into Wales and into


Northern Ireland by dawn. Another mild night. 12 Celsius in the north


and maybe 13 Celsius or 14 Celsius in the south. To start the day


across Northern England, it's looking good. It is dry and bright,


but there will be wetter weather around the borders and up towards


Shetland it will be wet. Heavy showers around in Northern Ireland.


There could be thunder to go with


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