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following a breakthrough in relations. --


?45,000,000 is to be spent, giving children a better start in life


This is our legacy. This will influence how child care is


delivered across the whole country. Plus, the stage is set. 50,000 fans


are expected, and I will be finding out how the city of Leicestdr is


preparing to welcome home the Fabian. And opening up the caves,


you will not believe the history hidden under the Castlerock.


Welcome to Tuesday's progralme. First tonight ` around


12,000 children living in some of the most deprived areas of the East


Midlands are to be offered help to get a better start in life. It's all


thanks to a programme, led by parents in Nottingham, which has


secured ?45 million of lottery cash. Nottingham is one of


areas in the UK receiving money to help vulnerable children under the


age of three and their families In a moment we'll be hearing from two


of the people behind the lottery bid but first Carolyn Moses has been


taking a closer look at the detail of the project.


At this centre in Bulwell, the parents are leading the way. They've


come up with the ideas to try to boost opportunities for thehr


children and now the support is coming. Babies and toddlers here can


expect some big changes in the way they are taught, fed, and


encouraged to develop. And so can their families. Nottingham hs one of


just five places in the country to be given this lottery cash `long


Bradford Blackpool and Southend and Lambeth in London. But why? Figures


show that a quarter of adults here have no formal qualifications and


almost 40% of children are classed as living in poverty. Now that


brings its own challenges lhke poor health, low birth weight,


behavioural and social problems So Nottingham will now get ?45,000 000


over 10 years. Redesigning local health and education servicds in


Arboretum, and St Anne's. Yellow mac children have through the


Small Steps Big Changes problem as adults will hopefully be in


employment, they will be confident, they will be secure, they whll be


able to field that they havd had the best possible start in their lives,


and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to put that into place.


Because you have to start rhght at the very beginning. There is no


point later on in life. And parents of those who will benefit are flying


the flag. When you talk to


play time, more places to t`ke their children, and that is what


this means. It will improve the outcomes for babies. Definitely


With their social and emotional development. Their language,. The


With their social and emotional development. Their language. The


program last 3 decades with supporters describing it as a once


in a generation opportunity to tackle the unfairness of chhldhood


aggravation and inequality. Karen Moses, big seasonal today.


Doesn't this really expose ` failure by the council? Well, 150


authorities this money, and all of them have areas where there are the


areas, where there are more challenges for families. We are


celebrating today that the lottery chose to give this money to


Nottingham, and to actually support us and our partners with city care


of. To really support familhes to have a investment at a level never


seen before. Can I do say, ht is 39% of children are classed as living in


poverty in Nottingham, and ht would suggest a failure to providd direct


support for these children? There are a lot of things that contribute


to tell property, and with this government levels of child poverty


have gone up. That would be a question you would have to `sk


someone at a higher level than me. We are doing what we can, and we are


trying to work hard to work for children and make sure we are doing


our best for families in Nottingham. Some of that has been taken away.


Here we have got an opportunity that we have bid for, and we are


celebrating that we can now do more to support those families. Lichelle,


can I ask you, how will this money be spent? It will make a difference


by connecting with families, I'd think that is 1 of the most


important things. Over thesd reports you have heard a lot about dvidence


`based programs, and improvhng outcomes for children. That is


exactly what we want to do. We are fantastic at bridging progr`mmes


together, but if we don't connect with families, we will not lake a


difference. That is why we have put this bid together, and why we spoke


to 1500 families. You say connecting with families. Tangibly, wh`t does


that mean? How will you be spending the money? Parents will be hnvolved


in deciding how the money is spent. Obviously, we put in our proposals,


and they've funded as on thd basis of those, but actually they wanted


us to be very detailed only for the 1st couple of years of this 10 year


programme. What we have to do is prove that what we are doing works,


and we will do that by meastring and testing everything that we do. If I


can as a last question, how will you know if it is working when ht has


worked? As Michelle says, there will be a lot of review of the things we


do, to make sure that the programmes we are using are working, and that


we can see tangible outcomes in terms of children's nutrition, in


terms of their readiness for school, in terms of engagemdnt with


families. Will it take 10 ydars Michelle? Some of the things will.


Some of the programmes will be shorter. We will use a varidty of


methods. It is obviously important that everyone knows they ard getting


value for money. Thank you to both of you.


A couple who wanted the Italian authorities to re`open an


investigation into the death of their daughter have lost thdir


legal challenge. But Pat and Ray Martin from Nottinghamshire say


they'll continue to fight for justice. A court had previotsly


ruled Claire Martin killed herself by repeatedly stabbing hersdlf in


the neck. That's despite a pathologist saying she'd bedn


attacked. With more details, here's Simon Hare.


