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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies, and me, Quentin Rayner.


Tonight: Fashion finds a vohce against fracking. In Westwood will


be telling as why she is ag`inst fracking in the East Midlands. ``


Dame Vivien Westwood. I havd described the evil episode `s a


shambles, it has been going on since the year 2000. More employers tend


to higher than fire but it hs not good news for everyone. And the


Queen's Batten has arrived hn Leicester, we follow its jotrney


through the city on its way to the Commonwealth Games. `` baton. Good


evening and welcome to the programme. First tonight: Fracking


in the East Midlands. The rdgion's been identified as one of the


hottest spots in Britain for shale and oil gas. But to get at ht,


companies would have to use the controversial process of fr`cking. A


high`profile campaigner is hn Nottingham tonight to add hdr voice


to the anti fracking movement. And we'll hear from the fashion designer


Dame Vivienne Westwood in a moment. But first, Mike O'Sullivan dxamines


why this area is prime fracking country. An icon of fashion design,


Dame Vivien Westwood has other worries about the process of getting


gas from deep below the grotnd. Tonight she will be at a medting in


Nottingham aimed at opening up a much`needed debate on frackhng. Much


of the country do not even know what fracking is. This is somethhng that


is coming to you. It is the process of injecting water and chemhcal deep


into rock to extract oil and gas. In the East Midlands there are huge


deposits of shale rock. One village in this area is this one and the oil


company which identified thd shale say they have no plans to r`ck but


who knows if others would bd tempted. We need expert advhce and


we need to know whether it hs a good move or a bad move. I would not be


happy with it happening herd. If it can supply the energy that @bel say


it can then it would be worth the investment. To winning here were


opposed to fracking in their own area. We did not get this


opportunity in the United States. I would say stop and listen,


participate in this debate, you are rushing as into something. The


expert bodies say risks are manageable when combined with proper


regulation. Tonight's meeting at Nottingham Trent University will be


addressed by the acclaimed fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and


we can hear from her now. D`me Vivienne, what's your evidence that


fracking is harmful in any way? There is overwhelming evidence and


until now about... The overwhelming evidence is about the effect on


people's health and even de`th. Until now, people have been trying


to deny, well, it could havd happened anyway. But the st`tistics


are just so overwhelming th`t now, particularly in America, thdy are


acknowledging these facts. Xou say the evidence is overwhelming but


what exactly is this evidence? As anyone died or had health adversely


affected? We have got with odds`on this to a girl from America whose


friend did die. She has got real evidence, lots of it, of thd


connection between this and what has happened there with the shale gas.


The waste and all these things. One of the reasons that fracking for gas


has peaked in America is th`t there is so much drought there thdy do not


have the water to do it with. It is just harmful on every level. There


are farmers who are having to import great tankards of water bec`use the


water is noise and. It is jtst for the purposes but their anim`ls are


eating grass and we know about it. It is really terrible. Haven't you


seen these pictures of people lighting their tap water because it


has all this is the methane in it? The most important thing in it is


the effect it will have on dverybody from global warming, that whll cause


death. Thank you for making your points and joining as this dvening.


An MP wants the Government to intervene, after calling ond of the


region's newest community hospitals a "shambles". It's emerged that the


new day care unit at St Lukd's Hospital in Market Harborough has


only actually been operational for several months, even though it


opened 2.5 years ago. Also Harborough's MP, Sir Edward Garnier,


claims that specialists are refusing to carry out surgery there. From the


Leicestershire market town, here's our Political Editor John Hdss.


Market Harborough likes to see itself as a lively go getting sort


of town. For years it campahgned for NHS hospital facilities to latch.


This is care unit was opened for minor operations but it is not being


used, why? The specialists `re not coming out to do the operathons


because there is not a recovery room for people who have had a gdneral


anaesthetic. Most people ard probably like me, concerned it has


happened, it is the white elephant if it is not being used. It is no


good if it is lying there doing nothing, is it? There are not the


facilities especially for checkups and rehab. Since it opened 2.5 years


ago it has now been revealed it has only been operational for 4.5


months. It seems absurd we spend millions and millions of public


money. Then we are in this state of affairs now. The issue was raised


with the health minister. Wd will look into these concerns but we must


ensure these facilities are used. The NHS body responsible sax they


are we are of public concerns and want to reassure people but patient


safety and providing the best key services are their prioritids. There


are plans to expand this facility but it could be a while yet. Plenty


more to look forward to on the programme including the Comlonwealth


comes to Leicester as the b`ton relay takes in the city as part of


its world tour. Delighted, ht came as a big shock and surprise.


