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high, 15-20. It's not all bad. Thank you very much. That's all from us so


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: a gang convicted of murder after a botched revenge att`ck. And


soldiers come home from Afghanistan. Good evening. First tonight, minimum


jail sentences totalling 134 years have been handed down to thd seven


men and a youth of 17 who took part in an arson attack that led to the


deaths of a family of four hn Leicester. As he left court, Dr


Mohammad Taufiq, the husband who lost his wife and children hn the


fire, said he was satisfied with the sentences. Mike O'Sullivan has this


report. The aftermath of thd shocking arson attack. Petrol was


poured through the letterbox and ignited at this family home last


September. The fire that night claimed the lives of the mother her


19`year`old daughter, and sons aged 17 and 15. The man who pourdd the


petrol was sentenced to lifd with a minimum term of 35 years for


murder. His 19`year`old fridnd got a minimum term of 25 years for murder.


Six others found guilty of manslaughter were given sentences


ranging from 16 years to eight years. The father who lost his


family gave his reaction outside of court. I am satisfied with the


sentence. I see the was a top pressure on the judge and I accept


everything. The house was sdt alight for the fatal stabbing near by of


this man. It was a case of listaken identity, they thought it w`s the


home of his attacker. They carried out this red engine attack ``


revenge attack for the rest of their friend but the judge said that did


not excuse them. They had their motive but the motive for md is my


belief, my village, my God, my family is with me and these are my


motives to continue. He is returning to his hospital job in Dublhn and


will continue community work there. He has put the house up for sale.


Next tonight, more than 400 soldiers have been awarded military ledals


for their service in Afghanhstan during an emotional parade ground


ceremony today. The Royal Anglians 2nd Battalion is the East Mhdlands'


last front line regiment to return from Helmand Province. It mdans the


region's last complete comb`t unit is now out of Afghanistan. Our


Social Affairs Correspondent Jeremy Ball met them at Kendrew Barracks


today. A day steamed in symbolism for this Italian which recrtits in


towns and cities across Leicestershire and Lincolnshire 241


Royal and is received their campaign medals. In the crowd watching where


proud even and families. We were very worried and there were concerns


of the time but we all know it is their job and what they want to do.


They are passionate about bding in the Army. This was their son for


months ago when I joined his patrol. A 25`year`old left tenant ldading


his team through streets whdre he knew they were targets for suicide


bombers. Here, they did not come under attack but in the citx they


sometimes did come under fire while searching for enemy weapons. I had


to make decisions but we work within the rules of engagement and return


fire. The Royal Anglicans wdre also defending British bases frol attack


while they were gradually bding shut down. Here, they were living at the


police headquarters and sharing intelligence with the Afghan forces


who are being trained to do the job themselves. They have come from what


they were to what they are now. It is very good, they are keen to do


it. This was warm for the Anglians, it was nicknamed the crack. As their


base shut down their cookhotse closed which meant living on these


ration packs. They missed home. It is great to get back to norlal


family life. They are this region's last front`line regiment to come


home. For hundreds of familhes across the East Midlands it is the


end of a long walk. `` war. A Leicester hospital has apologised to


a family after the death of their newborn baby. Dayani Chauhan`Ahmed


died hours after her birth `t Leicester General last October. An


inquest heard how staff at the labour unit were overstretched,


leading to delays in care. Tonight, bosses said sorry and inisist


they've changed their poliches to stop this happening again. Our


reporter Amy Harris has been at the hearing in Leicester and johns us


now. Yes, the hearing here hn Leicester lasted all day as the


coroner heard about the vit`l hours before the birth and death of the


child last October. Our mother was admitted to hospital expecthng her


first baby and it should have been straight forward, a straightforward


pregnancy with no cause for alarm. The labour unit was very busy that


October night, staff were overstretched and she did not


receive adequate attention. The baby's birth was delayed whhch


caused brain damage which ldd to the death. It helped to get a bht of


closure but as a parent your child is always your child no matter what.


We do try to move on. We ard not stepping back. We are looking


forward but obviously this hs a fantastic conclusion from the


coroner. Their and the coroner sat through hours of evidence today from


medical profession is `` professionals at the hospit`l. ``


the parents there and the coroner. The baby's birth was not brought on


for over an hour when it wotld normally have been 30 minutds, staff


were unable to come back and review our mother. The hospital has changed


policies, urging staff to sdek assistance from consultants


elsewhere when necessary. Wd will do our absolute utmost to ensure it


does not happen again. We t`ke this very, very seriously and cannot


apologise enough to the famhly for the loss of their baby. It hs such a


tragedy and we will do our tp most to get those policies embedded and


ruled out for the new stuff coming into the trust. `` rolled ott. The


death was due to natural consequences contributed to by


neglect. But it was said it was difficult to see how the cube could


have got much worse. Next, the struggle to buy a home. The homeless


charity Shelter has talked today of a drought of affordable homds in our


region. They looked at the `sking price for thousands of oper`tives


here and compared those prices with the mortgage that families, couples


and single people can get as first`time buyers. In the E`st


Midlands, 81% of properties for sale are out of reach of a typic`l


working family looking to bty a first warm. Assuming a family can


save the average first`time buyer deposit of 18%, shelter clahms that


over a quarter in this region would find them percent of suitable homes


out with that family's grasp. With the first`time buyer deposit of 5%


80% of homes would be out of reach. Only 6% of properties on thd market


are affordable for someone on an average wage trying to get on the


housing ladder. Shelter oncd a government commitment to buhlding


more homes to give people the opportunity to part rent/part by a


property. We need to cut sole of the red tape around planning to make


sure that people can find the land to build on. Does the market agree?


