21/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Victoria Hicks.


Tens of thousands of fans h`ve arrived in Leicester ahead of


The home`grown band Kasabian will be performing at Victoria Park later.


There is nothing easy about entertaining 50,000 people but that


is what Leicester band can say in our gearing up to do tonight. And


they are hoping to inspire paid younger fans to pick up an


instrument. The kids are 15, 16 They are seeing people on stage just


lived around the corner, who started playing in town. We always wanted to


do something like this and lake the people of this city realised that it


can be done. It is not long before could save you take the stage.


Nearly every hotel in the chty is fully booked, roads are closed, and


fans cannot wait to see thehr local heroes in action. On a scald of one


to ten, 100. The music is so energising. We have seen thdm 1


times. This will be the best. Biggest fans. The fact that this


show sold out, we could defhnitely have done tonight. We've only got


the license for one. The fact that the tickets sold so quickly proves


how popular the Bandar. Next week, the say the headline Glastonbury.


And the Beat, which is alre`dy on`air this evening,


is catching up with the band as they prepare for tonight's gig.


That's the Beat, between now and 10pm on your local BBC Radio.


In other news, firefighters across the reghon have


These firefighters at Kingsway Station in Derby w`lked out


Union and the Government. Mdanwhile firefighters in Nottingham did cross


Meanwhile firefighters in Nottingham did cross the picket line to attend


The strike action is over changes to pensions


We understand we have to make changes. I joined the pension scheme


27 years ago. To me, I have been mis`sold that because of thd changes


forced upon me. What you want to see is the Prime Minister and Brandon


Lewis negotiating. A woman has been charged with


the murder of a 50`year`old man Stephen Burton died


from his injuries at this house on Selkirk Street in Chaddesden


early yesterday. Julie Titheridge, who's 38, will


appear before magistrates on Monday. Volunteers handed out free drinks to


shoppers in Nottingham todax, in remembrance of


an important day in Sikh history. The drinks, worth ?3,000,


had been donated by the citx's Sikh community, to commemorate the


anniversary of the martyrdol of Guru The event also aimed to raise


awareness of the religion itself. We are are very visible minority,


with the turbans and the be`rd. And post`9/11, their about us. Here we


have a message of our beliefs and we want to spread love, peace `nd


tolerance. Here is the weather. On the summer solstice, we havd enjoyed


plenty of sunshine and it continues into the evening. Fine weather


overnight. Cloudy at times. With the smattering of cloud and a short


night, temperatures will sthck at about 12 to 15 Celsius. We start


tomorrow with more cloud in the sky event today. We will see sunny


spells. The further east yot go it will be more cloudy. A sea breeze in


the afternoon and highs of 22 degrees Celsius. Still some fine


weather as we start the new working week. That is all for now. Dnjoy the


rest of your Evening Post b`sh your evening. `` your evening.


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