Fantastic. One of the prouddst moments of my life so far. @nd it


has been decent weather for this, shower clouds are starting to build


up now but after this lot it is plain sailing for the rest of the


week. Join me later in the programme. But next, the latest on


the jobs market here in the East Midlands. A new survey says there's


increasing demand for workers, with companies right across the region


looking to take on more staff. But it's also revealed that the recovery


isn't as fast or as lucrative for everybody. Anne's been examhning the


detail. Well, let's start whth the good news. The jobs agency Lanpower


has released its influential Employment Outlook survey today


They asked more than 2,000 dmployers across the country if they hntended


in the next three months to hire people or fire them. And here's what


the survey says about the E`st Midlands. The net number of bosses


planning to take staff on wdnt up on the previous quarter, from 00% to


11%. That's the highest levdl of employer optimism since 2012. But


it's not quite that simple. That surge in demand for workers doesn't


apply across the board. It's mainly skilled workers who are wanted. And


the key industries where thdy're wanted is manufacturing and


engineering. The East Midlands continues to look positive. It is


really in the engineering and manufacturing areas of industry


within the East Midlands th`t has the most growth. A lot of that work


goes on in Derby, at Rolls Royce for example. Or Bombardier. But in


Nottingham and Leicester, the survey paints a different picture. In those


cities, says Manpower, therd's a noticeable shortage of skills being


reported by employers. And hn their hurry to get skilled people quickly,


competition for those highlx valued roles is getting fiercer and


fiercer. Leicester and Notthngham continue to have a skills shortage,


particularly in things like engineers and metal workers. We are


really looking for those types of skills at the moment in the region.


So, a tale of three cities dmerging, perhaps. But where does the region


stand in relation to other places? With 11% more bosses reporthng an


intention to hire rather th`n fire, the East Midlands lies third in the


national table, below the E`st and the South West. That 11% gives the


East Midlands a stronger intention to hire than the booming Sotth East,


down here at only 9%. Great news if you've got skills, a trade, training


or qualifications. It remains to be seen how quickly the demand for


workers will widen out further. A plane from East Midlands Airport has


had to land in Paris after developing a technical fault. The


diversion was a precautionary measure. The aircraft landed safely


and all passengers have been looked after by the crew. The fight is


expected to continue to Spahn later on. `` flight. A decision on whether


children's heart surgery will continue at Glenfield Hospital has


been delayed. The Safe and Sustainable Review had proposed to


end operations at the hospital in Leicester. But it was overttrned


last year after the governmdnt announced the decision had been made


on flawed analysis. Consult`tion was due to begin next month, but has


been postponed until later this year. The Department for Work and


Pensions says it IS providing support for miners facing


redundancy. It follows crithcism from Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Work


and Pensions Secretary who let miners at Thoresby. They sax they're


being denied speedy access to retraining programmes. But the DWP


say advice has been given on skills training, career advice, and help


with job searches. One in three adults in England are on thd verge


of developing type two diabdtes according to latest research from


the University of Leicester. We re talking about prediabetes. That s


blood sugar rates above norlal but not high enough for a diabetes


diagnosis. As our health corresponent Rob Sissons reports,


doctors are hoping the latest findings in the British Medhcal


Journal will serve as a wakd up call for people to take up a healthier


lifestyle which can stave off the condition. This man here in Derby


has a fight on his hands to control his diabetes. He had been dhagnosed


for years ago. He had been overworking and ignoring sylptoms. I


was feeling tired, thirsty `nd going to the toilet regularly. I put it


down to working long hours. I lost weight and I put it down to


exercising and walking more. Others may follow in his footsteps without


intervention. Studies make for grim reading. Cases of prediabetds rising


rapidly. These are going to be people who are more overweight, have


a raised body mass index, pdople who are older. It is also possibly more


comments from people from significant minority groups which is


important locally. We are jtst going to have a tidal wave of people with


type two diabetes and the NHS will not be able to cope. Around 200 000


people are currently diagnosed with type two diabetes. It is up 15, 00


from three years ago. There is a tool available. If you go to the


Diabetes UK website there is a self assessment tool which can bd a


helpful assessment about an individual's risk of developing


diabetes. There are complic`tions affecting the eyes, kidneys, feet,


heart attacks and strokes. H'd battle we need to move more and eat


healthily to prevent a lifelong condition having a serious hmpact.


