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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Police have described a husband and wife, who murdered her parents,


Susan and Christopher Edwards shot dead her elderly parents so they


could get their hands on thdir money ` after believing they had been


They literally got away with murder for 15 years, until jurors, today,


The police found the remains of the elderly couple here in Forrest


They had each been shot twice and wrapped in duvets.


This is where the remains of William and Patricia Wycherley lay


in their back garden grave undiscovered for 15 years.


No one in this tiny cul`de`sac, or the wider world, suspected ` thing.


Their daughter and son`in`l`w, Susan and Christopher Edwards,


formerly of Dagenham, were today convicted of murder by


They decided on their coursd of action, which was to travel to


Mansfield, kill this elderlx couple who they knew would not be lissed,


I would describe that as pretty cold and calculatdd.


The police said that the Wycherleys, aged 85 and 63, were each shot twice


A World War II, .38 Colt Commando revolver,


Some of the bullets recoverdd from the grave.


The police say that the shooting happened on thd May Day


The Edwards say that they btried the Wycherleys the next weekend


The grave had been dug in the daytime, by agreement,


and the couple then sat and watched the television together.


The Eurovision Song contest, they recall.


They set their alarm for the early hours of the


following morning so they could get up and bury the bodies.


The day after the Bank Holiday shootings, Susan Edwards closed


the Wycherleys' account at the Halifax in Mansfield.


She set up a bogus joint account with her mother.


The Wycherleys' pension money was paid in.


In 2005, the Edwards forged the Wycherleys' signatures


They sent Christmas cards to relatives to convince them that


It is quite astonishing. In that particular area gunshot noises or


someone digging the back garden to hide bodies seems very unbelievable.


In one two`year period spending ?14,000 on memorabilia conndcted to


She was a bit odd and he used to do all the shopping.


He would say good morning very quietly.


His wife was always a coupld of steps behind him.


The Edwards fled to France for a year after the Pensions


Authority asked to interview William Wycherley so he could get a 100th


Christopher Edwards, running out of money, confessed to his stepmother


They gave themselves up by e`mail and travelled back to


They don't appear to have m`ny friends, they are not close to any


other family members, they `re very isolated, they are very togdther.


It seems that everything that they do is together


In a statement, two of William Wycherleys' nieces said


They had used their family to get their own way.


Police say they had to smash a car window to rescue


a toddler who was alone and crying in a vehicle this afternoon.


Passers`by at Clay Cross in Derbyshire feared the


18`month`old girl was overhdating as the windows were shut.


Police say a 46`year`old man has been detained.


It was just red and dehydrated and clearly upset and crying.


Two women consoled it, give it a drink,


and carried it into a social centre that was adjacent to the car park.


The Prime Minister has been in Nottinghamshire today,


pledging money to repair the region's potholes.


David Cameron says Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Leicestershhre will


share over ?9 million to fix more than 1,000 holes in our roads.


Here is our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner.


They are the bane of every road user's life, costing millions


Left unfilled, they fill politicians' mailbags


Kimberly is blighted by the problem, so he met residents on Victoria


Street who have been complahning about their roads for years.


He has got his list, so he hs going to hand his list over.


It really matters to hard`working people.


I have lost count of the nulber of conversations I have had with


people who have had to repahr their bike, motorcycle,


But, because of the potholes, it is costing them money.


Mr Cameron's concern was appreciated.


It is really good that he h`s taken the time to come to Nottinghamshire


to look at the potholes and listen to what local residents havd to say.


As long as the money goes on potholes and the job is good


Nottinghamshire has been awarded more than ?3 million


It was on the news this morning that they will be doing it next spring,


The money is there now, so they need to get on with it.


The AA says that what is nedded is resurfacing and not patching


Where potholes are stopping people from getting to work without


damaging their cars or endangering cyclists or motorcyclists,


The Prime Minister took to the airwaves on BBC Radio Nottingham.


It is enough money to fill in 3 million potholes.


Road users in Leicester told us what they thought.


That is the trouble, it needs to be done.


If they are going to start repairing them, it can only be a bonus.


It is about time that they spent a bit of money.


In return for the cash, the Government expects councils to


Quentin Rayner, BBC West Midlands Today, Kilberly.


But with your weather now, here is Anna Church.


You will be happy to hear that there is more good weather to comd this


weekend. It will be dry and warm with sunny spells. Tonight, there


will be clear skies at times. Temperatures sometimes in shngle


figures. Tomorrow morning, ` settled start to Saturday. It will be a


pleasant day. The cloud will break and there will be sunny spells.


Temperatures, 21 Celsius. It may create a little higher. Sunday is


going to be dry and settled. There will be plenty of sunshine. Here is


your outlook for the next fdw days and then


Hello there. Tomorrow is the longest day, the summer solstice, it's not


often that we bring you good news, but it does look promising for this


weekend. There may be a little rain in the far north of Scotland,


otherwise it should be dry and there'll be good spells of sunshine.


With light winds, it should feel quite warm as well. The reason for


the quiet weather, this blocking area of high pressure out to the


west. We do have weak weather fronts towards the Northern Isles. Nor


cloud for the -- more cloud in the northern half of Scotland. The night


is dry, clear spells an lite winds as


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