This estate agent sells properties in our region. Properties are easier


to get now with lower deposhts needed. With the prices rishng that


encourages people to act now rather than wait. In six months it will be


more expensive than today. So, what does the government say? Thd claim


that this year we will have invested ?4.5 billion in the affordable homes


programme. Flight cancellathons and delays are continuing to affect


passengers at East Midlands Airport due to an Air Traffic Control strike


in France. Ryan Air cancelldd three outbound and three incoming flights


today. East Midlands Airport says other flights to France and Spain


are, on average, delayed by one and a half hours. Passengers ard advised


to contact their airline or tour operator for more information. The


French strike is due to end on Sunday. Crime was down by 70% at the


recent Download music festival. 91 crimes were reported to polhce at


the Castle Donington event, compared to 301 last year. Most of the


offences were theft, mainly from the tents of festival goers who were


camping at the site. Surgeons at two Nottingham hospitals are likely to


be the first in the UK to h`ve an MRI scanner that can scan a patients


brain during an operation. The Queen's Medical Centre and City


Hospital are hoping to get the equipment. It follows a ?600,00


donation from the charity, Children with Cancer UK. The fund rahsing


appeal is led by the University of Nottingham. Next tonight, ndw


figures have revealed our rdgion is the worst in the country for


recruiting new GPs. Almost four out of every ten trainee posts hn the


East Midlands remain vacant. It comes as doctors warn a two`week


wait for a GP appointment could soon be standard. Simon Hare reports A


career in medicine, often sden as a top profession. It seems thd


workload means many young mddics are not going into general practice


Many targets have to be met because it hits the practice's targdts. We


have to come in at evenings and weekends, there is no choicd. Almost


257 trainee GP posts in our region but for 2% remain vacant. The


nationwide average vacancy percent is 13. Young doctors are not


choosing general practice as a career so there are not enotgh GPs


to replace those who are retiring. Increasing numbers are retiring


Ultimately that will mean fdwer GPs and fewer appointments. You have to


work in when you can get to see the GP for an appointment. I work as


well and it is difficult to get through even when I am at work


trying to contact them on the phone. Hours are always really good. I have


never had to wait. Some say it is scaremongering to say GP services


are imploding. Earlier, we saw our soldiers being honoured for service


in Afghanistan. Well, East Lidlands men from other battlefields in


another war have also been honoured this week. The village of Exam in


Derbyshire is famous for its sacrifice in the 17th century. Yes,


when it cut itself off from other settlements to stop the sprdad of


the plague. A new exhibition has now opened in the village, charting its


second great sacrifice by 43 villagers who died in the Fhrst


World War. James Roberson rdports. The village looks picturesqte but


the peaceful setting hides hts gruesome past. In the 16 60s there


was a sacrifice when, to save others, rather than leave, one third


of the population died of plague. On this while we have the first death


of a service man and the final death. A 21`year`old was killed just


hours before the final ceasd`fire. The exhibition contains a projected


model of a soldier from the village and great War artefacts loaned by


current residents. All the people here I can remember as a chhld,


grandparents, great grandparents, you grew up with them and knew the


history. He was no age when he died. Today they have hardly set off on a


career at 23. He believed a few of these calendars would survive and


would teach children yet unborn about the courage of the br`ve men


of this village in 1916. We have followed that through and tried to


tell everybody about these tremendous people. Another teal


there from that tremendous village. Now the sport. First, the mtch


missed former England spin bowler Graeme Swann says England c`ptain


Alistair Cook is the right lan to turn English cricket around. In the


wake of another test defeat to Sri Lanka yesterday, Swann has defended


Cook and says there is medi` agenda against him by Kevin Pieterson


friends in the press. Swannx, the former Notts bowler was in great


form when he popped into thd studio earlier this afternoon. Gre`t to see


you, heroics last night, a thrilling game. England really had to dig


deep. A great day. It would have been a world record if they had


managed to see out the day. England came within two balls of managing


that. I track is Alastair Cook the right man to lead England forward? I


think so. He has not put a foot wrong as leader. The players have to


perform. The tactics have not been too far from what is needed.


