15/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


The children of three policdmen killed on duty have spoken of their


PCs Bryan Moore and Andy Munn were killed


by a drunk driver in Leicestershire, and PC Ged Walker was killed


The charity COPS helped thehr families and now, as Jo Healey


reports, their children want to help others, in memory of their dads


Waking up that morning and being told


by my grandma that he'd been killed on duty, whilst on duty, was...


I don't think I can ever describe that pain that it was,


and the pain I've now got to live with for the rest of my lifd.


Matt's dad, PC Ged Walker, was killed on duty in Nottinghalshire.


Alex's dad, Andy Munn, died with Bryan Moore,


The charity COPS supports children like them.


I don't really like to talk about it but when I go away to the


They know what to say because they've been through the sale thing.


People understood you and they knew why you were tpset.


They understood your grief `nd the depth of how upset you were


It was amazing having that lifeline, being able to talk to peopld


Being able to talk to someone my age about the tragedy th`t we've


So now they are saying thank you, raising funds for COPS in Jtly


I'm not going to lie, I'm very scared.


To more of the day's news now, and the police


in Leicester are appealing for witnesses after a car hht


a tree, killing one man and leaving another in a serious condithon.


It happened early this mornhng on Welford Road in the city,


near to the junction with Knighton Lane East.


A Leicestershire`based horsd rider has died during an event


Jordan McDonald was killed while on a cross`country course


at the Nunney International Competition near Frome.


The trials were suspended ydsterday, restarting today with flags


at half`mast to pay tribute to the 30`year`old.


What I've gathered from his family, an incredibly talented young man.


Not only a commercial airline pilot but an incredibly accomplished rider


as well. A musician. It's jtst such a tragic loss for them


Air Accident Investigators have taken over the inquiry


into the cause of this weekdnd's plane crash near the M1.


Police say it was two men who died when the plane came down


Witnesses say it swerved aw`y from the carriageway before crashing


Rutland's Kendrew Barracks hosted a special event today to mark


World War I. It included a special ballet commemorathng both


the beginning of the Great War and the withdrawal, 100 years later,


of British troops from Afgh`nistan. Simon Ward reports.


For this performance, they don't just need dancing skills,


This group, called Gravity And Levity,


at performing Rites Of War, a piece about soldiers serving in w`rs 00


years apart ` the First World War and the conflict in Afghanistan


So, normally, our floor would be, obviously, the dance floor.


We just flipped our floor by 90 degrees.


So it gives a completely different perspective


on the work and offers a different viewpoint for the audience `s well.


Kind of a bird's`eye view looking down on someone from above.


The dance is part of a wider arts and community event at Kendrew


Barracks, which was RAF Cottesmore before the Army took over.


We have a large military base now in the county.


The first time we've had anxone so big coming here.


And we wanted to make sure, as a major cultural organis`tion


in Rutland, that we did somdthing to bring together the Army


community and the local poptlation who have lived here for somd time.


And, judging by the reaction, people enjoyed this mix of the


Finally, ninjas have been g`thering in Nottinghamshire this weekend


Followers of the martial art Ninjutsu tr`velled


to take part in the European Ninja Festival at Farndon near Newark


Alongside their belt gradings, students took part


It's a great chance to train with different nationalities,


We all get together for the same reason,


I've been here last year and I like it.


I've always been interested in Japan's culture, ninjas,


Great to meet so many of yot at Seagrave's Summer Fayre darlier.


A few light showers there. Let's see what's next with Kaye


Good evening. It's certainlx been a grey day today.


We are lacking that sunshind, that's for sure.


There will be some brightness around this week but we stax


It will be mostly dry for this week and, yes, some brightness,


although we will be chasing that cloud around once again.


Still a few showers around at the moment.


These ones will fade away overnight tonight


Quite a lot of cloud to start with but dven that


will be chopped up towards the early hours of the mornhng to


Staying on that muggy side, though, with temperatures down to


Some sunshine around first thing in the day.


The cloud will roll back in as we head through the mornhng


into the afternoon but therd will be some holes in it so a little bit


And we will stay dry all dax long tomorrow as well,


Staying really quite settled this week.


Lots of dry weather and highs of around 21 degrees.


The weather won't be far of what we experience of this weekend. Dry


weather here and there and fearing amount of sunshine. The best of


sunshine is in the West. Temperatures getting into the low


20s. Disappointingly cloudy further east. In between, a few showers


North-west Scotland and Wales, the odd sharp shower disappearing


through the night. We could see one or two light showers across East


Anglia and Kent. The breeze has been keeping temperatures down through


the day. It will keep temperatures around 12-13. Elsewhere,


temperatures up more than where they should be for this time of the year.


Varying amounts of sunshine around. Breezy in the south-east. Thicker


cloud pushing into northern parts of Scotland through the morning and


early afternoon. It could be misty on the coasts, and light bursts of


rain and drizzle and temperatures lower than recently. Mainland


Scotland, the sunshine will be out, temperatures into the 20s. Very


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