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That's all from us. Don't forget, there's a first look


The new day care unit at St Luke's at the


The new day care unit at St Luke's Hospital in Market Harborough opened


2.5 years ago, but it emergdd today that it's actually only been


operational for a few months. From the Leicestershire market town,


here's our Political Editor John Hess. Market Harborough likds to see


itself as a lively go getting sort of town. For years it campahgned for


NHS hospital facilities to latch. This daycare unit was opened for


minor operations but it is hardly being used, why? The specialists are


not coming out to do the opdrations because there is not a recovery room


for people who have had a gdneral anaesthetic. Most people ard


probably like me, concerned it has happened, it is the white elephant


if it is not being used. It is no good if it is lying there doing


nothing, is it? There are not the facilities especially for checkups


and rehab. Since it opened 2.5 years ago it has now been revealed it has


only been operational for 4.5 months. It seems absurd we spend


millions and millions of public money. Then we are in this state of


affairs now. The issue was raised with the health minister. Wd will


look into these concerns but we must ensure these facilities are used.


The NHS body responsible sax they are we are of public concerns and


want to reassure people but patient safety and providing the best key


services are their prioritids. There are plans to expand this facility


but it could be a while yet. The debate about the fracking mhning


process has come to the East Midlands. Experts believe the region


could have huge deposits of shale and oil gas, making it a prhme site


for development. Dame Vivien Westwood appeared at a meethng in


Nottingham tonight which was, it's claimed, aimed at opening up a


much`needed debate on frackhng. As Mike O'Sullivan now reports,


fracking is a controversial topic on both sides of the Atlantic. Fire


from water. Some scientists in America believe fracking catses the


risk of drinking water being contaminated with methane. Here


Vivienne the fashion designdr is joining the protest about fracking.


This is something that is coming to you. It is about


There are huge deposits of Shiel wrote in our region. One village in


the Shiel area is this one, the oil company that identified the Shiel


say they have no plans to crack but who knows if others will be tempted.


We need to know whether it hs a good move or a bad move. You do not like


it in your own area. I would not be happy. If it supplies the energy


that some people say it can it would give us the security to grow and


invest and encourage people to locate here.


Marathon in a robotic suit. Following on from the London


Olympics and Paralympics it is great to get everyone involved and


encourage these youngsters to do some sport, that is what thd really


is about. `` relay. Well, the Baton arrives in Glasgow in 43 daxs' time


for the opening of the Commonwealth Games. But you can follow the


progress of the relay in Lehcester live on line by going to thd BBC


website: bbc.co.uk/leicester. You can also tweet your pictures. That's


your news. So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here s


Anna Church. We have had sole ferocious weather in the last few


days. The good news is that things will quite and down over thd next


few days. Pressure is buildhng. It is mostly dry, bright and f`irly


warm. Still a couple of showers out there at the moment, not so heavy as


they were earlier. A little cooler and fresher than recent nights with


temperatures down to 11 or 02 Celsius. Tomorrow morning whll start


drive. The cloud will break up into the evening. Some decent sunshine


later and it will stay dry `ll the tomorrow. Temperatures peakhng


around 20 Celsius. It is not often we can give you an outlook like


this, dry and bright for thd rest so far on Friday. We will have to


wait and see for that. Now the National forecast. Hello. The


thunderstorms and bumbling around at the end of the day and the most


intense in north-west England. In Lancashire, Preston about 15 metres


of rain nationally metres. That s going summer. Today has been another


in a long line of days. Of course, these big showers and storms. But we


are about to get a break. High pressure is about to build into the


UK, settling the weather down. That means an end for now to the


downpours. Not only will it be warm but I think we will have dry weather


for time, too. There are some heavy showers around at the moment,


though. Northern Scotland, north-west England and Wales. Some


of these will continue well into the night. Elsewhere, variable cloud and


clear spells and a little less muddy. It makes it easier for


sleeping. Tomorrow, most of us will start the day dry. And the bit in


the middle will be dry, too. One or two early showers in north-west


Scotland but


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