It's not the news they wantdd, but it wasn't unexpected. The M`rtins


from Sutton Ashfield in Nottinghamshire have just hdard an


Italian court has decided not to reopen the investigation into their


moment. Or maybe the Italians think it is a dead`end, but


we feel as though it has bedn a miscarriage of justice. Defhnitely.


Claire, who was 30, died two years ago. She had suffered multiple stab


wounds to her neck. Her pardnts do now have translations of thd


forensic reports. The first ruled out


suicide and said Claire must have been attacked.


It clearly states that it w`s murder. You know, knife wounds from


different angles. Evidence not even getting used and destroyed, you


know, something out of a Peter Sellers movie, it really is. A


farce. The case has received cover`ge in


Italy, where Claire had livdd with her partner and son for sevdral


years. Her parents hope that publicity combined with the


continuing efforts of the Foreign Office will help them in thdir fight


for the truth. Some days are easier than others.


But none of them are partictlarly good


days. No. Are you going to keep on


fighting for Claire? Yes. Ydah. Always. The truth is out thdre. It's


got to come out. In the garden of their home stands a


flower called Claire's Rose. They say it brings them great


comfort, but finding out wh`t really happened to her is the only thing


that will end their torment. Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Tod`y,


Still to come ` in Sport sole great news for our local gylnasts.


In the sport, it is Commonwdalth games selection for Becky Downie,


Leah Starkey, and Sam Oldhal. More coming up.


A charity is raising funds for equipment to prevent brain damage in


very sick newborn babies. Ldicester Hospitals Charity has set up an


appeal called Little Lives, Big Journeys. The aim is to install


specially designed cooling jackets in ambulances, saving vital time as


the babies are transported. Navtej Johal reports.


This is a life jacket of a different sort. Leicester Royal infirlary uses


these cooling units to keep the temperature of sick newborn babies


at the optimum level to prevent them suffering brain damage. It hs what


was used to help Vicky and Lichael's son Jude, when he was born


after he suffered from a lack of oxygen in the woman. They'rd


supporting the campaign known as Little Lives, Big Journeys to get


them installed in ambulances. They had to cool Jude down really


really crudely with fans and with gloves filled with cold watdr either


side of his head, so for thd ambulance to be equipped with a


cooling unit, they'd be abld to start the cooling in the hospital


born in and on the journey, which for Jude was over an hour, dvery


minute counts, really. Every week in the East Midl`nds a


baby is transported for cooling treatment using these ambul`nces.


The idea is that in future they will receive that treatment as soon the


in the ambulance potentiallx preventing brain damage, and even


saving lives. Itt can make a


cooling is time`critical, so we know that babies have to be cooldd down


by the time they are six hotrs old. That's the time when the


brain injuries happen. So cool by six hours means we have met the


targets. The situation that we were hn was


just terrible, it had gone from being the best day of our lhves to


earliest opportunity and th`t they are in safe hands with people who


Leicester Hospital's charitx is hoping to raise ?60,000 by the end


of the year to kit out two other ambulances with the units. Loney it


believes could make a life`saving difference. Navtej Johal, BBC East


Now, ten years ago a band from Leicester released a debut studio


album which shot straight into the top five of the charts. The band was


called Kasabian. Since then they've established themselves as one of the


country's most high profile and popular groups. This weekend they're


coming back to Leicester to perform in front of tens of thousand of fans


in their home city. And it's promising to be quite an evdnt. As


Made in Leicester but heard, watched and enjoyed around the world.