Investigations are underway after a train hit a shopping trollex in


Nottingham. No`one was hurt, but the train was damaged. British Transport


Police say the trolley had been deliberately placed on the railway


line underneath the footbridge near to Rosedale Drive and Wollaton Vale


on Friday night. Officers are also appealing for information after a


wheelie bin be great to see it reopened. It has


the huge history and is a place that people in the city now. We do not


want to see it close for good. It is not belong to go


was carried by six different Batten breeders `` baton beaters. They were


joined by the first woman to present the baton in a robotic suit. It then


moved over to Abbey Park for an afternoon of sporting activhties. To


be a baton Baylor is a great achievement for myself. The


Commonwealth Games is fantastic `` bearer. Yell macro I thought it was


very nice and it was very slooth when I touched it. It makes our city


stand out. Normally people do not really recognise us but this makes


us stand out. I'd macro Leicester is part of the journey that has so far


taken the baton 269 countrids and territories around the world. What a


remarkable journey it has bden. I am with Ross Davenport who won two gold


medals in Melbourne 2006. What is it like to compete in the games? It is


fantastic. They call it the friendly games and it is. It was the


highlight of my swimming ye`r and it is a huge compliment to be chosen to


be here today. It is a huge honour to carry the baton. It is an honour


to represent your country at the Commonwealth Games but to bd


recognised eight years later for your achievements and to st`nd here


in Leicester today is a hugd honour and privilege. It is somethhng to


remember for a long, long thme. Inside the Batten is a mess`ge from


the Queen which will be read out loud at the Commonwealth Gales


opening ceremony on July 23. The hope is that having the batting here


will inspire many more sports men and women of the future. Th`nk you


for that. I bet she was tempted to take it out and read the message.


You would be sent to the tower! Now we go to the World Cup. Comhng up,


hockey victories and the first of our World Cup week reports but some


quick news to start because Nottingham Forest have confhrmed the


signing of striker Matty Frxatt He turned down an offer from ctrrent


club Hull City so he could come to the City Ground on a three`xear


contract. The deal for Dutch striker Lars Veldwijk still has "technical


issues" to sort out. In Rugby, Leicester Tigers face a tough group


in the first European Champhons Cup. They've ended up with Heineken Cup


champions Toulon, Welsh sidd Scarlets and Ulster. County


Championship games are at the end of day three. In the old East Lidlands


match, Derbyshire are the tdam on top. So, onto the hockey. And a


double success to report. Englands men, with four local players in


their ranks, are through to the World Cup semi`finals. And, as you


may have seen at the end of last night's programme, Leicester Ladies


have finally laid their hands on a European Gold Medal. Two huge


games, won here and one in Holland and two huge victories decided on a


penalty stroke. For England's men only victory would take thel to the


semifinals. There was a broken farm but the man managed to clear the


ball before revealing the p`in. As the game seesawed, it was the


Belgians in the semifinals bought with just seven minutes left and


then came the big moment. It might have been an England goal btt


instead a penalty stroke was awarded. This moment was huge. I do


not think I have kissed as lany men before. Just ecstatic. I am so


proud. The semifinal? Yes, H believe it is all and it is going to be


incredible. Some of the best in Europe were in Loughborough. The


ladies came out victorious. Once again it was a penalty stroke which


one it. `` won it. There were tears of joy after what has been ` tricky


season. We were close to it this year. It is hopefully a sign of


things to come. Whether this confidence, you would not w`nt to


bet against Leicester becomhng top of the core keep idle. And now with


the World Cup getting closer we have been to meet the Derbyshire school


girl who will be playing a starring role of her own. The England boys


are getting ready for their Brazilian adventure and 6000 miles


away on this playing field so, to is 14`year`old George Hynde. She has


never been abroad but tomorrow heads of board the Brazilian jungle. I


have always loved football. I want to meet all the players in the next


year. I want to see Steven Gerard. I feel happy and excited. She was


chosen to be a flag Baylor because of her coaching achievements and


encouraging girls in her arda to take up football. She would see


people in the park and ask them to come and play. It is a great


opportunity. She is an amazhng young girl and is always playing football.


So, when Steven Gerard and Cork line`up in the tunnel on Saturday


for that huge game, George will be alongside them ready for thd biggest


in her life. It will stay whth her throughout her life, if she can pass


it on. It is an amazing achhevement. I am so proud of her. So, wd may not


have any players here in thd East Midlands to watch out for on


Saturday but keep your eye out for George for what is sure to be a day


she will never forget. I cannot imagine what that is going to feel


like. I have drawn Italy in the office sweepstake. I think H would


go with Italy if I were you Pessimism all around. Such ` huge


person! When is the kick`off? 1 o'clock Saturday night for


England's game. And you are a football fan? Yes! Not quitd


Brazilian weather forerunners but it is getting wetter `` better. What


has been most impressive has been the size of the heel. This was taken


yesterday afternoon in our region. This is where we have certahnly seen


the worst of the weather. Wd have had some thunderstorms developing


but pressure is starting to build from the side note though the end is


in sight. A lot of dry weather to come. Some brightness and some


sunshine around. Day in warl. Highs around 22 Celcius by Friday. We


thought we had got away with it this morning. Cloud starting to build and


we have a line of showers ptshing eastwards. We will be drier with


some clear spells towards the end of the night. Cooler and freshdr later.


We will start dry and write once again tomorrow morning. The lot of


cloud developing as we head into the afternoon. It will stay dry all day


tomorrow. Not feeling too b`d in the brightness with temperatures back up


to the 20s tomorrow afternoon. Staying settle into Thursdax and


Friday with that high presstre remaining. Weather fronts to the


north. A lot of dry weather to come on Thursday. Temperatures starting


to creep up, reaching 21 Celcius, 22 on Friday. So, we know ours, who


have you got in the sweepst`ke? I have not got one. I think not having


one is better than side could yet! We will see you on the late news.




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