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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Geeta Pendse.


Tonight: the patient denied the chance of a life`changing operation


because of where she lives. I feel like I am getting no clear fast and


nobody cheers for me. Attempts to reduce school bullying. And the


council paying for on`board CCTV in taxi cabs. Plus, as England prepare


to face Uruguay in the World Cup we find out how performances in Brazil


will affect businesses here. Good evening and welcome to


Thursday's programme. First tonight, the patient denied NHS fundhng for a


procedure that could dramathcally change her life. Lynsay Stewart says


she's at her wits end. She feels caught up in a bureaucratic


confusion over which part of the health service controls the purse


strings for her procedure. Lyndsay has a rare syndrome that me`ns her


bladder doesn't function normally. Her consultant wants her to have an


electronic implant that could help her live a more normal life. The


29`year`old's been told if she lived in some other parts of the Tnited


Kingdom she'd get it. Our hdalth correspondent Rob Sissons rdports.


Every few hours Lindsay has to use these tubes like catheters because


her bladder does not function normally. For years, it has been an


inconvenient way of life. It affects me everyday because I have to beware


of weird I can go and where I cannot go. It is very frustrating. The NHS


has said no twice to funding and implant that she and her spdcialist


think could make a difference. Collect Rose would be attached to my


nerve endings which will pl`y would stimulate my bladder. `` eldctrodes.


Tonight there are questions over who it is that should be for thd


procedure, the local NHS or NHS England. There were a few slall


areas where people have fallen between stones. We are trying to


find a solution for her. Wasn't the reorganisation to make things better


for patients? It was but we have suddenly discovered where there are


issues for individual groups of patients where we find they are not


being covered adequately by the rules we have put in place. I am


going to keep fighting, I do not know how long I can keep fighting


for. Some days I feel it is worth it and others I think it is not. But I


have got to live a normal lhfe, I am 29, not eating nine. She works as a


keener looking for `` looking after elderly people in their homds by Chi


does not feel the NHS is looking after her. Realistically, what


chance is there of Lyndsay getting this treatment paid for on the


health service? The decision could go either way. The good news is that


after we have identified thhs case the NHS locally have said they will


come up with a policy. The bad news is, that process is likely to take


months, the real do not movd fast in the NHS. How likely is it the


implant will work? That is ` good question. Clearly the consultant


believes it is something worth going for. She feels as though shd has


nothing to lose but the NHS has to make sure the taxpayers mondy is


used in a cost`effective wax so they will want to look at all thd


evidence. And I gather her LP has taken up the fight? Yes, tonight we


have heard from the Labour LP for Ashfield who says she has written to


the NHS to add them to rethhnk their decision on this procedure. She says


she will take it all the wax the top `` to the top, to the Health


Secretary, to get the decishon they want. A new method of combating


bullying is being rolled out to all schools across Leicestershire. It's


called the Restorative Approach and it encourages pupils to resolve


their disputes themselves. Two colleges have been piloting the


scheme for over a year and both have seen a dramatic improvement in


behaviour. Quentin Rayner rdports. You both have to make sure to allow


the other person to talk. Hdre and they have embraced the restorative


approach. These are student volunteers who over the past year


have brought Willie and victim together, made them reflect on their


behaviour and resolve the dhspute. We do not say do this and do that,


we guide them to come to a decision by themselves so it is not like it


used to be saying you stay there and you steered there and getting them


separate. It feels a more normal talking to someone around your age


rather than an older teacher because they understand the lot mord than


maybe what the teacher would. The approach has produced some startling


results. It has been used shnce the late 1960s in Denmark. Therd has


been a reduction of exclusions, down by 75%. Attendance has been


improved. It has had a very positive impact. The role culture of the


students and school have ch`nged. People get on better. Now, with the


help of an online support P`ck, all schools across the city and county


are being encouraged to introduce the new approach. They will need


some help with their training, schools will be able to look at it


and think where can I start, they will have information and c`n find


out who to contact to get stpport. Where they targeted the schdme in


this school exclusions have half. It is the philosophy that you talk


about it, if you are thinking about doing it, talk about the whole


issue. It is not just about bullying but about behaviour as a whole.


Talking is better than war. Still to come: England v Uruguay. A far`away


game that's good for business back home. Bars and shops are reporting


bumper takings as fans get behind the national team. We'll have a


special report from Leicestdr. In other news this evening.


Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre has been ordered to pay ?8 lillion


in compensation after a babx boy was left with severe brain damage. The


High Court ruled the hospit`l "failed to provide adequate"


post`natal treatment after the boy was born in 2006. Now seven, he has


cerebral palsy and acute le`rning difficulties, needing round the


clock care. The Nottingham University Hospitals Trust has


publicly apologised. The jury has retired to consider its verdict on


seven men and a youth chargdd with murdering four members of the same


family in a botched arson attack. Shenila Taufiq and her thred


children died in the blaze `t their home on Wood Hill in Leicester last


September. It's claimed the fire was a revenge attack for the st`bbing of


the gang's friend earlier that evening. But they'd got the wrong


house. All defendants deny the charges. And the jury has rdtired to


consider its verdict in the trial of a husband and wife accused of


murdering her parents and then burying their bodies in thehr back


garden in Mansfield. Susan `nd Christopher Edwards formerlx of


Dagenham deny murdering her parents in Forest Town in Mansfield in 998.


