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has fallen into the hands of militants.


Unemployment falls. People `re feeling more confident and taking


people on as a result. Also, matters of the heart, why it's hoped this


new research centre in Leicdster will help us better underst`nd the


causes of heart disease. Plts, to the rescue. Hopefully it's second


time lucky around Britain. How long are you going to do it in? Nine


days, nine hours and nine mhnutes. The team from Derbyshire who are a


cut above the rest in Brazil. The East Midlands has recorded one


of the the highest falls Latest figures show that thd number


of people out of work across That's a drop of 22,000


in the three months to April, and an Business leaders are now saxing that


our economy is showing real signs You have to go back to the summer of


1996 for the last time we h`d it so If big sports events create a


feel`good factor, then 1996 was a vintage year. England staged the


European Championships, with some of the games being played at this city


ground in Nottingham. We had come out of the recession of the early


90s but there were still mixed news on jobs and different attittdes in


the workplace. That year 4,000 manual workers at Rolls`Royce in


Derby turned down a two`year pay deal worth just under 8%. And 2 0


new jobs were created there, as well. There was a ?40 million order


to refurbish trains as rail privatisation arrived. But later


there were 120 job losses. Hn June 1996, the half`yearly profits at


Boots were on their way to ` rise of around 10% to almost ?240 mhllion.


The jobs of 300 workers hung in the balance in Leicester after ` shoe


company went into receivership. Thousands attended this jobs fair


with the British Midland airline trying to recruit staff. 1986 has


parallels. And in this World Cup year let's hope the football doesn't


echoUre 96. `` Euro 96, England went out on penalties to Germany.


Let's hear from Chris Hobson, from the Chamber of Commerce. Obviously


you welcome these figures btt can you give us an idea of the puality


minimum wage. A number of elployers already do. There are lots of


employers and for practical reasons would have to have a discussion


internally about whether thdy could afford to do that. The news is good,


employment is on the up and people are starting to look at pay rises,


as well. Thank you. Coronary heart disease is the UK's


single biggest killer so today's opening of a multi`million pound


heart disease research centre could well be the first step towards


saving hundreds of lives. The centre brings doctors,


scientists and patients togdther. The aim ` to improve diagnosis and


treatment, as Geeta Pendse reports. Trying to unlock the causes of heart


disease, scientists at the new research centre in Leicester are


analysing the protein and DNA samples of patients who havd


suffered from heart conditions. They want to discover how to detdct the


first signs of both common `nd rare forms of disease. A quarter of the


people in this country will die of cardiovascular diseases, it's really


important area of medicine. We don't fully understand the causes, often


they have a genetic basis. This research will help to unravdl those.


The research centre is based here where they treat around 17,000


people every year for cardiovascular diseases. It's hoped they c`n


harness as much of that pathent information as possible and use it


to better understand the catses and potential treatments for he`rt


disease. Feeling fit now but three years ago this man suffered two


heart attacks and was treatdd at Glennfields. He has been a huge


supporter of the centre. In 201 I had a heart attack. I was rtshed to


the hospital and they put a stent in it, if they had not I would not be


here with you today. Since that all my life to this hospital. The centre


has cost 12. ?12.6 million, of which ?2 million was raised by thd local


community. The University of Leicester hopes it will become a


leading research hub for thd whole of the East Midlands.


Almost 200 packs of so`calldd legal highs have been seized


180 packets of tablets and powder were found at a shop in Broxtowe.


They were seized by the county council's Trading Standards team


and Nottinghamshire Police after information from the public.


Tests are now being carried out to identify the chemicals inside them.


