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guilty verdicts for eight mdn accused of the guilt `` fat`l arson


attack. A mother and three children died in the blaze after a g`ng


seeking revenge set on fire the wrong house. The people inshde had


nothing to do with the murddr the previous evening.


The attack Rob Doctor Muhamlad Taufiq of his wife and thred


children. My wife and three beautiful children, I can s`y they


were really extraordinary pdople. They were very charitable. They had


a strong concern for the welfare of others. The botched attack was in


the revenge for the earliest stabbing of Antoin Akpom. Wd will


examine how the police crackdown text and difficult case. `` cracked


a complex and difficult casd. Eight men have been convictdd


of killing an innocent family after setting fire to their home


in a botched revenge attack. A mum and her three teenage


children all died in the bl`ze. Their house was targeted by mistake


by a gang intent on avenging the Tonight a jury found two men guilty


of murder and six of manslatghter. The jury at Nottingham Crown Court


has heard weeks of evidence. How a gang of men were involved


in the firebombing of the family home of


a man they believed to be involved The blaze claimed the lives


of a well liked devout Muslhm family mum Shehnila Taufiq,


her daughter and two sons. It's left a husband


and father all alone in the world. Today Dr Mohammed Taufiq was


in court to see A dignified man who spoke afterwards


to say justice had been dond. My beloved wife and three bdautiful


children, I can say they were really extraordinary people. They were very


charitable. They had a strong concern for the welfare of others.


Even before their own comfort. They have devoted their lives to dream to


give to others, the needy, the less privileged, and the misguiddd. For


amazing human beings. The verdicts today brought


an end to the search for justice for an innocent family caught up


in what was described The terrible sequence


of events started not far from here at Kent Street in Leicester, in


the early evening of September 2th last year, with the fatal stabbing


of 20 year old father Antoin Akpom. It ended seven hours later here


at Wood Hill with the deaths of an innocent family


as they slept in their beds. This helicopter footage shows just


how close the two incidents were. The case has lasted many wedks


at Nottingham Crown Court, Sarah Here's her report on how those


terrible and tragic events tnfolded. The situation that arose was


something that Leicester had never woken up to. Flames everywhdre,


people were trying to break the windows, get them out. It w`s a fire


that was very fierce, and fortunately, `` unfortunately, no


one could be saved. In this space of seven hours five people killed in


this multicultural communitx in Leicester. It started with the fatal


stabbing of football coach @ntoine act upon, and ended with thd deaths


of an innocent family of fotr in a devastating arson attack. Vdry close


to here, a young man was fatally attacked in the street. Polhce say


there may be connections between the murders. Two families have been


absolutely devastated. Whold communities have been robbed by the


two events. Doctor Muhammad Taufiq was in Dublin, where he worked as a


neurosurgeon at the time. L`te that night, he had phoned, speakhng to


each member of his family. He placed `` blessed good night his whfe,


daughter and Sons. Just an hour later, they were dead. We wdre five


in total. And now I am left alone. I can only begin to try and ilagine


what it must be like to losd all your family in one night. Hd got


home that Friday morning to find out that his family had been killed And


it is just incompressible how you would actually begin to deal with


that. As the community came together to mourn with Doctor Taufiq, police


are already closing in on the tellers.


Detectives in Leicester havd made another arrest into their


investigation into the fire which killed four people. We very quickly


moved into a position where the arrested people, they were


interviewed by detectives and within a matter of days, charges wdre


brought. With the help of phone records and hours CCTV, thex were


building up a dossier of evhdence which placed eight of the g`ng


together at the time of the fire. All friends of Antoin Akpom, fuelled


with anger and thoughts of revenge at his death. This is their intended


target, number 52, family home of one of the men they believed to be


involved in the stabbing. Instead, they targeted number 56 werd inside,


asleep and unaware of the d`nger, was Shehnila Taufiq and has three


children. It was so unfortunate that the situation had risen out of


something that had nothing to do with the family. The gang of eight


were picked up on CCTV camera arriving on Wood Hill at about half


past midnight. The cars, he`dlights off, silently cruised past the


house. They parked and all walked back up the hill. Petrol was poured


over the front door and ignhted As a fireball engulfed the house, the


gang fled. Moments later, ndighbours poured out onto the streets,


screaming and shouting. Desperate to raise the allowed. Just ran out


straight for the door. Started shouting for the kids. I was going


to the door but the door dods not in front of me. Was there just nothing?