The prosecution say they shot dead William and Patricia Wycherley


because they wanted to steal their money. There's been major traffic


disruption on the M1 in Leicestershire today after ` lorry


caught fire. The problems bdgan at 8:30 this morning near junction 23a.


These pictures were taken bx people near the scene. There was stationary


traffic for much of the day after the M1 was closed northbound between


junction 22 for Coalville and the A42 turn`off. Diversions added


around two hours to peoples' journeys. Two lanes of the


northbound carriageway have now re`opened. Tributes have bedn paid


to two men who died when thdir light aircraft plunged into a field.


70`year`old John Gill and 76`year`old Alan Eaves died at the


scene of the crash next to the M1 in Nottinghamshire last Saturd`y.


Witnesses say the aircraft `ppeared to have been deliberately steered


away from the motorway. An investigation into the causd of the


crash is continuing. With more details, here's Simon Hare. The


aftermath of the accident that claimed two lives. The men who died


here on Saturday have now bden named. A 70 and 76`year`old. The


local councillor had known one of the men for many years. He was a


very experienced pilot, it was terrible news. Not only am H shocked


but everybody who knows him too Our hearts go out to his wife for her


terrible loss. And he did a tour of work for the local communitx? It was


his tenacity which pooled as through a very big issue, the prospdct of


having one of the biggest l`ndfill sites in our `` in Europe coming to


our region. Deezer drawn from where the men had


taken off has been closed in the wake of the accident. `` thdy even


withdrawn. `` aerodrome. Anx known medical condition has been ruled out


as a cause. There is an ongoing investigation. They shouldn't be a


problem, but the trouble is, a lot of taxi journeys are. Disputes,


incidents, even assaults can cause serious problems for the drhver or


the passenger, or both. Now, officials in Nottingham are publicly


funding a new scheme to install CCTV cameras in the city's hackndy cabs.


They hope it'll protect drivers from abuse and make passengers fdel


safer. James Roberson reports. This is an area where thousands of


students live in Nottingham and where hundreds of taxi rides per


week are taken from these houses into town. Now they can all be safer


thanks to CCTV at last fittdd into these cabs. It is activated once the


engine is switched on and c`nnot be interfered with by the drivdr. Each


driver pays up to ?250 towards it but the rest is paid for by the


council as a result of action by the Police And Crime Commissiondrs. The


scheme was officially launched at Nottingham University. Studdnts are


the biggest users of taxis hn the city. It is something we felt


strongly about. Sometimes you can be an easy target in terms of getting


ripped off by taxi drivers. We fully support this scheme and are very


proud of it. I have felt a few stories where students have not felt


safe on nights out. This is a good week for them to note that they will


be OK. There has long been ` campaign for better protecthon for


taxi drivers themselves. If you are racially abused in your offhce or


workplace anyone will say that is unacceptable. So how can it be


acceptable for hard`working taxi drivers to be racially abusdd or


verbally attacked? I am surd we are all happy to have this sort of


scheme and cameras in the c`b. Safety for me and my customdr as


well. It is hoped that eventually all 400 cabs will be fitted with the


CCTV system in Nottingham. Dducation officials in Derbyshire say 40


children were stopped and qtestioned about being out of school in just


two days. Council officials carried out the checks in South Derbyshire


last week, stopping children as young as six, in known truancy


hotspots. They say all but one of the youngsters were with adtlts


They're now liaising with schools to investigate whether permisshon was


granted for the absences. Workers at Nottingham's Imperial Tobacco have


voted to accept a redundancx package, described as "substantial"


by the union UNITE. The sitd on Thane Road will close in Max 20`16,


with the loss of 540 jobs. `` 2 16. The first round of redundancies will


be made in December of this year. And the use of new`style hanging


baskets in one part of Notthngham is proving something of a thorny issue.


That's because some of the flowers being used by Rushcliffe Borough


Council in West Bridgford are fake. It says the plastic petals `re part


of a pilot scheme to help it save thousands of pounds a year. But some


community groups in the are` say the baskets have lost their bloom. Now,


we are of course just minutds away from England's second match of the


World Cup against Uruguay. Xes, football fans across the region have


been buying their bunting, flying their flags and now many will be


gathering in pubs ahead of the game. England's involvement in thd


tournament stands to give otr local economy a real boost, but ddfeat


tonight could see them knocked out by next week. Tom Brown reports now


on how the World Cup in Brazil is being embraced, and exploitdd, by


businesses here. Training for tonight's match the


England players knew they c`rried the nation's expectation on their


shoulders. Fans are ready for the latest chapter in England's World


Cup story. They all hope it will not be one of their last. Feeling


confident. I think we will sneak it. Success for England means stccess


for our local pubs. We are dxpecting another busy one, hopefully at


capacity again. We just need England to get those three points so they


have the chance of qualifying and we think people will stay to cdlebrate.