They're dangerous. They're probably not legal and probably are


dangerous, so we are appealhng to people to let us know if thdy know


where they are and if we ard concerned about them we will get


them off sale. Investigations are under wax


into the cause of a huge fire at Crews were called to


the derelict building on Wigman Road in Bilborough just


after 10.00pm last night. They spent the night working to


ensure the flames didn't spread An army reserve centre


was also evacuated. Gas has been ruled out as a cause


of the fire. There's been a sharp rise


in reports of abuse involving The County Council were contacted


more than 2,500 times in the year to March, that's around


500 more than the previous xear The County Council is urging anyone


who suspects abuse, whether in a care home or private


setting, to report their concerns. Coming up later: The rescue teams


taking to the water for a challenge around Britain in nine days, nine


hours and nine minutes. The newly`elected MP for Newark


Robert Jenrick, has taken his seat in the House of


Commons for the first time today. He was cheered by Conservathve


backbench MPs and personallx Let's talk to our political editor


John Hess who is in Westminster A big day for the new MP. There was


a noticeable sense of excitdment but also relief among Tory MPs `s Robert


Jenrick was formally introdtced to the House of Commons today. If he


was hoping for a lower profhle on his first day, well the Prile


Minister and Tory backbenchds couldn't resist savouring the first


by`election victory in a generation for the Conservatives in Government.


After a welcome from the Colmons Speaker and before finding ` seat on


those famous green benches, Newark's new MP took the parliamentary oath.


I swear by almighty God I whll be faithful and bear true allegiance to


Her Majesty and her heirs and successors. It's been a big day for


you, as a new MP there must be practical things you have to sort


out like new offices and thhngs Good evening. Yes, it's likd a first


day at school except I am in a class of one. There is a lot to gdt done,


I have to get an office and get organised. We are getting m`il


coming through, we had a few hundred letters already from cop constitute


yents, so getting on with the job. `` constituents. The Prime Linister


looked pleased to greet you here at Westminster but why do you think


your by`election victory mattered so much for the Prime Minister? Well,


as we said throughout the c`mpaign it mattered because we wantdd Newark


to have a good constituency MP. It was a Westminster election. It had


the European elections two weeks before, a lot of people had used


that to ` UKIP had said havd a free hit against the Government `nd this


was about choosing your MP `nd also setting the tone for which hs the


most credible party to be the Government. Economically thd East


Midlands as we heard this evening seems to be enjoying somethhng of a


revival but is it a flash in the pan and will it be sustained up to and


after the next general election I certainly hope so. There's good news


out today, in Newark the nulber of people on jobseeker's allow`nce is


down again, particularly amongst young people. You see great


statistics, 8,000 new busindsses in the East Midlands. The East Midlands


is the fastest growing part of the British economy. Throughout the


by`election campaign we werd amazed by the fact statistics that 7,0 0


new jobs in Newark alone since 010. Aren't a lot of those zero hour


contract jobs? There is a r`nge of different jobs, not all of them are


zero hours. If you look on the high street there are shops openhng and


good businesses. Of course things aren't perfect but it's cle`r the


East Midlands is on the up. Thank you very much. Some news about


UKIP's Rodger Helmer who cale second in the by`election. He has been


elected leader of UKIP's group in the European Parliament and that, no


doubt, frees up Nigel Faragd and gives him breathing space to find


that Westminster seat. Thank you for that, John.


The Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has proved she's not just prepared


for political battles by breaking up a brawl in a cafe.


The Defence Minister, who has previously described herself


as a tough old bird, took action at a coffee shop


She stood between staff and a drunk man, blocking hhm


She told him to, stop it, stop it now.


She believes being a woman prevented the brawl going any further.


The new tram bridge over Nottingham's ring road has


It's to be called the Ningbo Friendship Bridge,


The structure is about 62 metres long, weighs 1, 00


It spans the A52 linking thd Queens Medical Centre with the main


It opened a campus in Ningbo ten years ago.


It's known to locals as the "Big Pit".


The area is a haven for birds and other wildlife.


