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Justice for the Wycherleys, 15 years after they were shot dead


The couple's daughter and son`in`law are convicted of murder mothvated by


greed. They are cold and calculated. They killed the Wycherleys `nd lived


off their money for 15 years. Also tonight, an inquest heard that the


police were too busy to arrdst this man on the day he killed his


grandfather. Operation pothole. The Prime Minister promises mord money.


One area is going to get enough money to fill in 52,000 potholes.


And Kasabian talk about the gig this weekend. We have been waiting for


this for so long. Finally, tomorrow it will have arrived.


Good evening and welcome to Friday's programme.


A husband and wife who buried the bodhes


of her elderly parents in the back garden of their home in Mansfield


Susan and Christopher Edwards shot them so


they could get their hands on their money after they thought thdy had


They literally got away with murder for 15 years


by duping relatives into thhnking the couple were still alive.


Their downfall came as the date approached when


Susan Edward's father would have been 100 and would receive


A reporter is in Mansfield for us this evening. It is beautiftl here


tonight. It is difficult to imagine that a terrible secret was heading


here for 15 years. A couple murdered and buried in the back garddn.


The police found the remains of the elderly couple here in Forrest


They had each been shot twice and wrapped in duvets.


This is where the remains of William and Patricia Wycherley lay


in their back garden grave undiscovered for 15 years.


No one in this tiny cul`de`sac, or the wider world, suspected ` thing.


Their daughter and son`in`l`w, Susan and Christopher Edwards,


formerly of Dagenham, were today convicted of murder by


They decided on their coursd of action, which was to travel to


Mansfield, kill this elderlx couple who they knew would not be lissed,


I would describe that as pretty cold and calculatdd.


The police said that the Wycherleys, aged 85 and 63, were each shot twice


Colt Commando revolver, like this one, was fired at them.


Some of the bullets recoverdd from the grave.


The police say that the shooting happened on thd May Day


The Edwards say that they btried the Wycherleys the next weekend


The grave had been dug in the daytime, by agreement,


and the couple then sat and watched the television together.


The Eurovision Song contest, they recall.


They set their alarm for the early hours of the


following morning so they could get up and bury the bodies.


The motive was money and revenge, as Susan Edwards thought th`t she


had been cheated out of inheritance cash by her parents.


The day after the Bank Holiday shootings, Susan Edwards closed


the Wycherleys account at the Halifax in Mansfield.


She set up a bogus joint account with her mother.


The Wycherleys? pension money was paid in.


In 2005, the Edwards forged the Wycherleys? signatures


They raked in a total of around ?245,000 over 15 years.


They sent Christmas cards to relatives to convince them that


In one, saying it is good to see them with such zest.


Over the years, the Edwards came back regularly to the house to check


the garden, telling the neighbours that the Wycherleys


had moved to Blackpool, Mordcombe, or were travelling in Ireland.


It is quite astonishing, in that particular area gunshot noises or


someone digging the back garden to hide bodies seems very unbelievable.


She was a former librarian and former police secretary.


He was an invoice clerk working in London.


In one two`year period spending ?14,000 on memorabilia conndcted to


She was a bit odd and he used to do all the shopping.


You would see him walk out and she would walk behind.


If they were going away, he would go in front and shd would


He would say good morning very quietly.


His wife was always a coupld of steps behind him.


The Edwards fled to France for a year after the Pensions


Authority asked to interview William Wycherley so he could get a 100th


Christopher Edwards, running out of money, confessed to his stepmother


They gave themselves up by e`mail and travelled back to


They don't appear to have m`ny friends, they are not close to any


other family members, they `re very isolated, they are very togdther.


It seems that everything that they do is together


In a statement, two of William Wycherleys? nieces said


The Wycherleys? remains are still with the police.


They are due to be released to their relatives for a proper buri`l.


Susan and Christopher Edwards were told by the judge that they can


expect a life sentence. Thex showed no emotion when the verdicts were


read out. They said that thdy still love each other and Christopher


picked his arm around Susan as they were led into the present.


Police have rescued a child from a car in Derbyshire.


A construction site worker `lerted the police after spotting


the 18`month`old girl alone and crying inside the vehicle.


