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pleasant in the south-west where the winds are that bit lighter. That is


it. Goodbye. They beat a man to death and set his


body alight in revenge for ` family member losing her job.


Also tonight, the mother and baby who both owe their lives to a


cervical smear test. Luckilx, my surgeon managed to perform `


procedure while I was pregn`nt to remove my cancer.


Well the dangers to be lookhng at the dangers of leaving dogs in cars,


we take the temperature test. After only half an hour, the tempdrature


has already gone off the sc`le. It is more than 50 degrees.


And the sticky subject of World Cup selection. Either way, it is a


win`win formats. `` for mathematics. Good evening,


welcome to Friday's programle. First tonight, a father,


his daughter and her boyfridnd have been given life sentences


for murdering a father`of`four Barry Smith's beaten


and burnt body was discoverdd in the grounds of the centrd


in Kilburn in October last xear Vincent Aitken, Emma Aitken and


Nathan Doherty were convictdd and Our reporter Amy Harris is live


for us in Leicester this evdning. Good evening. Yes, today was the


culmination of a seven`week trial Leicester Crown Court. In court room


number two, the jury and Barry Smith's family and friends dndured


hours of harrowing evidence. They heard how last autumn he was burnt,


he was hit and stamped on and across dragged the ground in what was


described by prosecutors as cold, brutal and chilling revenge.


Nathan Doherty, pictured, ddscribing how he helped beat traveller Barry


Smith to death while he burns the clothes worn in the attack. Mr Smith


was hit with a pole queue and had his face smashed with a fence post


before being set alight outside the Kilburn welfare social club where


Vincent Aitken was a steward with his wife. The jury was told it was a


revenge attack after Vincent Aitken's wife, Pamela, resigned from


her job at the social club for making a racist remark towards Barry


Smith. Today, Nathan Dohertx, Vincent Aitken and his daughter


Emma, were found guilty of the murder. Pamela was cleared of


assisting an offender. For Barry Smith's family, relief. It has been


eight and a half months since my kids' father was taken from them.


Today we have seen justice because the three murderers have bedn found


guilty of what they have done. But never in my life have I heard


anything so horrific of what any human could do to another htman


Originally from Doncaster, Lr Smith had been living in the closd`knit


Derbyshire village of Kilburn for around five years. He was ddscribed


in court as much loved and cherished. He leaves behind four


children and three grandchildren. Just go to the grave and le`ve


flowers. That is all we can do. Sentencing the trio to a total of at


least 52 years in jail, the judge described the attack as a brutal and


merciless killing, equivalent to the execution of a defenceless lan.


Well, just to give you a bit more detail on those life sentences,


Vincent Aitken well serve a minimum of 22 years, Nathan Doherty, 18


years, that's a minimum, and Emma Aitken, a minimum of 12. All three


looked impassive as their sdntences were read out. For the family of


Barry Smith, they have welcomed the news, but as his daughter told me,


who you heard from in my report it will never bring him back.


Next tonight, health bosses are trying to improve the take`tp


In parts of Nottingham it's as low as 50%.


The test can ultimately savd lives, something one woman knows only too


At 27, Amy Cupit's test saved not only hers


On that day I had my first surgery and they wdre just


doing a colposcopy under an`esthetic because I was pregnant.


She is just pleased she took of the invitation for a sme`r.


Because of it she heard she had cancer.


It's probably one of the worst days of my lifd.


If I hadn't had that smear laybe I wouldn't have known


Having a baby had been an uphill struggle.


She was eight weeks pregnant when she was told she had cdrvical


Innovative surgery, though, in Nottingham,


In between being told I had cancer and going back to see


my consultant there were all sorts going through my mind:


I dreamt of my funeral, of my baby dying, there werd all


Women aged 25 to 64 are invhted for cervical screening, but in parts of


It's somebody looking at your private area,


which is understandably not the nicest thing to have done,


but for two minutes of time, you might be uncomfortable, but it


Why people don't have it done is beyond me.


This is a GP's surgery in Nottingham.


Here they've worked hard to get more women to have smears.


Cervical screening is just a really good form


I think it's important to s`y we are not looking for cancer when


We're actually looking at cdrvical cells


Amy in Nottingham needs little convincing.


years I'd hear someone said to me "you have cancer". But it h`ppened


to me so it could happen to anybody.


Loads more to come on the programme, including the 80,000


fans giving the Download Festival a huge thumbs`up in honour


And whatever your plans this weekend, the weather is not looking


too bad, but first, I have some thundery showers to talk about. Find


out more later. And I will be meeting the primary


pupils who are financial br`inboxes. We understand money!


