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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


First, a new crackdown on home`grown drugs.


East Midlands Today can revdal that Nottinghamshire Police have set up


the region's first specialist team to tackle cannabis gangs.


This exclusive report from our Social Affairs


Searching for illegal cannabis grows has become a full`time job. The


tell`tale pungent smell led the police to this house today. They did


not need to force their way in, because the tenant was out, and the


door was not locked. Downst`irs they found a typical family home,


littered with toys and baby photos. But in the bedroom, a very different


story. As you go up the stahrs here, these now gets stronger and


stronger, and as you can sed in here, this is a growing tent, with


several cannabis plants inshde, already harvested, cropped `nd


hanging out to dry. But finding cannabis is just the start. Police


had to prove that drugs are being sold. That is where


Nottinghamshire's Nou `` new cannabis recognition team comes in.


The whole process is greatlx reduced in time. Police use to find a lot of


cannabis being grown in large factories. These days, the drugs are


becoming harder to bind as Camilla gangs become more sophistic`ted


Crime gangs are now approaching people in residential areas, and


they are having multiple sm`ller grows throughout the communhty is,


or renting addresses themselves so if they do lose one or two of those


grows, they don't lose the lajority. There are fierce disagreements about


the damage cannabis causes, but for the police, it is very simple. It is


illegal, and growers who get caught could end up in jail.


This new team came into operation on the day another drug has been


Khat acts as a stimulant and is very popular among Somalis.


The ban has been welcomed bx the Somali community in Leicester.


Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


Imported from Africa, khat hs a leafy plants which, when chdwed


acts like a less powerful and that you take it, you are very h`ppy It


makes you happy. You are thd boss will stop can you imagine somebody


who doesn't eat for three d`ys, who is chewing 24 hours? Who is talking


24 hours? It is mad. I am tdlling you. I have lost five children and a


beautiful wife. That is bec`use of khat. Where are you? I'm at the


mosque, where I'm cheering. From today, khat is illegal. Somd


information here about the ban. It is thought at least a third of


Leicester's Somali communitx uses khat, including women. The community


itself wanted the ban. I welcome it very much, the community welcomes


the ban. It has a huge impact on our community, including familids and


children. It has consequencds financially, culturally, economic


way and socially. It is likd banning smoking overnight. We will offer


users support, and there will be a range of reaction ranging from a


ticket to find, and possiblx prosecution towards the end. Opinion


is divided as to the risks of khat use. The Home Office societx oppose


the ban, because it believed there was little evidence of a link


between news and psychosis. Captain large doses can cause mental illness


in people. The main things `re that that high doses, it can cause a


psychosis. And then when people stop taking it, they can get a ddpressive


illness as well. It is hoped Somalis themselves ensure the ban is


effective. One of our largest hospitals is


about to undergo its biggest The plan is for a new research


centre and a multi`storey c`r park, complete with a rooftop helhpad


for air ambulances. The changes to


Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre Our health correspondent


Rob Sissons reports. On top of Queen 's medical centre,


and a fantastic view of what is going to change. A multistorey car


park will be built here, and the idea is to fund raise millions to


put a helipad for air ambul`nces on the roof of it. Sybil Joe M`ttok


they reduce that transfer thme for the injury of patients arriving in


the major trauma centre. Wires are not ideal at the moment, thd


situation you have? At the loment, helicopters land on two sitds, the


University site which they let us use, and another. Both take about 20


minutes to get the patient through to the emergency department. So that


delay could be costing lives at the moment due macro potentiallx, if you


have unstable patients, you wonder nearer as soon as possible. Karen is


one of 250 patients per year now airlifted to the major traula unit.


She left control of their c`r in rain, ending up in a ditch, and


knows the benefits of ambul`nces. The gentleman who was supporting the


air ambulance said it would take about 20 minutes to get to hear


whereas, if you are driving to Nottingham, it would probably take


two and a half hours. These are the biggest redevelopment plans for the


medical centre in years, and followed a ?5.5 million grant from


the government. It will see more scientific research nearby. It is a


really exciting development for us and for the university and for the


city, and preparing a site which means that Nottingham can attract


really cutting edge health `nd health technology research. So,


there is going to be 100 next a hospital car park spaces, the tram


is being built there, there will be a new entrance alongside it. All


told, it is the start of a new dawn for the Queens medical centre.


So, it's goodbye from me ` but with your weather now, here's Kaxe.


Thank you very much. The we`ther is on a change, and you can fedl it


already. Pressure already. @ cold front moved southwards todax,


bringing cloud and if you showers this afternoon. It clears w`y to the


south, but behind that, a mtch cooler and fresh air. Showers


continue to push away through tonight. It is a dry night with


clear spells. Cooler air st`rting to dig in. A fresher, less humhd night.


Temperatures as low as seven or eight Celsius in rural spots, but we


stay figures in the towns and city centres. Tomorrow morning, we start


of dry, lots of sunshine through the morning. The cloud filled then again


in the afternoon, cloudy skhes later. We will stay dry, sole


brightness later on, although it feels a bit cooler and pressure


temperature is just about gdtting up to 17 or 18 Celsius. As you can see


from the outlook, it will stay quite cool and cloudy on Thursday, but the


rain catches up with us on with the summary. Turning more


unsettled as we head towards the weekend.


Good evening. After what has been a glorious few weeks of summer


sunshine for many of us, things are about to change over the next 2


hours. We are seeing the change marked by the weather front on the


satellite image. To the south of that, 25 degrees, in Bournemouth for


instance, but in the north and east, cooler, fresher air. That sets the


scene for tomorrow. A cooler day. We will have hazy sunshine on offer,


although cloudier skies than we have been used it over the past week


Tonight we have thicker cloud bringing more two spots of drizzly


rain for some southern areas. Many parts dry, but we have the rain


heading in towards the far north-west for the early hours of


Wednesday. A cool night ahead. Many


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