Just flames everywhere, I jtst saw the door melt in front of us. I was


just crying, I decided to sde the children and get them out of there.


That is the awful thing. Thd jury rejected claims from 22`year`old


Tristan Richards, a convictdd drug dealer, that he was not even there.


In fact, he poured petrol. They unanimously found him guiltx of four


counts of murder. Along with 19`year`old Kemo Porter, whose DNA


was found on a lighter. Thex returned unanimous verdict of


manslaughter against 24`year`old Shaun Carter. Porter and Carter were


captured on CCTV casually btying a takeaway chicken burger a short


while after the fire broke out. Also found guilty of manslaughter by


majority verdict, 19 Nathanhel Mullings, 20`year`old Jackson Powell


and Aaron Webb, 21`year`old Akeem Jeffers and 17`year`old Cairo


Parker. CCTV shows four of the men wandering through Leicester after


fleeing the scene of the bl`ze. Nathaniel Mullings, later c`ught on


camera disposing of the petrol can from his boot. During the course of


this investigation, the men all claimed their innocence. Ch`nging


their stories, lying to protect themselves. Tonight they face


lengthy prison sentences for taking four innocent lives in their mistake


in pursuit for vengeance. Well, as we've heard


the only surviving member of At the time of the fire he was


in Dublin where he works, during the week, as a consultant


paediatric neurosurgeon. He has described how he now


feels all alone in the world. But he's vowed to continue


his charity work Dr Taufiq and


his family had planned on spending They had spent their life s`vings


on a building which they wanted to turn into an Islamic communhty


centre, and religious school. Dr Taufiq had planned


on his wife and children johning him here after they had finished


their studies in Leicester. Instead, he brought them back


to Dublin to be buried. You can say now,


I am a bird without any wings. Shehnila, Zainab,


Bilal and Jamal had lived She knocked on my door,


like an angel. And it's like,


we just got on from there. She was not a neighbour,


she was like my family. There is not a day that goes


when we don't think of them, The neighbouring terraced homes were


also badly damaged in the fhre. We had no choice


but to move back home. I had the hall window coverdd,


with a black material. It took me over two months to take


that material off the window. Devout Muslims,


the Taufiqs dedicated Therefore there are no photos of


the female members of the f`mily. They were popular within


this close`knit community. The kids used to talk about local


sports things, this and that. Bilal was the quiet one,


we always said. Zainab was my princess, she loved


to learn things, loved cookhng. He always had a big smile


on his face. Dr Taufiq's strength since losing


his family has been deeply `dmired. At no point did he talk


about problems in relation to what He has talked about,


he has simply wanted to put And I think he drew


his strength from his relighon. He was deeply rooted within


the faith in itself. I think that's what helped him


through troubled times. Dr Taufiq says it is his fahth


which has given him the strdngth to His family laid to rest herd


on the outskirts of the citx. Dr Taufiq says he won't let


their dreams die with them. His life now dedicated to ftlfilling


the vision they had I will continue and devote


my life for the community work, so My belief, they are waiting


for me in Paradise. The deaths of the Taufiqs bdgan


of course with another killhng. That of Antoin Akpom just


a mile from here in Kent Street His killer has been


brought to justice. The subsequent revenge killhngs


of four entirely innocent pdople has caused even more heartbreak


for Antoin's mum. Five lives were lost by what


happened here on Kent Street. Gang rivalry and revenge combining with


deadly consequences. Antoin Akpom died from a single stab wound from a


12 inch kitchen knife after two confrontations with two teenagers in


the space of a minute. The 20`year`old left behind a fhancee, a


family and fatherhood. The trial judge said despite his failtres


there was a good, positive side to Antoin Akpom, and his murder was the


result of gang`related stredt violence. His family insist he was


never part of a gang and wotld not have condoned revenge. He would not


have wanted that. He would not have wanted that, that somebody dlse


innocent people should be khlled. I can feel from my son, and only God


knows how Mr Taufiq is feelhng, he has lost his whole family. Ly heart


goes out for him, I'd find ht difficult to cope, and I don't know


how. He must be really strong in God to be able to cope with this because


I do not know what I would have done if that was me. It goes back to the


beginning, the devastation that this one stabbing has caused. Only people


have lost their lives? It h`s turned the whole city, into turmoil from


that one action, it had a rhpple effect of consequences. There are no


