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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Maurice Flynn.


A father, his daughter and her boyfriend have been given


life sentences for murdering a man outside a Derbyshire social club.


Barry Smith's beaten and burned body was discovered in the grounds of


Amy Harris reports from the hearing in Leicestdr.


Nathan Doherty pictured describing how he helped beat traveller


Barry Smith to death while he burns the clothes worn in the att`ck.


Mr Smith was hit with a pool cue and had his face smashed


in with a fence post before being set alight outside the Kilbtrn


Welfare Social Club where Vhncent Aitken was a steward with hhs wife.


The jury here at Leicester Crown Court was told it was a revdnge


attack after Vincent Aitken's wife Pamela resigned from her job


at the social club for making a racist remark towards Barry Smith.


Today Nathan Doherty, Vincent Aitken and his daughter Emma


Pamela Aitken was cleared of assisting an offender.


For Barry Smith's family, relief.


It's been eight and a half months since my


Today has shown us justice because the three murderers have


actually been found guilty of what they've done.


I've never in my life heard anything so horrific of what


Originally from Doncaster, Mr Smith had been living


in the close`knit village of Kilburn for around five years.


He was described in court as much loved and cherished.


He leaves behind four children and three grandchildren.


We just go to his grave and give flowers


` that's all we can do becatse we're never going to see her again.


Sentencing the trio to a total of at least 52 years in jail, the judge


described the attack as a brutal and merciless killing equiv`lent to


Detectives investigating thd murder of a Polish man in Nottingh`m have


22`year`old Bogdan Nawrotskh was last seen in January.


In April a 37`year old man was charged with murder.


This morning a 28`year`old man was also detained.


Police are still searching for Mr Nawrotski's body.


Health bosses say they're concerned lives are being put at risk because


some women don't have their free cervical smear tests. In parts of


Nottingham the take`up is as low as 50%. The test can ultimatelx save


lives ` something one woman knows only too well. At 27, Amy Ctpit s


test saved not only hers but that of her unborn baby.


So on that first day I had my surgery, they were just doing


a colposcopy under anaesthetic, because I was pregnant.


She is just pleased she took up the offer of a smear.


Because of it, she heard she had cancer.


If I hadn't had that smear, maybe I wouldn't have known that


Having a baby had been an uphill struggle.


She was eight weeks pregnant when she was told she had cdrvical


Innovative surgery in Nottingham saved her


In between being told I had cancer and going back to see my consultant,


there was all sorts going through my mind.


I dreamt of my own funeral, my baby dying, all sorts of terribld things.


Women aged 25 to 64 are invhted for cervical screening but hn parts


They've worked hard to get more women to have smears.


Cervical screening is just a really good form


It's important to say we're not looking for cancer


We're actually looking at cdrvical cells that have become abnormal


Amy in Nottingham needs little convincing.


I never thought in a million years I would hear someone say to md "you've


got cancer", but it happened to me so it could happen to anybody.


Well, the Jo's Trust charity condtcts


research into cervical cancdr and also runs campaigns on scredning.


Earlier I spoke to its chief executive about why so few


From embarrassment, fear of the actual procedure itsdlf.


Depending on your age, your ethnicity, there are also


worries about relevance and knowledge about the actual test


So what's really important, I think, is to try to target it depending


on age or community so that they feel they totally


understand why screening is relevant for them and they attend as soon


It's every three years for younger women,


We have to be guided by the experts and they have sent for many years


that the current intervals of three years in five years are


absolutely right so it's important that it stays like that unthl


How do you hope to actually get the message across to peopld


Again, I think what's really important is


to think about the different ages, the different ethnicities, `nd how


they want to be communicated with, rather than a blanket appro`ch.


We've run a number of different pieces of research that havd


I think that's important from a local level.


East Midlands Ambulance Service is predicting a huge rise


It's because the first Engl`nd match in the World Cup coincides with hot


Managers at Ambulance Control say they expect calls every few seconds


and have spent months preparing for the event.


During the match itself, we will have a normal, prob`bly


a quieter than normal, Saturday night because a lot of people will


But what we anticipate from about 15 minutes afterwards is that we will.


To see an increase in activhty with a particular spike going on


I'll have more news for you across the weekend, but it's goodbxe for


now from me. Anna has our wdekend forecast.


We've had another warm day today. It will be feeling a bit cooler


tomorrow but I expect it to be a mostly dry day and we can sde some


sunny spells during the aftdrnoon. For now, we have the risk of some


heavy, thundery downpours for the next few hours before they start to


ease. It could lead to localised flooding so take care if yot out and


about. They will ease off towards dawn. A mild muggy night with lows


of 13 or 14. Tomorrow morning, a cloudy start. There will be a bit of


light patchy rain around but as we go into the afternoon, from the


East, we see more of the sunshine and eventually all of us will be


left with a largely dry aftdrnoon and decent sized bells. Tempered as


will start to warm up with highs of around 20. Here is the outlook for


the next few days, followed by the national forecast.


next couple of days, looking good, temperatures in the 20s. Now the


West -- now the National forecast. Good evening. Over the last two days


in the south of England there has been a lot of sunshine and


temperatures up to 26 degrees. Don't expect temperatures that high this


weekend, cooler for many. A lot of dry weather even if it is a little


bit on the cloudy side at times We see the cloud increasing this


afternoon and through the evening. The cloud has been drifting south.


Over the last few hours we started to see thunderstorms. Over the next


few hours, further thunderstorms to be found across parts of northern


England, the Midlands, the eastern side of Wales. They are drifting


south overnight. Every bursts of rain with that. Most will clear into


the English Channel. A lot of cloud out there, temperatures 14 or 1


degrees. Around the North Sea coastal areas, temperatures not


rising far because there is a cool breeze from the North. Inland, the


cloud -- the cloud breaks up in the afternoon. Sunny spells developing.


One or two showers. On the western side of


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