Other shops have benefited from the desire of fans to look the part


They cannot get enough of the bunting. Once we put it out, it is


gone. The chamber of mercy says the World Cup will be worth ?100 million


to our local economy. `` ch`mber of core mercy. Defeat for Engl`nd cooed


see them exit the competition by next Tuesday which would not just be


bad news for Rooney and call but for businesses here. What would it mean


for you if England got knocked out early? Disappointing. We wotld have


to start taking things down in the shop but we still have Brazhl


bunting. We are showing every single game and have good responses from


other teams as well. Nothing appears to the atmosphere in an England


World Cup match. We hope thdy will be extending their stay in Brazil.


Staying with the World Cup ` and later in the programme, Navtej Johal


has been picking up a few thps from the home nation Brazil. Yes, these


kids may have been learning how to play football the Brazilian way but


tonight they are all cheering on one team. Now sport. First, Leicester


City midfielder Danny Drinkwater is backing former Manchester United


team mate, Wayne Rooney, to perform for England against Uruguay, in


their crucial World Cup gamd tonight. Drinkwater signed ` new


four year contract at Leicester this week. Natalie Jackson reports.


Leicester City's player of the year, Danny Drinkwater, says now the


fixtures are out the Premier League dream feels real. This year he


signed a four`year contract with Leicester. They want eventu`lly to


get weird they want to be in the higher half of the Premier League. I


just want to be a part of that. He joined in January 2012 in a ?1


million deal. His contract was due to expire next year and he says he


is confident that over the summer the club can retain their


championship winning team. Ht is a tight`knit club so keeping the


players were we are, as strong as we are, it is something I would


definitely back. He scored dight goals last season and believes his


team have a good chance of staying in the top flight. Obviouslx we


would love to finish as high as we possibly can but staying in the


Premier League we would be happy with for sure. He says he would


happily stay with Leicester for the rest of his career. At Notthngham


Forest, Stuart Pearce has m`de his third new signing as the Reds


manager. 21`year`old former central defender Louis Laing has agreed a


one`year deal. He was released by Sunderland at the end of last season


and is a former England youth player. Meanwhile, at Notts County


confirmation captain Alan Sheehan has turned down a new deal `nd


signed for League One rivals Bradford City today. Cricket, and


Leicestershire host Nottinghamshire at Grace Road in the T20 Bl`st this


evening, with the Foxes still looking for their first win, since


their opening victory against Derbyshire. The foxes took `n early


wicket. Stunning batting saw two men make half centuries. Leicestershire


going well in the case `` Chase Commentary of the game is on your


BBC local radio station. Kick`off is just under ten minutes away, but


before we go, we have just the thing to whet your appetite ahead of the


England match. Yes, we may be 6 000 miles from Brazil, but in a little


corner of Nottingham a group of children have been learning football


skills inspired by the five`times world champions. Could therd be a


future England star among them? Navtej Johal has been to sed them in


action. Flex, tricks and glorious free kicks. This is football


Brazilian style but we are not in Sao Paulo, we are in Saint @nne 's.


For over two years now the central Brazilian soccer school has been


teaching kids how to play the beautiful game. Here the pl`y the


skill `based version of football played in Brazil with a smaller


ball. It is different. We spent a more time on the ball encouraging


kids to be expressive, take risks and be comfortable on the b`ll.


Children come here never having played football before in their


lives and progressing directly through football academies like


Nottingham Forest. I like playing in matches and playing with my friends.


They help you learn and do not just say do this and do that, thdy


actually teach you and if you cannot do stuff, they help you. I tsed to


not be able to pass the ball properly but now I can. The skills


are all well and good but tonight they are only cheering on one team.


England are going to win, it is going to be 2`0. 2`1 to England 2`1


to Uruguay. Why Uruguay? Because England are rubbish. So the mood may


be mainly, mainly optimistic for now. What a fantastic place and


doesn't he have the moves? He certainly does. They are all


brilliant and impressive. Now the weather. It is the settled condition


this week. Much warmer here in the East Midlands. Now complaints


temperature wise but if you are suffering he Fever at the moment you


may have some complaints thdre. Pollen levels are set to relain high


for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is a dry day and I am expecting


plenty of sunny spells. Thex may take the time to arrive in the


morning. The cloud proved qtite so `` star burn as you can see on this


satellite image. `` stop earn. `` stubborn. On Friday there is a lot


of cloud around first thing but that will start to thin and break and we


will start to see some sunnx spells. More in the way of sunshine


into the afternoon. In the sunshine there will be a more westerly wind


tomorrow. Temperatures should reach the high of 22 Celsius. Feeling more


warm as we go into the day. Saturday will see high pressure still with


us. A fair amount of cloud `nd we yet again are expecting a dry day


with sunshine appealing particularly in the afternoon. Highs of 20


Celsius. The settled theme heading into Sunday. A similar storx as we


go into the new week. Things staying calm and settled on the weather


front. Whatever the outcome tonight, at least good weather tomorrow.


That's all from us for now. Goodnight.


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