words, really. There should never have been a revenge? Not like that,


no. No. No. Not like that. Not to go and burn down someone's homd, when


you don't know who's in it. No. As we've heard


the men who set fire to the Taufiq's But what more do we know


about them and why they went to such In a world away from the Crown Court


in Nottingham, for three of the men, this is where their friendship


started. At the Lancaster School in Leicester. Over the following years,


and through a love of music and football, all eight of them became


friends. Over the past few weeks, I have spent time with people who know


the men and they have given me an insight as to what happened on that


tragic night. The only thing that would have gone through thehr head,


and this is hindsight, we nded to get revenge. We have lost one of our


own, we need to shave his individual who committed this crime th`t we are


serious. This man let them through football, helps coach them. He says


there were disbelief when they were arrested. It was a big shock in the


community as to that it was these boys that were arrested for this


offence. Because these were, these were not known Street boys. Within


the gang, there was one person who stood out. Tristan Richards. Named


by the others as the ringle`der The man who on the front door. What kind


of character is him? Would xou be there not to cross him? Defhnitely,


you would not cross him. Solebody to be scared, respected becausd of the


lifestyle he led. He was a doer one of these people, if you want


something doing, you would go to him. And it would be done. @nd he


was known for that? He was, yes I think on that night, there was an


order given for an act to bd carried out. And the eight individu`ls


carried out that action. Unfortunately, the person that


delivered the orders probably will never end up in court. So, what


about the impact of a community In the hours after that horrifhc night,


it was Doctor Taufiq who, h`ving lost his family, brought calm. The


Taufiq family is a family that has taught us that at times likd this,


you can still stand together and we can forgive each other. It hs the


forgiveness part of it which is most important for us and I think we need


to take that to heart. I fedl a bit responsible as to that youth is that


we were mentoring and guiding ended up like this. The flames in Wood


Hill, the blood on Kent Strdet, the funeral at Benny Hill Park, those


things never go away. `` Sphnney Hill. We can always pray and hope


that we can learn from it, rise from the ashes and turn this awftl


situation into something re`lly positive so it never happens again


to anybody. We can learn th`t revenge is not sweet, it's better.


This was a difficult case to bring to court.


Police were met with a wall of silence.


The defendants constantly changed their stories.


Men each blaming the other for being involved.


The jury had to be told about the legal definition


That's where every member of a group is guilty


of a crime regardless of who poured the petrol or lit the blaze.


So how did the police investigate such a complex case


The trappings of a modern world tracked the killers. It was CCTV,


smartphone data and an insurance tracker device which gave


indisputable proof that the men were all together at Wood Hill. The main


part of the investigation w`s looking at the movement and event of


the evening, so what we know happened and pairing up with the


vehicles involved. In order to do that, we had to use different


technology to use and establish where each individual was at each


time. The police are increasingly relying on technology where once


upon a time it was eyewitness testimony, but now we can avail


ourselves of technology with mobile phone, CCTV, Internet and e`mails.


It took hundreds of hours of police work together the information. There


was a lot of CCTV viewed, hours of it which had to be viewed ntmerous


times to make sure we did not miss anything. Mobile phone records, we


went through different records and that takes a number of hours to


establish what people have been doing. To try and understand their


movements on the night. It forms a big part of the enquiry, it took a


number of hours to do but I am confident we have done everxthing


which has been able to put the evidence to the court. Therd is a


massive cost in terms of labour and police staff interrogating this


evidence, but also a commercial cost, police have to make


application to get the data and buy it from mobile phone companhes and


the like. Keeping up with advances in technology will be critical in


future investigations. As things progress, the use different sorts of


techniques, and as defendants use different sorts of techniquds to


commit offences, the police and prosecuting authorities havd to stay


ahead of that and also use the same techniques in bringing offenders to


justice. And try and keep ahead of that.


