14/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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baton through. The baton will now go on to more than 400 communities


before the start of With your news now for the


East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. First tonight `


a small plane has crashed ndar It came down


in a field this afternoon jtst off the southbound carriageway of the M1


between junctions 27 and 26 ` that's This is where the light aircraft


came to rest. Police receivdd calls from motorists who saw it come down.


Witnesses say it swerved aw`y from the motorway. It nosedived. The back


end snapped. It is understood there were two people on board thd


aircraft. Their conditions tonight I'm not clear.


This evening the road was opened again. But is not clear whether the


aircraft just taken off, was on its approach to land, or was attempting


an emergency landing. Are accident investigators are now working to


determine the cause. Those working in education `nd


helping communities across the East Midlands are among those recognised


in the Queen's Birthday Honours Some are in schools or univdrsities,


others have helped teenagers 14 years ago Andrea Fox


founded this youth centre. She started


by asking young people who were She gets an MBE


for community volunteering. I ended up with around 24


of them talking to me and all they wanted was somdwhere to


meet off the streets that w`s safe. It is my life and affects so many


young people and I enjoy it. I will carry on with the fight


for young people. He is Chief Executive of thd


Nottingham`based foundation trust Professor David Greenaway,


Vice Chancellor of the Univdrsity This is as big an honour


for the University as it is for me. I have spent most


of my working life here, 27 years. And I hope it reflects well


on the University. I also hope it reflects well


on our city. I have had more than 30 years


in the city and if this honour is of benefit to


the University and the city that The man in the middle has bden


a referee for 55 years. At home in Ilkeston in Derbxshire he


said he was shocked to be gdtting the British Empire Medal for


services to grassroots football To think I am associated


with royalty. I've got plenty of football


medals but nothing like this one. That's just a sample in the region,


See more on BBC News Online ` check Let's check the weather now,


with Kaye. There has been some lively showers


this afternoon. They are st`rting to fade away. It is a mostly dry day


tomorrow. There are still some showers at the moment. They will


fade away in the next coupld of hours. It will be a dry night.


Tomorrow morning we will st`rt off with a lot of cloud. That whll clear


away into the afternoon. We should get brighter spells. Staying settle


for the rest of the week. Back with more for you tomorrow


at 6.20pm.


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