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at the papers over on the BBC News Channel but now,


As the NHS struggles to bal`nce the books one woman claims


she's the victim of a row over who pays for tre`tment.


Lynsay Stewart's being denidd a potentially life changing operation


which she could get on the NHS if she didn't live in Nottingh`mshire.


Our Health Correspondent, Rob Sissons, reports.


Every few hours, Lynsay frol Kirkby in Ashfield has to use thesd tubes.


They are catheters because her bladder doesn't function normally.


For years it's been an inconvenient way of life.


It affects me every day bec`use I have to be careful where H go


where I can't go, and if I can't go, I've got to get home.


Which is the only cleanest place that I know.


There's been lots of bad news in the post.


The NHS has twice said "no" to funding an implant


but both her consultant in Nottingham and Lynsay think


it could make the world of difference.


It's basically like a little pacemaker that will be


inserted into the lower part of my back and there will bd little


mini electrodes that will bd inserted onto my nerve endings


and hopefully that will stilulate my nerves to stimulate my bladder.


There is confusion tonight over which part of the NHS


is really responsible for commissioning the procedure.


Is it NHS England, after all, or local NHS bosses who shotld pay


With the reorganisation of the NHS there were a few small areas where


We're still working out what some of those are.


This has arisen in one of those areas.


We are very keen to find a solution for her.


It sounds a shambles, wasn't the whole idea of reorganis`tion


It was indeed, for the vast majority of patients it has worked.


Unfortunately, there are a small number of areas where we


suddenly discovered that thdre are issues for individual groups


of patients where we find they are not being covered adequatelx


I don't know how long I can keep fighting for.


Some days I don't feel it's worth it.


But then there's other days that I've got to because I want to live


Lynsay works as a carer looking after elderly people


in their homes but she doesn't feel the NHS is looking after her.


Rob, what realistic prospect is there of Lynsay actually


getting this procedure? The good news is that there is hope


because as a matter of urgency the Clinical Commissioning Group


say they will look into this and maybe come up


with a local policy. The bad news for Lynsay is that


process is likely to take months. I gather now that her local MP


is taking up this fight. That Gloria Del Piero,


she is the MP for Ashfield She has written some letters


to the NHS and also says th`t if she doesn't get


a satisfactory result for Lxnsay, she will take it all the wax to


the top and the Health Secrdtary. Tributes have been paid to two


men who died when their light 70`year`old John Gill,


from Belper in Derbyshire and 76`year`old Alan Eaves


from Selston in Nottinghamshire died at the scene of the cr`sh


next to the M1 last Saturdax. Witnesses say the aircraft


appeared to have been deliberately steered away from


the motorway, just before ilpact. Not only am I shocked


but everybody who knows him, too, and our hearts go out to his wife,


really, for this terrible loss. A new method of combating btllying


is being rolled out to all schools It's called the restorative approach


and it encourages pupils to resolve Two colleges have been piloting


the scheme for over a year and both have seen a dramathc


improvement in behaviour. You both have to make sure that


you allow the other person... At Charnwood College


in Loughborough, they have dmbraced These are student volunteers who,


over the past year, have brought bully and victhm


together, made them reflect on their We don't say, go do this,


go do that. We kind of guide them to cole


to a decision by themselves. Instead of how it used to bd,


saying, right you stay therd, you stay there


and keeping them separate, you get them to work togethdr to


come to a decision It feels a lot more normal talking


to someone around your age, more than an older teacher


because they understand a lot more The approach which has been used


since the late '60s in Denm`rk This year we have seen a reduction


in conflicts between students. We have seen a reduction in


exclusions, down by 75% and attendance has been improved.


It has been very successful. There has been


a very positive impact of it. The culture of


the school has completely changed. Staff are getting


on better with students. Students are getting on better with


students and sometimes parents will ask us to have


a restorative meeting to be able to get on better


with their children. We wanted the opportunity jtst


to show you the website... Now with the help of an onlhne


support pack, all schools across the city and county are being encouraged


to introduce the new approach. Schools will need some


support with their training. They won't be able


to just go and do that. Schools will be able to look at


and think, where should I start I'm interested in this and then


they will have information on Inner`city Babington Collegd


has piloted the scheme Bulling happens in all schools,


it's a sad fact of life. I think what we have created


and this helps us to create, is the philosophy that you talk


about it, you talk about it, if it happens, you talk abott it,


if you're thinking about dohng it, This, as I say,


is not just about bullying, As the old adage goes, jaw`jaw


is always better than war`w`r. But with your weather now, here s


Anna Church. High`pressure remains in ch`rge of


the rest of the week. Tomorrow will be dry and 20 of sunny spells. At


the moment we have cloud increasing and it made reduce a bit of light


rain and a drizzle but generally a dry night to come. Temperattres


those of 12d. There is some cloud around 1st thing on Friday lorning.


It looks like it will thin `nd rake and eventually some decent spells of


sunshine into the afternoon. A high of 22d, it will feel quite resonant


in the sunshine. A similar story on Saturday. There will be somd cloud


around that it will give us some sunny spells and highs of 20. Here


is your out to look for the next few days, it is


dry. With the national details, here is Darren Bett.


Hello there, my blood pressure has been high for the past few hours. I


don't think it has anything


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