17/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's all from us. Don't forget a first look at the


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Geeta Pendse. Around


12,000 children living in some of the most deprived areas of the East


Midlands are to be offered help to get a better start in life. It's


thanks to a programme which has secured ?45 million of lottdry cash.


It'll be used to help vulnerable children under the age of three and


their families. Carolyn Mosds reports. At this centre the parents


are leading the way. They h`ve come up with the idea is to try to boost


opportunities for their children. Now, supporters coming. Children


here can expect some big ch`nges in the way they are taught, fed and


encouraged to develop and so can their families. This is one of just


five places in the country to be given this cash but why? Figures


show one quarter of adults xou have no formal qualifications. Almost 40%


of children are classed as living in poverty. That brings its own


problems. Nottingham will now get ?45 million over ten years,


redesigning health and educ`tion services in some of its mord


challenging areas. Children who have been through our programme will


hopefully be in employment `s adults, they will be confiddnt and


secure and able to feel thex have the best possible start in their


lives. You have to start right at the very beginning, there is no


point later on in life. Pardnts who benefit are flying the flag. It is


definitely a benefit. Parents I have asked want more places to t`ke their


children. It is very good. The programme will last for a ddcade.


Richard tackle deprivation `nd inequality. Well, earlier I spoke to


Michelle Battlemuch from Nottingham Citycare which will be leadhng the


changes along with other partners. She told me around 50 projects would


benefit. One good example is all the children we work with on thhs


programme will receive books. That is not the most important thing


With family mentors we will support parents to get children the most


from those books. Reading is so important. You can start sh`ring


books with children while you are still pregnant. There are a number


of schemes, is the huge emphasis still on parents? It is. Parents


want to be the best they possibly can be and get the best for their


children. Parents really, rdally will be key to this programle. How


will you measure your success? 9% of children are living in poverty


around Nottingham. It is an interesting thing. That is not where


we focused our submission whth the Big Lottery. It will be facts for


the rest of the country. Wh`t we asked ourselves is, is this good


enough for your child, for ly child, children have two start early and


supporting parents will makd sure we change outcomes for children in


Nottingham. `` to. This will be rolled out for the next ten years?


It will. Thank you for joinhng us. Next tonight, a couple who wanted


the Italian authorities to re`open an investigation into the ddath of


their daughter have lost thdir legal challenge. But Pat and Ray Lartin


from Nottinghamshire say thdy'll continue to fight for justice. A


court had previously ruled Claire Martin killed herself by repeatedly


stabbing herself in the neck. Simon Hare reports. It is not the news


they wanted but it is not unexpected. This couple havd just


heard an Italian court has decided not to reopen the investigation into


the death of their daughter. It has come to a dead`end the moment. We


feel as though it has been ` miscarriage of justice, defhnitely.


Their daughter died two years ago, suffering multiple stab wounds to


her neck. Her parents now h`ve key translations of their reports. The


parents have ruled out suichde and say she must have been attacked It


is mobbed, knife wounds frol different angles, evidenced not


getting used and destroyed. `` murder. She had lived with her


partner and sun for several years, her parents hope the publichty


combined with the efforts of the Foreign Office will help thdm in


their fight for the truth. We come here every single day and h`ve a


little chat to her. In their garden they have a flower which brhngs them


comfort. But the say finding out what really happened to her is the


only thing which will end their torment. A charity is raising funds


for equipment to prevent br`in damage in very sick newborn babies.


Leicester Hospitals Charity has set up an appeal called Little Lives Big


Journeys. The aim is to install specially designed cooling jackets


in ambulances, saving vital time as the babies are transported. It's


hoping to raise ?60,000 for the equipment. That's your news. So


it's goodbye from me, here's the weather with Kaye. Thank yot. It has


been mixed today. Some of us have seen some sunshine while others have


been stuck under that cloud all day long. We will all wake up to the


cloud tomorrow morning, somd spots of rain with that but it will clear


off into the afternoon when it will be brighter and some rain again by


evening time. Nothing too hdavy overnight, just a sprinkling for the


gardens. Feeling mildly with temperatures around 14 or 14


Celsius. We wake up to the gloom again tomorrow morning, a fdw spots


of rain to start but that whll clear and cloud will break into the


afternoon. A brighter end to the day with temperatures up to 19 or 2


degrees. It days, a dip in temperature Friday


with warmer temperatures over the weekend.


The main theme through this week is one of mainly dry weather but with


important variations from place to play sand from day-to-day. That was


the case again today. A sizzling day across parts of Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Plenty of sunshine. Not 1 million miles away, down across the


border into northern England, a lot more cloud and some places struggled


to get higher than the mid-teens. This is where the thickest of the


cloud is into the night. Across central and eastern parts of


England, patchy rain turning up A damp end to the night here. Clearer


skies further north and west that some patches of fog


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