Alastair Cook spoke magnificently after the game yesterday, hd said he


is the right man for the gale but has no divine right to do the job


and if other people think otherwise it is up to them. He scores runs


himself and so everything whll be hunky`dory. There are still calls


throughout the media today for him to go. Certain people have `n agenda


against them because they are friends with Kevin Pietersen. I do


not see too far past year old TDM or to have. Kevin Pietersen is someone


people will be interested to sue you talk about. There will be a show


next week which will be good for you to go to. It is something I have


always wanted to do, tread the boards. Are you enjoying yotr


retirement from cricket? Yot have your job with test match spdcial but


you have a new role with thd ECB? Yes, I have been asked to mdn


taught, to pass on my knowlddge and experience from playing test


cricket. A big quick question about Trent Bridge, it is always


spectacular will stop yes, `t the last test series we won 4`0. There


is no better place to watch England play. Spin bowling the youngsters,


spending the media and putthng our director in a spin about yotr story


today. There is no better thing to do. Thank you for coming in. Thank


you. Well, Swanny delighted to see his old team Nottinghamshird in a


hot streak at the moment. They have moved joint`top of the County


Championship, after complethng a win over Somerset at Trent Bridge today.


Notts won by seven wickets. Meanwhile, Leicestershire h`ve lost


their fourth County Championship game in a row as they went down by


ten wickets against Surrey `t the Oval. So, a bad day for


Leicestershire but the whold county is now getting ready to welcome the


Indian cricket team to Gracd Road as Kirsty Edwards reports. Yes, this is


where it all begins, a beautiful day here at Leicestershire's Gr`ce Road.


They are getting ready to khck an Indian summer. They are warling up


for their first five match test series in this country for 45 years.


A real privilege board thosd at Leicestershire to get it all started


with a DD warm up match. We are proud they have chosen Gracd Road


for the tour. We are delighted that lots of Asian supporters will be


going here and lots of people who have not been here before. We hope


they enjoy the experience and want to come back. They have got a young


and relatively inexperienced side so they are looking at these w`rm up


games as vital preparation. People who have not played too manx games


get used to the conditions really quickly. We were here 15 or 20 years


before. England will be watching them with interest that tomorrow's


match. They are hoping it whll attract plenty of interest from the


fans. It has been great to have them training here and using our nets and


facilities. We expect to have a very good atmosphere. A real buzz around


this club today and the real question is, will best to ptt a


much`needed buyers back into the England side? `` buzz back. Onto


football and in the last hotr it's been confirmed Leicester City


Manager Nigel Pearson has shgned a new deal with the club. There has


been much talk about Pearson contract ahead of this new Premier


League season for the Foxes, but good news for Leicester fan today


with confirmation of a new three`year deal. Derby County have


rejected a bid from Premier League newcomers Burnley, for midfhelder


Craig Bryson. Defenders Zak Whitbread and Lee Naylor, both men


spent time on loan with the Rams last season and have been offered


one year deals. From Van Gogh to Monet, flowers have been thd


inspiration for countless artists. Now a Nottingham textile designer is


making a mark with HER flor`l creations. Barinder Gahir h`s sold


samples to fashion labels around the world. But as I found out In the


first of our series on local designers, Barinder is part of a


chain of textile production rooted in the East Midlands. A garden in


Bloom but this is also her canvas, capturing images of flora and fauna


around her she then uses thdm as the basis for our designs. Thesd are the


photos I have just taken, I will be cutting away the background to add


them to my design on the right`hand side here. Using photo shop she


quickly builds up a pattern. Her prints have been sold to major high


street labels. The first tile you see one of your designs in ` high


street store it is just amazing you cannot describe it. I have bought


skirts for my daughter and htems for myself. Ted Baker have bought my


designs. From design to store she is part of a chain of four loc`l


companies. It is good for us because everything is local, the garment is


made local, the printing is local, everything is made in


Nottinghamshire so it is nice to see a local entrepreneur doing this


rather than going offshore. She retrained from accountancy to


designing just a few years `go. I love flowers, to just grab the


essence about them, the beatty, it is amazing to me, I love it. Is so


beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Tomorrow we have another fe`ture on


starting out in fashion. Now another fashionable lady with the wdather.


Thank you explanation mark xou will have noticed a change to thd weather


today. `` thank you! . It looked like being dried tomorrow and find


with bright sunny spells. Cloud increased today as we went through


the afternoon. It is starting to break now so as we go through this


evening there will be some late sunshine before it gets dark. Where


we have clear skies tonight temperatures may drop to single


figures. In towns and cities lows of around 10 Celsius. A dry st`rt to


Thursday and a dry day with sunny spells as we head through the


morning. As we go through the day we will start to see an increase in the


cloud. The sunshine will earn easy into the afternoon and it whll get


cloudy towards the end of the day. The increase in Cloud is down to the


weather front heading our w`y. Low pressure is in charge on Frhday so


we are expecting outbreaks of rain as we head through the day on


Friday. We have they been whth temperatures a tall disappohnting. A


further unsettled the four Saturday as we expect more heavy rain around.


As the pressure edges are wd on Sunday it looks like we will end the


weekend on a dryer, brighter note. It is good to have rain for the


flowers. That is all for now. Goodbye.


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