Kasabian 1 of the biggest b`nds in British music, are 6 Judeo `lbum has


gone straight to number 1, `nd later this month they are headlinhng


Glastonbury. But before that, a very special homecoming. This wedkend


they will be performing in Leicester boss Mike Victoria Park, and 50 000


fans will be here. I think ht will be really good. Probably thd


greatest thing that has ever happened. It is amazing just seen it


coming together, we have bedn looking at it on the site plan for


so long, and now it is finally here so it is really exciting. The work


to transform the park had already begun. The bars are being btilt the


toilets are being lined up, and the stage is being set. Come Saturday


night, this is where every Kasabian fan will want to be, here at the


front, just metres away frol the band. At the gate could also prove a


hit for the local economy. The chamber of contents says thd event


could bring in almost ?2.5 lillion to the city. As many as 15,000 hotel


rooms are booked across the county. Win tickets went on sale last


November, the response was phenomenal. We have never sden


bookings come through the reservation system so fast `s they


did on that morning. You have to go as far as Nottinghamshire or


Warwickshire before you see bookings like that. Kasabian have never


forgotten the Ritz. This wedkend promises to be a homecoming to


remember, not just for the band but also for the city. It is gohng to be


a fantastic show. Staying with tourist attractions


and did you know that Nottingham is the only city in the country


sitting on hundreds of man`lade caves. Some of the most dralatic are


beneath the castle. Recentlx, we reported on plans to revamp the


castle with the help of a mtlti million pound grant from thd


Heritage Lottery Fund. And opening up more of the caves will bd a big


part of that, as Jo Healey Inside Castle Rock itself


is a network of a quarter of a mile of man`made caves. That makds this


mediaeval castle unique. Wh`t is also unique is the stone th`t they


are built out of has it own name, it is actually called Nottingh`m Castle


sandstone. Let's take a look inside MUSIC PLAYS ` Nick Cave and the Bad


Seeds ` Red Right Hand. returned from the Crusades. They


were used to get goods from the river then flowing nearby up into


the castle. Graham, this is really historically significant. Edward the


3rd passed through this tunnel, He did. Him and 24 knights. They


used this passageway in 1330 to gain


access to the castle, where his usurper was, Roger Mortimer, and he


had him arrested, taken to Tyburn and hanged for treason, and


continued as King for anothdr 4 years.


This is a laser image of th`t tunnel from the castle at the top to


the foot of the rock. There are plans now to create a much lore


modern link between the two. Nigel, this is where your piece de


resistance is going to be, hsn't it? Yeah, this is a very import`nt spot


where we are going to put a brand`new large glass elevator that


is going to go right up to the solid rock for 100 metres, linking


up to the castle. To achieve that and open up more of


the cave network, there is ` lots of detailed archaeological work to be


done yet. But, if it gets the go`ahead, work should start in


2016, more than 800 years shnce the caves where first dug out. Jo


Healey, BBC East Midlands today Still to come ` a story that has


legs. Quite literally. Africa to help amputees lead more


independent lives. Details later. Here's Colin. We are here for 2


reasons. 1 of them is standhng on the beam, they are. That is Becky


Downie. To know 1's surprisd, she has been chosen for the gymnastics


team for the Commonwealth G`mes in Glasgow. Also chosen is called clear


Starkey, standing up there `gainst the board. She will lead thd squad


for England, and that is a real breakthrough as far as she's


concerned. We will be talking to her a little bit later a long. We need


to bring you some little `` football news 1st. There is no questhon over


Stewart appears's commitment to Nottingham Forest.


Just weeks after being named as the new manager Forest were forced to


deny rumours Pearce was ready to walk away. And he's faced rtmblings


over his World Cup media work keeping him away from the club until


His commitment as a player can never be called into question. But


amazingly, Stuart Pearce has faced questions recently over his


commitments as Nottingham Forest's manager before he even officially


pinch of salt. There will bd somebody somewhere trying to sow the


seeds somewhere. I can assure you he is totally committed, you


know, he's devoted to his football club. Now, I am on the phond to


them, texting him, e`mailing him all the time. There is absolutely no


first bit of business for the club, bringing in two new strikers,


Lars Veldwijk and Matty Fry`tt from home.


Matty Fryatt is a proven go`lscorer at this level. I think it is


significant that Steve Brucd offered him an improved contract to stay at


Hull City in a premiership club So that would give you an indication


of what Steve thought of Matty. Lars is a player that I have


been to see play a couple of times with Stewart. He is really one for


future a little bit, that's not to say he won't be in the squad, but I


think it will take a little bit of time to settle.


Well, while the hard work continues off the pitch, on it the only


action you will see at the loment is from the lawnmowers. But we've got


less than eight weeks now until the start of the new season, whdn the


real action will begin, and tomorrow we will get to find out


just what's in store with the release of the new fixtures.


I think it's going to be as tough as it has every been in terms of the


competition, but we hopefully will be right up there, competing for a


place at least in the play`offs and hopefully in the top two.


So, promotion is the aim, then, but how will Pearce motivate thd team?


He was Psycho the player, whll he be Psycho the manager?


Never judge a book by the cover, you know, he has got a wicked


sense of humour. He creates a really good environment to work in. But he


will be expected to perform, that is for sure.


As you can see year, the development never stops. No wonder they are


doing so well. We will talk about their success any moment.


In sport, the draw for the first round of football's League Cup got


made today and it sent everx one of our teams


away from home. The standout ties are the trips for Notts County and


Mansfield to Sheffield's Wednesday and United. Games will be played in


the week beginning the 11th of August.


And in Rugby, a proud moment for Leicester Tigers Ed Slater `s he


tour match against Crusaders. It got even better for Ed as he brhlliantly


forced the turnover which ldd to England's fourth try in a


38 point to 7 demolition of the Super Rugby side.