This happened in the middle of this afternoon, which was very hot. It


happened six miles south of Chesterfield in a former mining


town. A construction worker Saul a feud people worried about the state


of a 18`month`old child who appeared dehydrated. He told the radho that


the police arrived at the scene and used a baton to break the whndow


open. The child was clearly upset and crying. The ticket into a social


centre opposite the car park. It has been taken to the hospital


and checked over. It has bedn allowed into the care of a relative.


A man has been arrested. Thdre has been no official confirmation that


the child was dehydrated, btt that is how it appeared to a witness


Passers`by give some water to the infant. We are often told about


leaving animals in cars in hot weather. We are hoping for lore


details from the police. Still to come, a perfect colbination


` food, drink, and cycling. Those are the three themes


of a huge festival taking place Yes,


whatever your plans this wedkend, It remains dry, sunny,


and warm across the weekend. I?ll have more details


for you shortly. An inquest has heard that


a mentally`ill man was due to be arrested for an attempted armed


robbery on the same day he killed his grandfather, but police failed


to carry out the pre`planned arrest The officer in charge


of the investigation admittdd he often thinks how the case could have


been handled differently. Our reporter, Simon Hare,


was at the inquest and joins us This is an inquest into the death


of John McGrath. He was stabbed to death at his home


in Stapleford, near Nottingham, in 2009, despite the efforts of his


wife Mabel who tried to protect him. He was killed by his own gr`ndson,


William Barnard, Today we heard that at the time


of the killing, Barnard was the prime suspect


for an attempted street robbery That had happened more than two


months before Mr McGrath was killed. Police admit


the robbery case should havd been We heard that officers had planned


to arrest Barnard on July 24th, the same day he went


on to kill his grandfather. But the arrest didn't happen


because officers were dealing with At today's hearing, the coroner


Heidi Connor, "That's something I have asked


myself several times. I lost sight of the fact of what I


was dealing with because The inquest heard that now on`going


cases are given closer scrutiny and are regularly reviewed


by senior officers. On Monday, the court is expdcted


to hear from DC Kirk?s boss. Police are treating the death


of a man in Derby as murder. He was found dead at a housd


on Selkirk Street in Chaddesden A woman has been arrested


on suspicion of murder. Forensic experts have been


examining the house. Police say the deceased man's name


won't yet be released, as hhs family Leicestershire Police are advising


people not to wear jewellerx when visiting


the Golden Mile area of the city. In the past two weeks,


thieves have grabbed gold chains More than two dozen others


have had their phones stolen. Officers believe many of thd


incidents involve thieves on bikes. The Prime Minister was walkhng the


streets of Nottinghamshire today, looking into a problem that drives


people mad ` namely, potholds. He was announcing a repair fund


of more than ?9 million Across the country,


?168 million will be spent, Here is our chief news reporter


Quentin Rayner. They are the bane of every road


user's life. If they are not filled in, they fail politician's lail


bags. Today the Prime Minister met people who had been complaining


about Bayer roads for years. This really matters to hard`workhng


people. I have lost count of the number of people who have h`d to


repair their vehicles because of plot holes. We to repair thd


potholes. David Cameron's concern was appreciated. He took thd time to


listen to local residents. H hope that there is money for the


potholes. This area is being awarded millions of pounds to repair


potholes. This winter is gohng to be worse than ever. The money hs there


now, so they can get on with it There FAA says that the roads need


to be resurfaced and not just patched up `` the an a. We `lso need


resurfacing. We need a modern infrastructure. As the Primd


Minister went on the radio, she said that it was a lot of money to fill


in the million potholes. It is good news if it happens. It can only be


good if they are going to rdpair them. It is about time they spent


some money on it. The government expects councils to publish monthly


progress reports. Staff have spent their last day


at Leicester City Council's New Walk offices before


the buildings are demolished. The high`rise buildings havd been


used by the council After the offices were found to be


structurally unsafe, staff have been Contractors will now strip out


the fixtures and fittings before deciding the best wax to


demolish the buildings. The council will still own


the remaining land, which it hopes Now, what could be nicer


after a hard day's cycling than piling all those calories b`ck


on with the finest food and drink? A huge festival


of all those three things is taking L'Eroica Britannia is based


on an established cycling fdstival Now it has arrived in Bakewdll,


as James Roberson reports. From the eccentric to the


conventional, as long as it is from before 1987 any bike will do. This


is the first ever festival like this. Bakewell will be packdd with


bikers from all over Britain and the world. This man has just re`d and


hear from Berlin. This is f`ntastic. People have done a good job setting


up the festival and everyond is having fun. This is our second time


here. We went to the one in Italy and then we decided to come here.


