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Inevitable, I suppose. That's all from the News at Six. Goodbye from


me. On Police say the growers are changing


tactics with multiple smalldr scale operations. They are having


multiple, smaller grows throughout communities, all at addressds rented


by themselves. And this drug only became illegal today, but whll its


people using khat? Also tonight, the hospital hoping


its plans for a helipad really take off.


And World Cup whizz kid Diego' diction for tonight's England game.


I think England are going to win 2`1.


First tonight, a new crackdown on homegrown drugs.


East Midlands Today can revdal that Nottinghamshire Police have set up


the region's first specialist team to tackle cannabis gangs.


The force has told us that it's seizing around 50


This exclusive report from our social affairs


Searching for illegal cannabis growers has become a full`thme job,


with the tell`tale pungent smell bringing the police to this House.


They did not need to force their way in because the tenant was ott and


the door was unlocked. Downstairs they found a typical family home,


littered with toys and photos. In the bedroom, a different story. As


you go up the stairs, the slell gets stronger and stronger. You can see


why. This is a growing tent, several cannabis plants inside, alrdady


harvested and hanging out to dry. But finding cannabis is just the


start, the police have to prove that dogs are being sold. That is where


Nottinghamshire's new cannabis dismantling team comes in, team of


experts to gather evidence `nd free up local officers. Because we deal


with it on a daily basis, wd know what we need to seize and the whole


process will be great we reduce in time. It's a cost saving. Police


used to find cannabis being grown in large factories, these days, the


drug is becoming harder to find with gangs becoming more


sophisticated. Organised gangs are approaching people in residdntial


areas, and they are having lultiple small grows throughout commtnities.


Or renting addresses themselves So if they do lose one or two of those


grows, they do not lose all of the crop. There are disagreements about


the damage cannabis causes, but by the police, it is simple. It is


illegal and growers who get caught can end up in jail.


This new team came into operation on the day another drug has bedn


Khat acts as a stimulant and is very popular amongst Somalis.


The ban has been welcomed by the Somali community in


Leicester, which has itself pushed for the drug to be made illdgal


Here's our chief news reporter, Quentin Rayner.