But campaigners in this part of Leicestershire say proposals to


build dozens of houses would have a devastating impact


These photographs show what the pit used to look like. Campaigndrs say


the site was a haven for wildlife. This is what the area looks like


now, the site's already been partially cleared to make w`y for


the development. If permisshon is granted, the lake would be filled in


and around 60 houses would be built. Locals aren't happy. The celetary


backs on to it. Can you imagine the effect it's going to have on people


who might be burying their loved ones with all that going on behind


it? There's not many truly wild sites you can go and around there


there was a lovely site. Thdre were fish in it, we put a boat on it


There's loads of places that are derelict that could be built on


This year campaigners and councillors successfully stopped a


plan to fill in and build on the land but that decision is now being


appealed. A public meeting hs being held today for residents to speak


out. There's real concerns from residents that to fill in the pit


would take so many lorry movements and would cause disruption `nd noise


and dust and harassment to residents. It's been there since the


World War I. I think it will be a disaster because it's a large


stretch of water which is ilportant for wildlife and it's important for


people to be able to see it. It s part of the hingly scene and it ``


hingly scene. A decision is expected in the next few weeks.


A team of volunteers has set off for the south coast today to enjoy


the trip of a lifetime and they're hoping it'll be


Last summer, Watersafe UK ` a Derbyshire`based inland w`terways


rescue team ` attempted the 999 challenge `


to circumnavigate Britain in nine days, nine hours and nine mhnutes.


Now, as James Roberson reports, they're trying again.


Practising out on the water last July, the team were full of hope


that their around Britain voyage would be successful. Becausd the


volunteer team members are lainly emergency service workers from


Derbyshire and Nottinghamshhre who carry out inland waterway rdscues,


it was called the 999 challdnge Their plan was to raise tens of


thousands for their charity and the RNLI in one go, they would take the


boat around Britain leaving from the RNLI headquarters in Poole hn Dorset


and stop each night at lifeboat stations, completing the ch`llenge,


it was hoped, in nine days, nine hours and nine minutes. But on day


one the boat split, by day two it was all over. Pretty gutted. The


whole boat split. One of thd ` it was really the end of the challenge.


It was back to the drawing board. A similar plan, but with a new


stronger, bigger boat. Whild that was being organised, the te`m was


hard at work carrying out rdscues in East Anglia and Berkshire dtring


this winter's floods. You don't believe how much water can cover


such a vast area. For such ` prolonged amount of time, as well,


obviously you get used to flash flooding and stuff but therd was a


metre and a half in places `nd it was shocking to see the dev`station


to people's lives, to be honest Today, the team were packing to


leave Derby, hopeful this thme it will go to plan. We will set the


target to ?50,000. Hopefullx we will get near to that target. How long


are you going to do it? Nind days, nine hours and nine minutes. The


team leaves tomorrow and should be back on the 20th.


Fingers crossed for them thhs time! Plenty more on the way: The


Bladerunners. The team from Derbyshire who have made all the


mowers for the World Cup st`diums in Brazil.


Did you say World Cup? Brazhl? It all starts tomorrow in Brazhl. World


Cup fever is naturally spre`ding across the East Midlands. In a


moment we will chat to the first ever Englishman to play professional


football in Brazil. First, here is something to get you in the mood.


There is no bigger stage th`n the World Cup and with it being in


Brazil it makes it extra spdcial. We are determined not to let the


opportunity slip by without grasping it.


Everyone's desperate to do well We can't wait until June 14th comes


around. We are going to plax Roy Hodgson's way and England's way and


hopefully that's successful. We believe that we are in the right


place and we are the right people to do it.


To the story of Loughborough University student Seth Burkett here


with us and sports writer I`n Ridley. You have released a book


about Seth, Ian. Tell us about his amazing story. It's a fascinating


story. I have my own publishing company Floodlit Dreams and this


manuscript arrived months ago from a young lad, the only English


professional footballer in Brazil. I read it and he asked for sole advice


on it. As I got into the story, I thought, wow, this is prettx


staggering. A young lad, 18, spotted on a tournament playing for Stamford


out there and he gets a chance to play in the middle of nowhere.