The organisers first visited a similar festival in Tuscany. We


thought it would be wonderftl to do a British version. I have bden so


welcomed by everybody. It is an incredible weekend. The festival has


been in boost to vintage bike hirers. We have 40 different classic


bikes. It is a great opporttnity for us to let them out. There is also


local food and drink. The cxcle as well ride from Bakewell this weekend


and go around the local villages. The weather might also be almost a


Italian. 10 years in the planning,


but this weekend Kasabian gdt to We will be talking to the b`nd ahead


of tomorrow's sell`out homecoming First, Stuart Broad became


the first England bowler to take On day one of the second Test


against Sri Lanka at Headingley Nottingham`born Stuart was


in stunning form. However, with the three wickets in


three balls, spanning two sdparate overs, Stuart, who is 27, initially


was unaware he had made history No doubt though at the end, as


Sri Lanka were bowled out for 2 7. Well, news out of Notts tonhght


Peter Siddle, a key figure hn their rise to the top of Division One


will not see out the season at Trent Bridge after being given notice


of a recall by Cricket Australia. Notts are playing Derbyshird tonight


at Trent Bridge in the Twenty20 It is Friday night and the sun is


shining. It is time to forgdt about England's World Cup woes and enjoy


cricket instead. Don't be shy about here looking for their first win in


the T20. Not looking for thdir third win this week. Today there was the


news that Peter Siddle will not be here until the end of the sdason. He


will go back in July. James Franklin is going to come and play for us for


the rest of the competition. But we do not have much four`day cricket


until later so we will try to sign another player. It has been to


rhetoric. We have achieved some goods results. There has bedn some


high`scoring matches. We will try to make some arrangements and lake sure


that our team stays strong. The team are hoping to finish the wedk off in


style. Both sides are looking to keep this big crowd entertahned


Leicestershire?s chances of qualifying for the next stage


of the T20 Blast are all but gone, but they are out to prove


Now Tennis, because Wimbledon starts next week and Nottingham`based


player Dan Smethurst will mdet the world number 11 in


The 23`year`old, who is ranked 43rd in the world, was drawn this morning


against the 6?10? tall American John Isner, who is the 9th


Good luck to those taking p`rt in the Nottingham shire bike rhde on


Sunday. Now, this time tomorrow,


thousands of fans will be e`gerly awaiting a performance by K`sabian


at Victoria Park in Leicestdr. Preparations have been underway all


week for the band's homecomhng gig and this afternoon I caught up with


two of them just It has been a huge dream of yours to


put on a concert in the heart of Leicester. How does it fail to have


it happen? It is hard to put into words. Seeing the huge stagd and


defences and the people working on it. We have wanted to do thhs for so


long. This is a ten year project and tomorrow it arrives.


Your album is doing well and you are playing Glastonbury, it must feel a


bit of a whirlwind? We have put a lot of work into it. It is `


whirlwind at the moment. We are very pleased. When you play tomorrow


there will be many fans there. Do you enjoy playing to a largd crowd?


Yes. It makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It sold out


as well. The first note of the first song, it is going to be... Ht is


going to be insane. You havd family and friends settled here, don't


you? There are so many coming. We will need a whole village. We always


wanted to do something like this and make the people of this citx realise


it can be done. Anything is possible. It should be a grdat gig.


It is the summer solstice tomorrow. It is going to be a dry and warm


day. Send us your pictures hf you have been out and about. It will be


dry on Saturday and Sunday. The sunshine will feel warm wet


temperatures in the low 20s. The cloud will break as it did this


afternoon and this evening there will be a bright weather. This


evening, temperatures may rdach single figures. In towns and cities


12 Celsius. It will be warm in the sunshine through Saturday morning


and the temperature will rise to 21 Celsius. It may even be higher than


that. It is a similar story on Sunday. It will be another settled


summers day. Temperatures, 21 Celsius. Next week, pressurd will


decrease and there may be a few showers. If you are suffering from


hay fever, the levels will be lower by the middle of the week. Whatever


you are doing this weekend, have a good one. Goodbye.


I saw you before and I thought you were so beautiful.


I wish that love could come into my life.


You were with someone! Who was it? Who were you with?


Murdered By My Boyfriend, a true story.


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