Imported from Africa, khat hs a legal plant which when chewdd, acts


like a less powerful amphet`mine. You ticket, you are very happy. It


makes you happy. Can you im`gine someone who doesn't eat for three


days? Who is talking, 24 hotrs. It is made! I have lost five children


and a beautiful wife. Due to this khat. Gentleman, from today, khat is


illegal. It is not at least a third of the Somali community use khat,


including women. I welcome ht very much, the community welcomes the


ban, it has a huge impact on our community, including familids and


children. It has serious consequences financially, socially


and culturally. Criminalising khat is a bit like banning smoking. There


will be a response rating, `nd potentially prosecution. Ophnion is


divided about the health risks. The Home Affairs Select Committde


opposed the ban, because it believes there is insufficient evidence of a


direct link between its use and psychosis. Are conveniences is that


it can cause mental illness in people. The main things are, in high


doses it can cause psychosis, and when you stop taking it, it can


cause depressive illness. It is hoped Somalis will ensure the ban is


effective. Earlier I spoke to Danny Kushlik of


Transform, a charitable think`tank that campaigns for the legal


regulation of drugs. I asked him what he thought about the ddcision


to ban khat. Actually, it has been banned for no


good reason. Clearly, khat does cause problems for some people. But


its prohibition will only ptsh users who continue to use underground and


will give the trade to a regulated dealers and organised criminals It


does not help anybody. We spoke to a former khat user who spoke of how it


ruined his life, surely by laking it illegal, it sends a strong lessage


to users? Simply, if we devdloped public policy for alcohol on the


basis of what alcoholics told us, we might well move to ban it, but where


are we to do that, we would begin the same as what happened in the


alcohol prohibition in the TS between 1920 and 1933. It m`de it


very dirty and dangerous. So, the answer is to control it and


regulated and look after usdrs through the health system. We were


also speaking about the fact that once a week, there is a cannabis


raid in our region. Clearly, a big problem. How would you deal with


that? Illegal cannabis crops are a product of prohibition in the same


way that illegal alcohol sthlls were. The way to deal with them is


to stop them happening at all, the legally regulate cannabis through


licensed retailers and for the government to take control. It takes


the unknown `` unregulated dealers out of business. So, we shotld


decriminalise all drugs? Government should take control of prodtction,


supply, of all drugs, that can potentially cause harm. We do not


want them in the hands of paramilitaries and organised


criminals. A double decker bus hit a r`ilway


bridge in Leicestershire earlier, disrupting rail services and


blocking traffic during rush hour. It happened in Sileby


near Loughborough just These photographs were taken


by a viewer. The bus company Ausden Clark says


there were no passengers It's understood it was on its way to


collect schoolchildren from another I heard a big bang, and I c`me out


of the door and there is thd bus, just under the bridge. We dhd not


know if anyone was on it. Wd were really scared. The noise of it as


well, it was terrifying. Thdre was a bang and everyone came runnhng out,


it was stuck right in the mhddle, right underneath.


Tributes have been paid to a fighter who died


after he took part in a boxhng match at a nightclub in Nottinghal.


Lance Ferguson`Prayogg, from Liverpool,


died in hospital after paraledics were called to the Forum cltb


at the Cornerhouse on Saturday afternoon.


I think Lampard will pass it through the defenders. I think the school


will be 2`1, to England. `` the score.


The husband whose wife and three children were murdered


in Leicester's Wood Hill fire broke down in court today as he rdad out


Dr Muhammed Taufiq described himself as being like


a brutally wounded bird without wings.


He said to stop inhumane crhmes happening again,


criminals should not be let out of prison for the rest of their lives.


Mike O'Sullivan was in court and can tell us more.


Mike, another emotional day for Dr Taufiq?


He walked into the witness box in Court 1 to read out


He lost his wife Shehnila, daughter Zainab, who was 19,


and his sons Bilal, 17, and Jamal, 15, in the arson attack at


Wood Hill in Leicester last September.


Across from him sat the two men convicted of murder and six others


And in his statement, Dr Tatfiq said the fire has stolen everythhng


The teenager who murdered hhm will spend longer in prison will stop


Hussain Hussain, 19, stabbed Mr Akpom after a confrontation in Kent


Street last September. He w`s given a life sentence with a minilum term


of 15 years and today this was increased to 22 years by thd Court


of Appeal. The victim was of good character, someone who did good work


in the community, a mentor, someone who ran a local football cltb. And


although there was a verbal interchange, that was no excuse for


20 years. It is run by the charity Scope. Tim loves it here. If you


visit on a Saturday night, they are watching TV, having a wonderful


time. To expect him to go somewhere else and get used to a whold new way


of living without all his friends, the moment, still? We will find out.


Diego, what was your prediction 2`1 to England. It could be a bht of a


quickfire finish! But you love your football? Yes. We filmed with you at


a Brazilian football club that you belong to, what is it you lhke about


the game? At Italy the Brazhlian style. I like learning new stuff. ``


particularly the bronzed `` the Brazilian style. You are very good


with the ball. All that fancy stuff. They teach you skills, how to


dribble and how to shoot. You are very good at it. As we can see from


these pictures. How long have you been playing football? I don't know


exactly. About two years. As a whole has been made about football? About


the last three years. He has come to enjoy it more. He is getting more


experience and learning how to deal with the ball, he thinks he is a pro


now! He did say England werd a bit rubbish and they have not rdally


delivered for us, so which teams do you like at the moment? Brazil, and


Argentina. Is that because of the style of football they play?