A woman's been telling a court how she "lost it"


Susan Edwards admits manslatghter but denies murdering her mother


and her father before burying their bodies in


the back garden of their Mansfield home, as Mike O'Sullivan reports.


Susan Edwards, who, with her husband, denies murdering hdr


parents gave evidence at Nottingham Crown Court today. The remahns of


William and Patricia, killed in 1998, were discovered by police in


the back garden of their hole in forest town in Mansfield in October


last year. William was shot dead in a bedroom by his wife, said Mrs


Edwards, who was visiting dtring a May Day bank holiday. Mrs Edwards


said her mother then taunted her, saying she knew her father had


abused her as a child and that her mother had been in a relationship


with her husband, Christophdr. Mrs Edwards, who admits manslaughter,


told her barrister, she kept on and on. At some point, I lost it. I shot


my mother. Mrs Edwards wrapped bodies in duvets and put thdm under


the bed and left. When she returned with her husband a few days later,


she told him what had happened. Mrs Edwards said husband wanted to tell


the police but she persuaded him not to, using what she called in motion


or blackmail. She said, I used everything in my power. The love


between us, for him not to call the police. `` emotional blackm`il. They


did not have a car and she suggested the garden for the bodies. @fter


they dragged the bodies of her parents into the grave after dark,


Mr Edwards went inside and was sick. The prosecution say the couple


murdered the parents to ste`l their pensions and savings. Prosecutors


said... The prosecution and defence are due


to make their closing speeches next week.


There's been a further setback to plans


for a new ?15 million visitor centre and attraction at Sherwood Forest.


Nottinghamshire County Council says it's no longer working with


its partner, Discovery Attr`ctions, because it couldn't confirm it


A new private partner will now be sought.


The council says it's committed to having a new centre in Sherwood


At the time we selected our partner they did in fact have the ftnding


available, but, as I said, hn a time of difficult funding circumstances,


there are original funding did not come through and they have struggled


in the period since to find new funders.


East Midlands Ambulance Service is predicting a huge rise


It's because the first Engl`nd match in the World Cup coincides with hot


Managers at Ambulance Control say they expect calls every few seconds


and have spent months plannhng for the event.


During the match itself, we will have a probably quieter than normal


Saturday night because many will being gauged in watching thd match,


but what we anticipate from 15 minutes afterwards is that we must


to see an increase in activhty, with a particular spike going on for the


latter part of 1am to 2am in the morning. `` we will see.


It's been a hot and humid d`y today, prompting a new warning


from a leading animal charity about the dangers of keeping dogs


The Dogs Trust says, despite repeated warnings,


almost half of owners still think it's OK to leave their anim`l


Sarah Teale has been investhgating just how dangerous that can be.


Even the professionals who `re paid to look after their dogs can make


Four years ago Nottinghamshhre Police dog handler Mark Johnson left


two of his German Shepherds inside his car in baking hot weathdr.


Despite that tragic reminder of the consequences, it seems the lessage


The Dogs Trust has released this campaign video, showing a dog ice


It comes on the back of their research,


which shows 46% of owners hdre in the East Midlands believd it s OK


I think some people think if they park in the shade or


if they leave the windows open that it's OK, but in fact that doesn t


make a noticeable differencd to the inside temperature of a car


So just how quickly can a car heat up?


The temperature is currently 23 degrees.


I've left my window slightlx open and we're going to leave thhs


inside my car for a few minttes to just see how hot it gets.


Now, we've only left it half an hour and already the temperature


Basically, once the body telperature reaches 41 degrees


the vital organs will no longer be able to function normally.


Unfortunately this can lead to organ failure in a very quick perhod `


Here at the Dogs Trust in Wxmeswold, they have to be absolutely sure


their animals don't suffer from the heat.


Particularly their very furry friends, lhke Luna,


who likes nothing more than a dip in the paddling pool to cool off.


Sarah Teale, BBC East Midlands Today, Leicestershire.


That is a very effective video, isn't it?


A ban on drinking in the streets across Nottingham has


seen alcohol confiscated allost 500 times in its first three months


Police and Community Support Officers have had the power to seize


The council says the idea is working.


More than half of the confiscations happened on streets in Notthngham


Derby's been shortlisted as a site for England's first new Further


It'll be dedicated to creathng rail engineers for High Speed Two,


Birmingham, Manchester and Doncaster are also in the running.


The Government should make its final decision next month.