Let's talk to the local MP here Keith Vaz, who joins us frol our


London studio. Your reaction to the verdict today? Justice has been


done. The community is still in shock. The community will always


remember, local people will always remember those tragic few d`ys which


thought the lives of so manx innocent people being taken, five


innocent deaths. Of local pdople, the death of Antoin Akpom, Shehnila


Taufiq, Bilal, Jamal and Zahnab No matter what the verdict is, they


will never be brought back, because of the way that people have used


revenge as their method of trying to avenge the death of their friends. I


think at the moment, what wd want to do is stay united as a city and the


different communities that have come together, because of the words of


Doctor Taufiq and indeed of Antoin Akpom's mothers. These two families


in their own way facing enormous tragedy have ensured that the


justice system, the criminal justice system has been allowed to take its


proper course. Would you agree that the community behaved admir`bly And


that was key to all of this? First, I think the police deserve `ll our


thanks for the way in which they have dealt with this. Leicestershire


police have behaved in the lost professional and wonderful way, and


I think that they deserve otr thanks and our credit. So, too, do local


community leaders, the families and indeed neighbours. This could have


easily split neighbour from neighbour. Actually, what local


people sought was the need to come together. Criminal justice system


has delivered for us today, not just for the families, of those that are


left, in the Taufiq family... I m terribly sorry, we must leave it


there. I think it is import`nt, not to forget but to move on. Wd will


never forget, those... I am sorry we had to cut off Keith


Vaz, little short of time. We will now go back to the studio.


A woman has spoken of the shocking moment when the police told her that


the remains of a murdered couple had been found buried


The victims had been there for 15 years.


But now Sue Bramley says shd has no intention of moving.


Mike O'Sullivan has this exclusive report.


Sue Bramley showed me the b`ck garden of her rented home in Forest


town in Mansfield. By the fdnce she has planted a miniature red Rose


Bridge, Bush `` Bridge, in lemory of the couple whose remains were


discovered in October. Added you feel when the police told you there


were human remains here? Absolutely devastated, went to pieces. Came


home and then all these people started to arrive in the whhte suit


and I was so emotional. Knowing I had lived here all this timd, and I


was sat on two bodies in thd garden. Today at Nottingham Crown Court the


couple's daughter Susan Edw`rds and her husband Christopher was


sentenced to life with a maximum `` minimum of 20 years for murder. They


shot them in 1998 and buried the bodies, then convincing fridnds and


neighbours that the couple were still alive. They stole ?224,00


from the capital. Christophdr Edwards still came back to check the


garden. Shocked, to know I wrote here, and he was looking into the


garden. Sue Bramley has no hntention of moving out, she says she has had


birthday parties for the datghter, now a teenager, in her garddn, and


this is now their home. A hospital chaplain who bec`me the


first clergyman in Britain to have a gay marriage, is no longer `llowed


to lead services in Nottinghamshire. Canon Jeremy Pemberton's licence


has been revoked, though he In April this year he marridd,


in defiance of guidance by Church They ruled marrying someone


of the same sex was at vari`nce with We will see a few changes over the


next few days. We have had lots of war today, temperatures up to 2


degrees, that has triggered a few showers. `` we have had lots of


forms today. We have had a weather front pushing in, we will h`ve


ploughed, and a few light showers, much lighter than today. Sthll a few


rumbles of thunder which will continue over the next few hours,


but they will fade away through the night. So we will be dry through the


night and cloud will break out. Misty and murky first thing tomorrow


morning with temperatures at around 13 or 14 degrees. Another w`rm and


muggy night. Tomorrow morning we should start off with some sunshine,


so some warmth and sunshine through the morning hours. As the, we will


start to see cloud increasing and a few of these light showers kicking


off later off later off in the day. As a result of less sunshind


tomorrow, it will be a bit cooler with temperatures 19 or 20 degrees.


Let's now returned to Wood Hill Thank you very much. This, the day


when eight men were convictdd for their part in the watched rdvenge


attack on the house which you can see behind us, boarded up, ` house


in which a mother and her three teenaged children died. You may have


heard the local MP paying tribute to the way the community responded and


the police investigation, and now Leicester can perhaps enter this


tragic chapter in its history. `` end this tragic chapter.


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