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Coventry teenagers who have Coventry teenagers who have


And now the news for the East Midlands.


Eight men have been convictdd of killing an innocent family


after setting fire to their home in a botched revenge attack.


A mum and her three teenage children all died in the bl`ze.


Their house was targeted by mistake by a gang intent on avenging the


A jury found two men guilty of murder and six of manslatghter.


It's left a husband and father mourning the loss


Today Dr Muhammad Taufiq was in court and spoke afterwards to


My beloved wife and three beautiful children `


I can say they were really extraordinary pdople.


They had a strong concern for the welfare of others,


They had devoted their lives to a dream to give to others `


the needy, the less privileged and the misguided.


The verdicts today brought an end to the search for justice


for an innocent family caught up in what was described


The case has lasted many wedks at Nottingham Crown Court.


Sarah Teale reports on how those terrible and tragic events tnfolded.


In the space of just seven hours, five people were killed


in this small multicultural community in Leicester.


It started with the fatal stabbing of footb`ll coach


Antoin Akpom and it ended whth the deaths of an innocent f`mily of


Dr Muhammad Taufiq was in Dtblin, where he worked


Late that night, he had phoned, speaking to each member


His wife Shehnila, his daughter 19`year`old Zainab,


and finally his sons, 17`ye`r`old Bilal and 15`year`old Jamal.


We were five in total and now I am left alone.


I can only begin to try and imagine what it must be like to losd all


He got home on that Friday morning to fhnd that


his family had been killed `nd it's just incomprehensible how you would


With the help of phone records and hours of CCTV, they werd


building up a dossier of evhdence which placed eight of the g`ng


All Antoin's friends, fuelled with anger and thoughts


This was their intended target, number 52,


the family home of Abdul Hakim, one of the men that they believed to


Instead, they targeted numbdr 5 where, inside, asleep and unaware


of the danger, were Shehnil` Taufiq and her three children.


It so unfortunate that the situation had arisen


like this over a situation that had nothing to do with the family,


The jury rejected claims from 22`year`old Tristan Richards,


a convicted drug dealer, that he wasn't even there.


In fact, he was the one who bought the petrol.


They unanimously found him guilty of four counts of murder,


along with 19`year`old Kemo Porter, whose DNA was found on the lighter.


They returned unanimous verdict of manslaughter


Porter and Carter were capttred on CCTV casually buying


a takeaway chicken burger a short while after the fire broke out.


Also found guilty of manslatghter by majority verdicts ` 19`ydar`old


Nathaniel Mullings, 28`year`old Jackson Powell `nd Aaron


Webb, 21`year`old Akeem Jeffers and 17`year`old Cairo Parker.


`` 20`year`old Jackson Powell and parent web.


CCTV shows four of the men ` Mullings, Powell, Parker and Jeffers


` wandering through Leicestdr after fleeing the scene of the bl`ze.


Nathaniel Mullings was later caught on camera disposing


During the course of this investigation,


the men all claimed their innocence, changing their stories


Tonight, they face lengthy prison sentences for taking four innocent


lives in their mistake in their mistaken pursuit for vengeance.


A woman has spoken of the shocking moment when the police told her that


the remains of a murdered couple had been found buried


The victims had been there for 15 years.


But now Sue Bramley says shd has no intention of moving.


Mike O'Sullivan has this exclusive report.


Sue Bramley showed me the back garden of her rentdd home


By the fence, she's planted the miniature red rose


bush in memory of William and Patricia Wycherley, whose rdmains


How did you feel when the police told you thdre were


Came home and then all thesd people started to arrive in white suits and


I was just so emotional, knowing I'd lived here all this time and been


Today at Nottingham Crown Court the Wycherleys' daughter Susan Ddwards


and her husband Christopher from Dagenham were sentenced to life with


They shot the couple in 1998 and buried the bodies, then convinced


neighbours and relatives th`t the Wycherleys were still alive


They stole ?245,000 from thd couple, including pensions and the sale


Christopher Edwards still c`me back to check the garden.


Shocked to know that I've bden here and he's been coming into mx garden.


"Freaked out" probably was the word that came to my mind.


Sue Bramley has no intention of moving out.


She says she's had birthday parties for her daughter, now a teenager,


That's your news, so it's goodbye from me.


But with your weather now, here's Kaye.


Four we've had a summary st`rt. Some warm sunshine and thunderstorms


around. Still some heavy showers. Some clear spells towards the end of


the night. A bit misty and lurky and another warm and muggy one with lows


of 13 to 14. Tomorrow morning will start off dry and bright must


sunshine around. We'll see cloud increasing through the afternoon. A


cloudy and damp day tomorrow with temperatures up to around 20 or 21


and as you can see from the outlook, it stays quite cool and clotdy for


the rest Wednesday. Towards the end of The


Week, it will be more unsettled Good evening to you. Well, for many


of us, another fine day, a nice start to The Week, but not such a


great end to Monday because across East Anglia and the south-east we


had thunderstorms. Some big downpours, for example, over


Cambridgeshire. Most of us missed that and it was a fine end to the


day. Let's get on with the forecast. Tomorrow, more warm sunshine. It


will be warm over the south of the country. If you live in Scotland, it


will feel fresher. This


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