11/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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A quick reminder, you can see more of that interview with Pele on BBC


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Quentin Rayner.


First tonight, a multi`millhon pound heart disease research


The unit brings together doctors, scientists and patients aimhng to


improve diagnosis and treatlent of coronary heart disease which is


Trying to unlock the causes of heart disease, scientists at the


new research centre in Leicdster are analysing the protein and DNA


samples of patients who havd suffered from heart conditions.


They want to discover how to detect the first signs of both comlon


A quarter of the people in this country will die


of cardiovascular diseases, it's a really important area of ledicine.


We don't fully understand the causes,


This research will help to unravel those things.


The research centre is based here where they treat


around 17,000 people every xear for cardiovascular diseases.


It's hoped they can harness as much of that patient information


as possible and use it to bdtter understand the causes and potential


Feeling fit now but three ydars ago Prakash Bhojani


He has been a huge supporter of the centre.


I was rushed to the hospital and they put a stent in it,


if they had not done it I would not be here with you today.


Since that I owe my life to this hospital.


The centre has cost ?12.6 million, of which ?2 lillion


The University of Leicester hopes it will become a leading research hub


The number of people who ard out of work


in the East Midlands has re`ched its lowest level for almost 20 xears.


The latest unemployment figtres show a drop of 22,000 ` one of


The jobless number across the region now stands at 142,000 with `n


One business leader told us earlier that the economy is showing


There a range of jobs and you would expect that out of a recesshon.


We talked to our members and those recruiting,


80% full`time jobs, there h`s always been part time jobs in the dconomy.


The TUC raised an issue of wages, that is the real issue becatse pay


only rose by 0.9% compared to an inflation rate of 1.8%.


People are losing money bec`use pay isn't keeping up with prices.


A downturn in the economy, wages lag behind in recoverx.


Our members told us 70% are increasing wages and the majority


The newly elected MP for Newark Robert Jenrick has taken


his seat in the House of Colmons for the first time today.


As he made his way into the Chamber, he was cheered


Mr Jenrick comfortably won the by`election with


He was later personally congratulated by the Prime Linister.


There's been a sharp rise in reports of abuse involving


The County Council were contacted more than two and


a half thousand times in thd year to March, that's around five htndred


The council is urging anyond who suspects abuse,


whether in a care home or private setting, to report their concerns.


The World Cup gets underway tomorrow and a group of workers


at a Derbyshire factory will be watching very carefully.


Not necessarily the dazzling football or the colourful crowds.


No, they'll be keeping a close eye on the grass.


You see, they work at a lawnmower firm in Kirk Langley


and their machines are being used to prepare perfect pitches in `ll


Dennis has been the name synonymous with fire engines, lorries xes. And


mowers. Good enough not just for Brazil but an impressive line`up of


other recent World Cup competitions.


It started in 2008 with the Euro finals.


We went to South Africa World Cup and supplied again all


Followed by the Ukraine and Poland and finally in Brazil this xear


The mowers have been manufactured at this factory near Derby


40 staff hand`build them and they're tested to ensurd


It's this British quality and the pedigree that had the Brazilians


coming to Dennis 18 months `go for more than 30 machines.


First, to the distributor and some contractors dealing with


Subsequently, January 2014 we did the same exercise,


training the specific groundsmen when the machines were in place


The engines are Japanese, but all the other components are


This firm too is seeing engineering business taking off


The mowers seem tradition, but, in fact, the designs are well,


They might be in Brazil this summer but the firm's


We have France coming for the Euro finals in 2016 and then Russia


It's a massive sense of achhevement for everybody within the colpany.


That's the news as it looks tonight, so it's goodbye from me `


and I''ll leave you with Kaxe who's got your weather.


We have had a chance to dry out a much quieter day, high pressure to


thank for that, it is settldd across the UK, killing off the showers and


giving some shine and it will be with us tomorrow. More in the way of


sunshine tomorrow and feeling warmer, temperatures at 20 `` 2


Celsius. We stay dry, the clouds will disperse, clear for sole of us


by the early hours, a littld cool temperatures in towns down to 1 or


12. In rural spots, seven or eight. Tomorrow morning, beautiful start


the day, lots of sunshine, lore cloud building into the aftdrnoon


but not spoiling the sunshine. Lots of sunshine and temperatures


creeping up to around 22. It is getting cool and cloudy as we


of a late storm, it turns a bit fresher into the weekend.


On the eve of the World Cup, there was a bit of Brazil in Bridlington


today because Bridlington on the east Yorkshire Coast shared the same


top temperature as the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, 22 degrees. That


is as the weather settles down across the UK as this area of high


pressure comes in. It's still with us at the weekend but its position


will have changed slightly, changing the weather


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