Some old and has been chosen. And the gold medallist, Becky Downie is


going, as is coach clear St`rkey. How proud are you? I am verx, very


proud and honoured to go as 1 of the team coaches. Obviously, we did feel


that Becky had earned her place so I was pretty sure that she would be


in the team, and I assumed that I would be in the background `s usual,


coaching her up to a point `nd then watching her go out with thd team


and the other team coaches, but this time I am honoured to be thd England


team coach. You have been f`irly expert `` outspoken in the past


about how the England team has handled things, so are you surprised


`` surprised to be chosen? @ little bit. Usually we have certain coaches


for major events, and yes I have been outspoken, because as personal


coaches are the ones who ard here day in day out, and obviously at the


Olympics Becky went out on the floor with out me, I was in the


background, and at the last Olympics she missed out, and I was a bit


outspoken about that. I thotght she should have been there. But I am


here coaching Becky and the team, and I will always fight my corner.


You are taking on the team that is expected to do great things? Any


pressure? Yes, a little bit, but the team are very experienced. H am very


proud of them. We have the Liverpool girls with us here today tr`ining as


well. We will work together as a team, and have done for manx years.


I think they will do a good job We shall wait and see, and watch with


interest. Leah Starkey, chosen to be the coach at the Commonwealth Games


in Glasgow. Becky Downie and Sam Oldham will be there as well. The


Commonwealth battened reallx came through this region while I was away


last week. This time last wdek, Leicester really sent it off on its


way to Scotland. You may remember a few weeks ago, we


featured the epic journey of two men who had the ambitious idea of


driving a minibus stacked to the roof with 500 artificial legs, all


the way to Africa to help alputees out there. It seemed a pretty mad


idea ` in an old van with almost 200,000 miles on the


clock. In fact I even joked they wouldn't get beyond the Watford Gap.


But fair play to them, the pair have proved me wrong and they've come


back to tell us how they got on Victoria Hicks went to meet to them


and compiled this report. The whole journey was over 4000


miles. There were lots of troubles on the way. We broke down pretty


much problems to overcome. One of them


was just even getting into certain countries. There were lots of issues


where that country would want some money off us to allow us to bring


the limbs in. We felt a lot of pressure that we had to obvhously


succeed and get the legs thdre, it wasn't an option to fail. Sdeing how


happy people were, when we got there, and the joy on their faces


and lots of emotion, it was all prosthesis of the department,where


we took the legs to. He had never


seen so many legs before. Hd usually receives between 10 and 30 legs from


Europe every year. And so when he had 500 on his doorstep, ye`h, I


mean, he was really overwhelmed He actually cried and I think we all


did, actually, didn't we? Wd all I met a guy called Sheikh, `nd he


had lost his legs ten years ago, and they


didn't even know what was wrong with the reason why he lost his legs And


luckily we had brought a leg which he was able to use within one week


of bringing the 500 legs out there


we've only skimmed the surf`ce of it, it's a huge problem. So


we're going to continue collecting prosthetic legs. We're hoping to


collect 1000 by Christmas and have We believe that there are still over


20,000 each year which could be retsed and


sent across to be used in the Gambia. So, you know, we ard still


going to collect from anywhere we can, anyone who has a


spare leg, we are going to try and send it over to the Gambia for


them. Spear a part for the weather


presenters. There is not a lot going on. It is a bit grey and cloudy at


the moment. First of all, I have a picture to show you. This is a field


of poppies, which is shining brightly despite the lack of


sunshine. Keep these picturds coming in. There are some subtle changes on


the week over the next 24 hours or so. High pressure still anchored to


the north and the West. That is going nowhere over the next few


days, but we had a cheeky wdather front meeting in by the back door,


which will produce a little bit of rain tonight, and may still be


around first thing tomorrow, so we will wake up to the gloom fhrst


thing tomorrow, but there whll be some brightness and some brdaks in


that in the afternoon and a pleasant. Lovely sunshine in


southern parts, but the clotd rolling into words the afternoon. A


few brighter bits at the molent but that cloud will begin up once again


over the next you are is. It will produce a few spots of light rain,


nothing particularly heavy, just a sprinkling for the gardens lay be


across eastern parts. It is dried, it is cloudy, it is damp I should


say, and a very muddy one. Temperatures of 14 or 15 Celsius.


Quite uncomfortable for sledping. Tomorrow morning, we started off


quite great and a little bit of rain, which will clear off for the


afternoon, so it pleasant into the day and feeling warm as well.


Temperatures of 20 Celsius. Not much change over the next few daxs.


One sporting thing to mention that's happened in the last hour or so


Nottinghamshire completed a stunning run chase to pull off a six`wicket


win in their LV County Championship Division One match against Liddlesex


at Trent Bridge. They hit 387 for four, reaching their target with 11


overs to spare. The win means they go to the top of the table.


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