Well... It is more exciting. What should be done about England being


so rubbish? Should they comd to your training school? You could probably


teach them a thing or two. @re there any other brothers and sistdrs who


are made on football? No, hd is an only child. I take it you would like


to play for England? Could xou change it? Yes. Thank you so much


for coming in. The game has finished now, it is a goalless draw. Never


mind! Thanks for coming in. It is not just football that is ilported,


there is Wimbledon. Doesn't it look beautiful down


here? But we really do want to talk about tennis because we are in for


quite a fortnight. Not just nationally, but in the East Midlands


as well, just lend Ray going in the doubles, fantastic, yesterd`y, a


host of juniors next week, ` lot of them have a decent chance and we


will follow all of them. But today was about Dan Smethurst, since he


moved to Nottingham, he has done extraordinary things with hhs


career. His ranking has gond from 400 all the way to under 250, sheer


determination and guts. That was enough to get a wild card hdre at


Wimbledon into the first rotnd. A pretty unkind draw meant he was up


against John Izmir, but Dan can be really proud of what he had done,


beaten but never disgrace, `nd sometimes playing really gorgeous


tennis. In the end, the powdrful service overwhelmed Dan and it


finished with the American winning. But there is still stuff here to


work on. Well, while we dream of mord British


success on the courts here, England's dreams of World Ctp


success are long gone. The game just finishing


against Costa Rica So, why was the tournament such


a failure for England? Kirsty Edwards has been to


Loughborough University, The hopes of a nation left hn


tatters. The postmortem alrdady underway. Just what went wrong for


England? For those involved in sports psychology, it is all in the


mind. At a high level of sport, it is often the psychological side that


is the distinction factor bdtween those that achieved at the highest


level and those that do not quite make it, because of the pressure,


these athletes are there because they are the best in the world. It


equalises things, they all become fairly equal because `` technically.


It is who can deal with the pressure that succeeds. Damn `` Roy Hodgson


but in a top psychologist jtst before the tournament but it was far


too late. We are seeing that psychologists who are involved


around the clock the whole xear as part of the preparation, yot would


never leave physical prepar`tion to the last minute so why would you do


that the psychology? England's stars were left devastated by thehr early


exit and it has the potenti`l to break these players, but it could be


the making of them. We have done studies of Olympic gold med`llists


and we found that for a lot of these athletes, have had, Dick experiences


early in their career and often they reflect on these and s`y they


were turning points in their lives, when they became single`minded and


motivated to achieve at the highest level. So it can be done, you can


turn this major adversity into a real springboard to further success.


That is one picture of wherd England might be going wrong.


One man with half a clue wh`t the England team are going through


Tomorrow he starts his pre`season with the Rams.


Today he's been here at Wimbledon, indulging his other passion.


The crowds flocking here and Steve McCarren loves being in amongst


them. He has played the gamd of tennis and scenes in great latches


on these courts. I have alw`ys loved tennis and coming here, it hs


special, it is a British tr`dition. To come here, this is my thhrd time,


and this time the weather is very good. You could forgive him for


being distracted by events on the other side of the world. He has been


part of three major tournamdnts with England, even he found the speed of


their destruction this time in Brazil startling. I think it is


trying to adapt to how the game is going. Quite rightly, we ard trying


to adapt with these younger players, expanding the game more. Th`t has


left us vulnerable at the b`ck. If you do not defend well, you do not


win games. The grass tomorrow will have a different character, but


Steve's staff should not be surprised if what he has sedn at


Wimbledon makes its way to the training pitch tomorrow. Thdy are


individuals and that is where we can learn from tennis because it is very


much a selfish sport, you h`ve to concentrate on yourself. Yot have to


do it yourself. You have to have great self belief and motiv`tion,


inspiration. That comes frol within. But now, Steve McCarron shotld be


grateful he just has to watch sporting stars. `` Steve McClaren.


Back here at Wimbledon, Dan Smethurst will be reflecting


on a brave first appearance at the Championships.


You mentioned a very busy fortnight, who else should we be looking out


for? Next week we have the likes of Freya


Christie, who is going in the juniors. It can be a springboard to


success here at Wimbledon. We will be watching her closely. Thdre is


the genuine chance, Freya Christie beat the world number seven just


over the road. In case you `re wondering where you had heard the


name John Isner, showery outbreak. That front will


continue to move South tonight, taking the rain with it, so it will


dry up again. It will introduce a lot cooler and fresher air or


tomorrow. Once again, dry for much of the day with brightness `nd


sunshine. But you will notice the difference in terms of how ht feels


tomorrow, mid to high teens. So the cool and fresher air will bd coming


through tonight, the weather front will be sinking South, that will


take the showers with it. Some clear spells, but light winds and


temperatures will take it `` will take a tumble. Into single figures


in some places. Baby around ten or 11 in the town centres. The moral


morning, starting off dry and write with sunshine around. `` tolorrow


morning. Cloud building into the afternoon. It will stay dry and


bright throughout the day. Temperatures 17 or 18. And ht stays


quite cool as the going to be end of the week, finally the rain will


catch up with us on Friday, staying cooler and showery for the weekend.


I will be back at a slightlx later time of 11.35 tonight.


See you later. Catch the late-afternoon games


on the go.


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