Hundreds of children got the chance to find out what it was


like to be Second World War evacuees, although only bridfly


They were given the chance to re`enact warthme rail


The steam train journeys between Leicester and Loughborough


were organised by the Great Central Railway as part of a


With seeing the old steam trains and people in costume, it reallx gives


them a good insight into how it must have been for children their age to


have to leave their families, not knowing where they were going, so it


helps them understand and elpathise with people from that time.


It's finally emerged exactlx how much it cost


Derbyshire County Council to pay off its former chief executhve.


Nick Hodgson received almost ?220,000.


Nick Hodgson was sacked frol his role as chief executive of


Derbyshire County Council over a year ago. But it was only today that


we learned he was given a p`yoff of almost ?220,000. That is eqtivalent


to the pretty broad changes, perhaps even


adding a frisson of fear just to ring the changes, as it werd. Just


yesterday, the council annotnced it was cutting 27 senior managdment


posts, thereby saving ?2.25 million. But after a year of secrecy, we now


know exactly how much it cost to fill the council's Chief Exdcutive


post. The City of London is home to many


of the UK's major financial institutions, but now Nottingham can


boast its first Centre of Excellence Dunkirk Primary School's won


the accolade for teaching That's a brilliant idea, isn't it?


We could have done with that! And we've got more


from the classroom later on. We're with the kids who are dicing


with World Cup scores to improve At Trent Bridge Notts


Outlaws are up Derbyshire's match


against Worcestershire only got Leicestershire's match away


at Lancashire doesn't start Finally from me, back to thd World


Cup. With just over 28 hours till England


kick off their campaign, football While kids in playgrounds are


swapping World Cup stickers, maths teachers are using the tournament


to teach them about probability Jeremy Nicholas has been to one


football crazy school Not Rio de Janeiro,


but Radcliffe on Trent. Mr Burdes is a bit tall


for our pundit booth but he's man of the match for the kids


because he teaches maths ushng a World Cup model ` not the sort


that is married to a player. If a team rolled a six, then that's


a shot at goal and it's going to score unless the opposite tdam,


the opponents, roll a one to give The teams are all ranked


so they learn about probability It's something that doesn't happen


very often Excitement mounts


in the knockout stages with There is loads of


World Cup World Cup rivalrids of course, but here the big rivalry


is between those who collect the World Cup stickers and those


who collect the World Cup c`rds Playtime is a chance to get swaps


and everyone wants to get mdssy With the stickers you can stick


them down and no one can bug you to You can't get them back off


and it's really annoying, but with the cards you can swap them


and that's really good. Because you could easily drop them,


when with stickers you can't. If you card is Messi then you can


swap it for loads of bad onds. So, playtime is over, let's go


back in the classroom and fhnd out Despite the youngsters tipphng


the South American sides, It looks like a popular win,


but the real winner is maths, and the kids wouldn't swap Lr Burdes


for anyone ` he's a keeper. He clearly is! Back in 1970, I


collected cards. I'm delighted( ) Were you born in 1970? No!


Well, it's been another lovdly day, perfect if you went to spot the 225


leaving East Midlands Airport this morning. Thank you for sendhng this


picture in, James. Unfortun`tely, it looks like cloudy conditions


tomorrow, so no chance of sdeing it then. It is gained to be fedling


cooler this weekend but it should be mostly dry. `` it is going to be.


Across the weekend, we can dxpect there to be some bright sunny


spells. I will find them solewhere for you! A Met Office warning this


evening in force for heavy rain and the potential for thundery showers


to move South as we go throtgh the evening, leading to localisdd


flooding, so watch out for those of you are heading out and abott. Not


everybody will catch them, but where we do get them, some torrential


downpours, and those continte into the early hours of Saturday. A cue


me and muggy night with lows of 15. me and muggy night with lows of 15.


`` a humid. I am hopeful thd cloud will thin to give bright spdlls in


the afternoon as we go throtgh the day, but still the risk of ` few


showers, though definitely ` dry afternoon with temperatures a bit


lower than we have been used to 20 is your maximum. If you havd a


barbecue planned, it looks like it should be staying dry tomorrow


evening. A settled today on Sunday but plenty of cloud around `nd


temperatures at 19. Not bad. Not bad at all. Would you lhke me to


name the Brazil 1970 World Cup team? Let me think about that! No, I


wouldn't! England play tomorrow Don't forget! How could we( ) Have a


great evening. Make the most of your weekend,


wherever you are. Use the BBC Weather App to stay


one step ahead of the weather.


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