Astonishing story really. Sdth, from Stamford FC to there, what was it


like? An incredible experience. It really was. But at the same time it


was a massive change in culture The whole team live together in a


converted garage on the edgd of a favehla. In my room six of ts, in


the next eight and the next 14. Within that we are served t`steless


rice and beans, but at the same time it was fantastic. We have phctures


of the glamorous image of Brazil, the carnival, and images of Brazil.


What was it really like plaxing there? Yeah, the reality for a lot


of footballers is actually very poor conditions, cramped conditions. They


do this on purpose in Brazil because it instills a real desire to succeed


and get to the top. Players are given a lot of pampered in Dngland,


in Brazil, because they don't have that they have that desire to get to


the top. We can see pictures of where you play now and you obviously


have skills. What is the he`t like and the conditions for the Dngland


players going to be like? I was 1,000 south of there and evdn there


it was hot. The lads in my team found it hot. It got to abott 5


degrees every day, it was lhke playing in a sauna. It was hard to


breathe. Ian, you have covered four World Cups, how are we going to get


on? England might do better than people think. Young players that


don't have the baggage of previous tournaments that might do us well.


Fingers crossed. Hope they have as good a story as Seth has produced


here. Absolutely, thank you very much for coming in guys. Th`t's just


about it for the sport but let's look now at some of the sports


stories happening today with Kirsty. In tennis Sam Smith hurs has been


handed a wild card for Notthngham. In cycling Annie Lass has bden named


in the England squad for thhs summer's Commonwealth Games in


Glasgow. Lucy Garner is also part of Team England and will be part of the


road cycling squad this sumler. In cricket, Nottinghamshire's County


championship match at Yorkshire has ended in a draw.


That's all the sport on a d`y when we met the incredible Seth Burkett.


Brilliant story. Some of thd World Cup `` staying with the World Cup


theme. Now following a World Cup theme


what's one of the most important pieces


of equipment needed in any stadium? Yes, if you think about it,


how can you get that perfect playing But that's exactly what thex've got


at all 12 major stadiums in Brazil for the World Cup and guess what `


they've been made right herd Dennis has been a name synonymous


with buses and lorries. And mowers? Yes, good enough for the pitches in


Brazil and other World Cup competitions. It started in 200


with the Eeuro finals. We stpplied the equipment. We went to South


Africa World Cup and supplidd again all the equipment. Followed by the


Ukraine and Poland and finally in Brazil this year for the World Cup.


The mowers have been manufactured at this factory near Derby for the last


three decades. 40 staff hand`build them and they're tested to dnsure


the Blades are razor sharp. It's this British quality and thd


pedigree that had the Brazilians coming to Dennis 18 months `go for


more than 30 machines. Started in 2013. We went out there to do


training. First, to the distributor and some contractors dealing with


the projects ongoing. Subsepuently, January 2014 we did the samd


exercise, training the spechfic groundsmen when the machines were in


place. The engines are Japanese but all the other components ard made


next door. This firm too is seeing engineering business taking off The


mowers seem tradition, but, in fact, the designs are well, cutting edge.


They might be in Brazil this summer but the firm's already lookhng well


ahead. We have France coming for the Euro finals in 2016 and then Russia


in 2018 with Qatar at 22. It's a massive


everybody within the companx. Everybody's proud. We are a British


manufacturer. We put the Unhon Jack on with pride.


We found out that a groundslan covers eight miles cutting one of


those pitches, amazing. I ctt all our lawns once and never put the


Blades down. I thought it looked the same. I despair!


We have had a lot of water `nd warmth. Thankfully things are


quieter for us and it's nicd to show you something on a cheerier note.


This is a field of poppies captured nicely by our cameraman tod`y.


They're worth a view, they're stunning. More photos to show you,


this one was taken by Andrew today. looks beautiful. It could bd Brazil!


I will see you for the late news. Bye.


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